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New AT&T Patent Could Charge Extra for Game Downloads & Online Play

GamersNexus: "Under AT&T's new patent, this type of file transaction could be against core Terms of Service and result in penalties or additional charges. Not a League player? Don't fear, other popular games also rely upon peer-to-peer networks for file transfers - like everything Blizzard makes: World of WarCraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III (source).

Interestingly, the patent could be used to restrict video streaming from services like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, all of which compete with AT&T's own cable television package and on-demand services." (Industry, PC, Tech)

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The_Infected  +   518d ago
Everything to do with internet in the US is evil! They're nothing but greedy b@stards.
stuna1  +   518d ago
I live here, and I agree with you! I could see developers capitalizing on this though, because in my opinion this would open the door for more single player games being made. On the other hand big multiplayer games like BF, COD, Killzone, and yes even the soon to be released TitanFall would be wide open to taking a hit, because a lot of people simply can't or, won't want to pay excessive fees depending on how much more their ISP's are talking. In short the COD will become single player affairs.

I agree with what you're saying to an extent, but even know you can see the possibility of the type of service being abused even now! Just think about it Internet caps! Most who do go over their caps are charged double if not triple the regular rates, and then if you want to look at things from an abstract viewpoint, why should people have to pay for access to using the internet anyway!? What's next a charge for breathing!
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maniacmayhem  +   518d ago
I disagree, I do see people paying extra just so they can play their favorite online game. Look at what cable companies and even telephone companies get away with now.

I can see them doing this and slickly offering different package deals specifically targeted to the gamer.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   518d ago
I like your approach to this. But still hate ATT
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   518d ago
i for one would not pay for online play on my mobile. i can see a decline with app games here.. i knew it wasn't going anywhere (phone games)

NVM disregard my comment i thought it was for Phones
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ITPython  +   518d ago
I doubt they would ever charge extra to play an online game. Think about it, playing online games (not talking about downloading games here) uses up a miniscule amount of bandwidth. Were talking on average less than 40KB per/s, I've tested many games and the bandwidth used is practically nothing. Also playing online games isn't interfering with their TV or other services (as in competing).

Now one thing I could potentially see them charging extra for is the massive 30+ GB downloads that come from downloading games, movies, or any other large sized files.

And now that I think about it, MS releasing a digital only XB1 may expedite the process of ISP's charging extra due to the huge increase in gigantic downloads that will result from tons of gamers downloading 30+ GB games off XBL with their digital-only XB1's.
stuna1  +   518d ago

That's a good observation! For all we know this could have been a part of Microsoft plan to begin with! A always online console would have help further that plan, digitally downloaded games only as you said, Netflix, Redbox etc. Having an always active connection still uses bandwidth, Skype potentially uses a nice amount of bandwidth I'm sure considering it deliver 1080p resolution video feed.
SilentNegotiator  +   517d ago
Net neutrality is either going to be re-instated in a higher court or the law is going to be changed to fix the "contradiction" that the drunk federal judge found. I'm not worried.
Prime157  +   517d ago
^^^ extreme example, but I'm sure there were people who weren't worried about the Nazi's before the holocaust. Take action, don't be lazy.

Gamers need to take action before they start tiering and overcharging for select services.

Come on guys and gals, take the internet back to being a free place to run around.



Sign those petitions, people! THIS WILL EFFECT VIDEO GAMES EVENTUALLY.
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Crazay  +   518d ago
here we go guys.. get ready to bend over and spread it wide..cause a phallic sandpaper wrapped object is about to enter your orifice without lube, no dinner or even a courtesy kiss on the mouth.

I guarantee Canadian providers license this garbage.
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T2  +   518d ago
You got that right, ok guys I love online play can you fn imagine this sht going through and paying an extra 20, 30, 50 bucks a month to play bf4, halo, kz online? Now do people see where digital only is a problem?!!!!
Download a 30 gb game and see how that works out, he'll even movies are only 5gb or less...
Prime157  +   517d ago
Don't bend over, start fighting back, make your voice heard!


onyoursistersback  +   518d ago
i can only speck for my self when i say this....
4UCK YOU AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!

(unfortunate, AT&T is the only provider in my area...)
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FunAndGun  +   518d ago
trust me, you are speaking for most of us when you say that.
Prime157  +   517d ago
Have you signed the petitions?



If you're that angry and aren't doing something about it, then it's YOUR fault.
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Milruka  +   518d ago
It's happening because people didn't do anything a while ago when the government tried to push all those bills through. And only a hand full stood up against it.

Now companies have wong the suits and know that no one "cares" until its to late.

Good just murica!
liquidhalos  +   518d ago
This cr@p is going to leak out to the rest of us too. The greed in the states is bewildering
whoyouwit04  +   518d ago
glad I don't have to deal about this garbage ass company any more.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   518d ago
They are simply the first. If they start, they will all do the same. Greed destroys everything..
Cupid_Viper_3  +   518d ago
@ GiantEnemyCrab..

So we should get rid of Microsoft/EA/Activision then? These guys sort of lead the pack when it comes to being greedy as far as gaming is concerned.

By the way, nice to see you back after what seems like such a long Hiatus. :)
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Snookies12  +   518d ago
Great... I have AT&T... Just great...
Chapter11  +   518d ago
_FantasmA_  +   518d ago
They already charge to access the internet. Then they see all that data going by their eyes and they feel like they could still make more money off people so they take advantage. Why can't we hold public meetings with companies to vote whether these changes should occur. And the stupid government who allows these things to happen because they look the other way when they get a big fat check instead of standing up for its people like a government should
giovonni  +   518d ago
depends if the rest follow suit AT&T could shoot themselves in the foot and make customers go else where.
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RandomDude655  +   518d ago
Many people in the US can't switch providers at all...
Dark_king  +   518d ago
Really im in the US in the country at that and I have the choice between 5 or 6 ISP's.
sashimi  +   518d ago
some US providers even pay for your early termination fees when switching...can't remember which atm. Whether you have access to them is another story though.
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iceman06  +   518d ago
You live in the country and have access to 5-6 ISP's. I live in a metropolitan area and have access to about 3-4 ISP's and one is severely limited in access (Google Fiber) and the other is sketchy as hell.
Dark_king  +   518d ago
@iceman06 really that's it, that includes all high speed DSL,SAT,Cable and Fiber providers for your area.If so then sorry to hear that they have to compete for my money. I will switch to who ever offers me the best bang for my buck.
webeblazing  +   517d ago
lol fiber optics and dsl is usually ran by the same company. sat usually give you a deal with the phone company dsl/ fiber. cable companies usually run sections of the state. sooooo huh? like he said a lot of people dont have choices when it come to IPs. i moved last year and the only IP is time warner and the over charge because it no other option, thats why the get away with raping their customers. you should look at the south park episode when they make fun of the fact that a lot of americans dont have a choice in the matter
Prime157  +   517d ago
The way I see it is a foot in the door / snowball effect. AT&T will have such great rate of returns that investors won't mind the FEW customers who leave. The service will then be the first to really offer power, but be able to control the consumer.

Soon the competition will have to follow suite just to compete.

It's kind of the same reason PlayStation plus is mandatory now, as a bad example: to compete.

Back on topic, if most n4g readers took the 30 seconds to sign these petitions then they would have to hear us gamers as there are a lot of us that they are f###ing with.


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Snookies12  +   517d ago
I doubt a petition is going to sway their minds. No matter how many people sign it.
youndamie  +   518d ago
I'm sure T-Mobile will just keep the status quo lol. Anyway if at&t does it another provider will just try and steal their customers by advertising that they won't charge extra.
AdmiralSnake  +   518d ago
So glad I'm not with them. Though all these phone companies to me are garbage. I forseen this bs when it came to Data caps introduce.
Ripsta7th  +   518d ago
Bring on Google Fiber and we gamers will support! Bring on the tech revolution Google
RandomDude655  +   518d ago
This is what the government should have invested in.
iceman06  +   518d ago
Yep!!! I live in an city where it is available. However, it is still restricted by interest. So, at least in my area, our Fiberhood is not yet at the point where they are installing. I'm told it's about 3-6 months before it will be available. My wallet is ready!!! Actually, I will be saving $40+ a month for faster internet and more cable access plus a free tablet.
princejb134  +   518d ago
Atnt, Verizon and Comcast are trying to charge for online play. Not to long ago their was a court case about this. I'm pretty sure if they succeed time warner cable will charge also.
If this happens goodbye gaming and netflix
ArmrdChaos  +   518d ago
...and this is what a corrupt government will get you.

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Software_Lover  +   518d ago
Good thing I'm not that into online multiplayer as much as I used to be. Bad thing that I download a lot of games on Steam and demos on Xbox live/psn.

The greed of these corporations know no end.
DEEBO  +   518d ago
Man i have bright house and so far there isn't any data caps but i know its coming.

You can your kids about the good ol'days when the net didn't have all these crappy fee's.What am i saying some people are already paying fee's.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   518d ago
Good thing AT&T, is one of the corporations I boycott.
XtraTrstrL  +   518d ago
I have AT&T also. I hope this brings a rise to some new services to compete with these evil Dinosaurs.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   518d ago
Greedy people need to stop!!
alejandroelputo  +   518d ago
Things like this makes me feel that the world is coming to an end.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   518d ago
If you hate the idea of AT&T and other companies ( because there WILL be others that do this) call you Senator, file a complaint, do anything you can to support NET NEUTRALITY! The only reason this patent even exists is because of the recent change to the law and all of you should be pissed off about not only the change in the law but that this kind of bs is ALREADY starting to pop up amongst ISPs.
Fight for your rights before your right to fight is taken away.
Software_Lover  +   518d ago
But they are on the payroll. They will pretend and play pretty with the press but they are all for it.

Most of our brave politicians and activists are dead. They went against the system. Now you have to have money to be in DC and they get there to get more money. Money buys elections and power.
ALARM-clock  +   518d ago
RIP net neutrality... D-:
GentlemenRUs  +   518d ago
America - Ruining it for the rest of the world.
air1  +   518d ago
It clearly says AT&T...
GentlemenRUs  +   518d ago
This could be the start of something which will wreck the INTERNET we know and love today.

Know what A stands for in AT&T?

America is where it always starts...
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air1  +   518d ago
lol what about the t&t! What do those stand for?!

I totally agree but it's still AT&T, they have a specific name with a very bold and very greedy proposal... You don't have to take America down to fight AT&T at the end of the day it's called capitalism and although I think it's great it has a very ugly side to it, greed...

Fortunately not everyone in America is like that and can handle that power of capitalism when they get such a powerful "want" at ppls finger tips...

Boycott AT&T not America or any other country with the kind of freedom America has... And if you don't think we have it good over here then go live in Iraq or Iran for 8 hrs..
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liquidhalos  +   518d ago
Oh really, why does every america speech have to have the freedom spiel worked into it somehow? Dont you guys get it, the world is growing weary of it all now. And as for the Iraq and Afghan part, they only have a war torn infrastructure, disease and rabid poverty like this because of murca's freedom (with us or against us) attitude. Your bombs did that.

Stop telling the world to change its attitude towards america and tell your politicians to change their attitude to the world. The heavens and earth DO NOT revolve around the states.
tommygunzII  +   517d ago
America - Without us you would have to send that message via pigeon post.
air1  +   518d ago
I have optimum as my internet provider however, I have AT&T as my cell phone provider and even though it wouldn't effect me I would drop them, write them a letter as to why and stamp it with verizon or any other many companies out there..

Ppl act as if they have us by the balls when it's really the other way around... But some ppl are so wild they couldn't go a few hrs with out a phone or Internet so never mind boycotting them for a month... I can guarantee if all subscribers dropped them for just one month, ceo's and investors would lose their shirts... And do a xb1 flip..
Software_Lover  +   518d ago
I had AT&T for cellphone since they were bellsouth mobility. I switched about a year and a half ago to Republic wireless and have not looked back.
kingmushroom  +   518d ago
This is just stupid, ill just switch to verizon or a provider that doesn't charge extra,
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peowpeow  +   517d ago
Lucky you have the luxury to

Though Verizon will probably race AT&T to it so I wouldn't go there either
jdktech2010  +   518d ago
Who would have thought AT&T would make me want to go back to the cable company....I'll take Time Warner over this crap any day (until they get in on it and trust me evil is Time Warner's middle name)

I'm really getting sick of just being crapped on as a citizen of this country. I love this country but dang do we get our priorities wrong....by we, I mean congress and the government
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JoseV76  +   518d ago
man this is gonna sound bad but, why doesn't hackers F^&&*ck there programs up, look what they are doing to us, i wish i was a hacker and i would be at them all the time messing there shit up! I have att and if they start charging more im cutting them off they already over charge like TWC!!!
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liquidhalos  +   518d ago
Exactly, im kind of hoping that these big hacker groups go loco on their ass now. Lets see the hacking community pull of its biggest rapes
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KontryBoy706  +   518d ago
CABLE is the problem. That's what's going to cause all of this retardation that's going to happen. Internet is on the move to take over and the cable companies don't know what to do but this is the wrong way
air1  +   518d ago
You lost me.... Cable is the problem?
DeadMansHand  +   518d ago
Yes. People no longer watch cable or pay for ondemand. Netflix and hulu and torrent sites are stealing customers and a lot of them. This isn't just a gaming restricting they are trying to push through but it would block you (unless you pay a fee) from watching hulu netflix or gaming online.
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air1  +   518d ago
Ppl no longer watch tv or rent on demand anymore? Seriously? I have netflix but I couldn't imagine only having netflix and no cable..... It takes netflix way too long to get movies from theater to netflix. I can drop my cable provider if I had to boycott them with no problem but I am currently happy with optimum.

AT&T has such a small piece of the pie in my are that it's laughable for me to think they have any serious weight to pull off something like this and survive, not in my area anyway, i live in Connecticut that's the east coast in case you're wondering..

Everyone is making out to be as if AT&T the be all of cable, don't worry us city guys won't let AT&T take over . This tactic might work on you suburb guys but this shit will def. not fly in the major cities, so fight your fight with AT&T and don't look at it as if they are the world provider for cable.. So you won't be in the fight alone.

I'm going to do some research, see if I find some stats on the biggest providers for cable and there policies.. I see AT&T as a huge cell phone service but not as a cable provider I can be wrong though...
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KontryBoy706  +   517d ago
well air1 think about this. You said

"AT&T has such a small piece of the pie in my are that it's laughable for me to think they have any serious weight to pull off something like this and survive"

Don't forget it was AT&T who started the cell phone plans changing from unlimited data plans with daytime minutes TO limited data plans with unlimited minutes. Everyone said... well that's just AT&T Verizon wouldn't do that. The rest is history... AT&T kicked it off and most followed. In case if you are wondering... more and more people have signed up with AT&T with cable/internet/phone... they are becoming a big player
KontryBoy706  +   517d ago
I hope this is stopped before it becomes the standard
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Scatpants  +   518d ago
AT&Ts internet service already sucks. I guess now they are going to be begging people to drop them. I'm sick of these companies with all of their anti-consumer policies.
shuuwai  +   518d ago
meh. I had rogers.ca cable, they jack the price, I went to bell.ca dsl. two years later bell cap my download even thought I'm paying for a 24Mbps. So I jumped onto teksavvy, and loving my isp. -_-;; So in the end NA' companies are greedy sob. -_-;; thanks for reading.
Dlacy13g  +   518d ago
As I said before, this is a tipping point. Its gonna get real ugly very soon.
denero1  +   518d ago
I see this as well but what can we do -_- i've signed petitions most politicians are corrupt
kingdip90  +   518d ago
And people think a blue ray player less xbox one is a good idea why?

Online media is about to get very expensive... come back to single player games
Outlaw1986  +   518d ago
If they do this I will get rid of AT&T so fast... Should I get dish network, direct tv, charter, or I believe a couple of cell phone company's like t-mobile and cricket also offer internet service?
denero1  +   518d ago
Yes but the thing is one company does it then soon after the others follow they work hand and hand

I remember the 1 year contract for mobile phones it started with one mobile provider next thing ya know all of them got rid of 1 year contracts
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