Active Respawn Review: Xbox One

Ash reviews the Xbox One for Active Respawn. Explaining some of the perks and downfalls of the new console from a fair perspective.

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KingDadXVI1480d ago

I am actually happier than I thought I was going to be with a launch console. It works better than I thought it would before any major updates.

I do think that the author is correct and that we need the updates to install many of the missing functions and fix the broken ones. If the major update rumored to be in March does what they claim then that will be a good start.

They need to keep pumping them out every quarter for the next year at least until they get their graphics drivers and OS's optimized. That needs to be done ASAP. The Kinect works really well so far for me but I would appreciate even more voice commands and eventually natural voice parsing (rumoured to be coming early next year).