Killzone Mercenary Update 1.05 Released, Fixes Stability

Guerrilla Cambridge has released update 1.05 for Killzone Mercenary, but it may not contain exactly what you may have been expecting.

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rajman1599d ago

I cant wait for update 1.06, it supposedly brings compatibility to the Vita TV :)

Knushwood Butt1599d ago

Really? Sweet, I've been hoping for that.

guitarded771599d ago

That would be cool. Been playing a couple of rounds of KZM online for the past few evenings. I'm actually getting better. 4v4 can feel hectic on the maps... I was surprised.

Fluke_Skywalker1599d ago

I agree, the maps are perfectly designed for the amount of players. Love this game online, perhaps more so than Shadow Fall online tbh!

nfl1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Gr8 game :)

nfl1599d ago

I ain't played in a while tbh, but its a gr8 game. I remember the 1st time it released. Took a little to adjust to the feel, but after that, i was addicted. Brilliant game.
I think they could have released more maps over time and would be more amazing. I liked the touch screen for shooting rockets quickly.

gunboss2011599d ago

That would be actually awesome!!! Now the VITA TV players won't feel left out!

_FantasmA_1599d ago

Just finished the campaign a few days ago even though I got it the day it came out. The campaign was so much better than Shadowfalls, although Shadowfall has the best multiplayer since Gears of War for me. The problem with Shadowfall is that it wasn't enough of a shooter. The story jumped around too much also and the pacing didn't help. Mercenary felt like a shooter. Shadowfall was supposed to be a shooter but it lacked in that area. Yes, I know people would have complained that its just another shooter, but I think not being a shooter made it worse. Hopefully Cambridge plays a more important role in the story for the next Killzone.

Any news on the maps for either Killzone? Mercenary came out 5 months ago and still hasn't seen a single map, even though they were announced a while ago. Same with Shadowfall, I'm hoping the maps come out within the next 2 weeks. Otherwise they shouldn't announce new maps until they are close to release.

nfl1599d ago

It don't matter you just completed until now :)
I never seem to get anywhere :(
Always too

iceman061599d ago

Not to mention that PS+ keeps splitting my attention with all of those "free" releases that I have to keep trying. ADHD video gaming...the best of times and the worst of times!!!

Goro1599d ago

So now 1.06 will be Botzone and 1.07 will be Vita TV compatability.

ninjahunter1599d ago

Im excited for botzone, Its hard to get lag free matches on the US west coast.

And Im still waiting for a patch to allow for disabling the aim accleration.

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