7 Project CARS Videos in Ultra Settings Show Amazing Visuals; Are they as Good as the Screenshots?

There has been a lot of discussion on Project CARS, especially focused around its visuals and on whether actual gameplay looks as good as the game’s incredible screenshots.

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Si-Fly1571d ago

Simple answer no, but that doesn't really matter.

What does matter is it still handles like crap in comparison to AC, iRacing and RF2.

Sarcasm1571d ago

Yeah something about the driving physics doesn't look right

CernaML1571d ago

Would you say it compares to the Shift games? If so, Im avoiding this game like the plague.

Fluke_Skywalker1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Thats my fear. The game looks amazing and I want it to be good, but if the physics are anything like Shift then I'm out.
People forget that this is the same guys who made Shift.

ryan4611570d ago

Ive played both shift and pCARS. I can tell you pCARS is much better as a sim. The career is still pretty early and seems basic so it's hard to say how that will go. If you want car upgrades, you wont get that. But as for handling and immersion, pCARS is fantastic.

There's been alot of work done into the physics and tire model. They've had a couple professional race car drivers provide feedback.

The helmet cam is significantly better than shift 2. in shift 2 it was stupid. Here I like to use it, it's nice and smooth. The settings can be customized as well.

They've also just made lots of cool details. One example: as you get up in speed, the hood and mirrors start to wobble. You can add a world blur affect which increases the sense of speed.

allgamespc20121571d ago

its a no cause just like assetto corsa (beter physics) Project Cars has a photo mode that gives you a bunch of options such as DOF, so its a great tool to advertise the game as having insane graphics.

ryan4611570d ago

I've played AC, the RF2 demo and a lot of pCARS. I like how pCARS handles. It feels fantastic with a wheel. If anything the road cars do slip out easily. But the tires arent changeable yet so you can only go so fast with sport tires.

As for the graphics, it does look as nice, you just cant see as much detail when things are moving. There are some graphical things that could look better but tech might not be there yet. Such as sand being kicked up, splashes of water, the rain.

Si-Fly1570d ago

Couldn't disagree with you more!

I think the FFB in pCARS is still so numb in comparison to other 'sims'. The cars are lifeless when compared to AC.

I started leaving it months rather than weeks between playing pCARS builds and I'm still disappointed every time I log in, all they seem to do is pretty up the graphics and add more content.

AC on the other hand came out with minimal content but a rock solid base to build on in terms of physics and car handling, can only get better.

I guess the age old adage 'you can't polish a turd' is going to apply to pCARS driving experience, holds true so far.

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Sarcasm1571d ago

Wow... the BMW race video is soooooooo realistic at 1:26...


Computersaysno1571d ago

I'm glad we're taking this as the finished thing at least 6 months before launch

Army_of_Darkness1571d ago

The car models look great but the background scenery...Not so much..

Computersaysno1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

The cars are much quicker to model than the circuits, the completed car models look great but the tracks are far from finished.

I think it largely depends on the current status of the track development. Many are much further along than others and the build numbers are there, the later builds show improvement on the earlier ones already IMO.

The better ones are the X-Bow at the bottom and the 640 build test with the Gumpert third from the bottom.

The scenery with the Gumpert is beautiful and the light flickering through the trees looks amazing. When you see the in car view the lighting is so subtle. The Mclaren after ain't half bad either.

The weather effects at Monza with the X-Bow speaks for itself.

Master-H1571d ago

Show us the console versions for a change.

Allsystemgamer1570d ago

No footage is released from the developer. Only people who put money into it and got early access. Which is pc only.

WickedLester1570d ago

I'm waiting to see this as well! I'm a PS4 gamer so that's what I'll get this game for if it turns out to be good!

wonderfulmonkeyman1571d ago

It's a given that we won't be able to notice as many details when the game is in motion, compared to a screenshot where all the details are frozen for us to look at.
Having said that, I'm sure it'll still look great in-game.

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