Why an Xbox One with no Blu-ray drive is good for consumers

But options are good and so are lower prices; an Xbox One with no Blu-ray drive is good for consumers.

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JustPlay41452d ago

That only good for people that like digital only like me, but there a lot that don't want that so it being cheaper wouldnt matter much (still don't want one)

truefan11452d ago

It's all about variety, we don't see apple only release one ipad or mac book. Many companies put different variations of the same product out to reach a wider customer base. I personally still prefer my blue-ray drive, but not having a drive and being cheaper may be good for some.

demonddel1452d ago

Hey on n4g we don't play that when it's Microsoft now if Sony done this it would be Kool I kid I kid

DeadMansHand1452d ago

Exactly. I like digital. Browsing the store see a game that looks cool and one click and it's downloading. However, there are some game I want to buy at a store. My favorite games I want the case and to feel the disc. Some games that I can't decide on ill buy physical copy so I know I have some trade in value. I'm lucky to have decent Internet and a 250gb cap that isn't enforced until 400ish.

If companies want to get me of the physical medium tit, give me reason to. A game that costs 60 bucks at store means 20 coming back when I go to trade it in. So...make digital games comparable. Charge me 40 for it so I'm not out any money. Plus, I will have the game forever which means if dlc comes Johnny come lately I'm more likely to buy it if I have a game on my hard drive compared to one I traded in 2 months earlier.

erathaol1452d ago

As long as whoever buys it understands, that getting banned will cost you everything, than its okay in my book.

minimur121452d ago

it's good for online gamers, it's not good for anyone who wants to watch films from dvd/BD or people who like disc, or really, anyone who prefers something physical. So in my mind it has more downsides than upsides, being as only the digital preferee's will want it. and that's quite a small market in my opinion.

Sure I like digital for hte convenience but I do love those collectors editions :3

Callediceman1451d ago

@DeadMansHand Well said sir.. Ive traded plenty of games i woulda bought dlc for. If i still had them.. TLUO, Forza 4 etc.. u give me a digital copy for 40 bones and odds are i will buy your dlc because i saved money on the initial purchase.

DragonKnight1451d ago

Oh dear. I am ashamed a Canadian site wrote this.

Microsoft has no interest in making Live like Steam. It's not going to happen. The lack of a Blu-Ray drive isn't good for consumers because it's just Microsoft's way of moving the Xbox One back to their DRM platform that everyone was against in May and June.

Honestly, the shortsightedness of some people. And a Canadian wrote this. I am very disappoint.

UltimateMaster1451d ago

It's only good if they have Steam-like sales.

...I don't see this happening tough...

Giul_Xainx1451d ago

So instead of forcing a drm policy on us are they going to liquidate the current models and go completely discless? Wow... sad days ahead for the xbox camp... it was only a matter of time.

Kryptix1451d ago

The main problem with digital only on a console is having a bandwidth cap. Some internet providers charge $10 for each extra 50GB after breaking the cap. With games now hitting 20+ GBs and in a few years using the whole disc space, you're going to be upgrading your internet and paying even more than just buying a console with a disc drive. The only way this won't fail like the PSP Go is if their digital marketplace does Steam-like sales. Those savings can really cut and balance out the extra internet fees. That's why Steam users don't mind paying for better internet.

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mark3214uk1452d ago

you would still lose out in the long run,you would gain from a cheaper console but for some stupid reason digital download games are more expensive than disc games

T21451d ago

Also see article on at&t trying to cap your Internet usage and fees... Big risk if that goes through... Fn terrible

Kriandis1451d ago

I just think that it is funny that for every Xbox One sold Sony gets some money for the Blu Ray used in them.

ArmrdChaos1451d ago

I can't see why that should even matter. Sony has been selling PCs and laptops MUCH longer than that with Windows OS. Some are more easily amused than others I guess.

ITPython1451d ago

Which is likely why MS is going to push hard for the diskless option.

MS has been talking about going digital-only for years now, they have been one of the biggest pushers of digital only gaming, videos, and other services. Why? Because they will be able to control it 100%, and can dictate to their customers what they can and cannot do with that content.

I bet at some point when they have the market captive, they will make people pay extra to re-play a game, or they will enforce time limits on purchased games and you will have to pay more to extend the time.

It may sound crazy, but just look at the XB1, all the services on the console are behind a paywall. They are slowly trying to get people to adapt to the idea of paying extra money for things they shouldn't have to. Essentially they are herding the sheep.

ITPython1451d ago

Eh, if people want a digital only console that is controlled by MS, then more power to them. Some people actually enjoy being slaves and not owning anything.

Just have fun re-downloading all those 20+ GB games if the console, or HDD, fails on you. And you better hope your account doesn't get hacked or banned.

Oh yeah, hope your ISP is reliable, wouldn't want to miss that new game because your net was down or you reached your bandwidth cap.

And another thing, they are able to offer the console for $100 less because a $15 blu ray drive is not present. Which basically proves that MS is screwing everybody over who is buying the $500 version. What a nice company that truly cares about it's customers. Would be even funnier if the BD-less console is slimmer too.

Amazing so many people enjoy being read-ended by MS, must be some kind of fetish thing, or perhaps just a general lack of intelligence or common sense.

Nodoze1451d ago

Stockholm syndrome for sure. Did IQ's sharply drop since launch? Remember all the oppressive DRM? Yeah with all digital they turn ALL of that back on.

Oh and enjoy your inability to change out the hard drive.

Christopher1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

If you already have a blu-ray player and prefer to go all digital, that's a fine solution for you. If you like paying more on average for your games, even better since disc prices go on sale much sooner and drop in price faster than console digital content prices.

I wouldn't say it's "good for consumers" as a blanket statement. To be honest, I can definitely see it as a trojan attempt at getting more people to go their initial route of digital only. And, that, currently, is not good for consumers.

avengers19781451d ago

No blu ray player kinda goes against there all in one set top box, doesn't it?

kakashi811451d ago

Not to be funny I would prefer the xbox one without the kinnect.

greenlantern28141451d ago

Correct, but it's not really all in one out side the U.S already.

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MrSwankSinatra1452d ago

the only way i see a xbox one without a disc drive being good for consumers is if.... they price digital games accordingly otherwise this serves no purpose.

christocolus1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Ms is currently looking into reducing the price of digital games. Major nelson confirmed that recently.


I agree, there should be more options available to consumers. I prefer my bluray drive too but there are people who wouldnt mind a discless drive. Those who have fantastic broadband speeds and want to go digital only

Hicken1451d ago

You got a link for this "confirmation" of yours?

greenlantern28141451d ago

Just because he said they where "looking into dropping the price of digital games" doesn't mean they will. Sony made the same statement doesn't make it true.
They both should do it, let's wait and see if they do.

WeedyOne1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

If it had no Kinect I would be happier. I just don't like cameras looking at me all the time, I learned this after buying the original Kinect and PS move. Always had them facing down when not in use. Hell the only time I even played with them was like the 1st few days I had them just because they were exciting and new. I discovered that motion anything just isn't my game, I have a ps4 now and don't plan on buying the ps4 camera.

Hell if it would make the console cheaper make one without Kinect, no disk drive and give it an upgradable non-proprietary HDD. If its $350 or under id buy it in a heartbeat.

stuna11452d ago

Yeah and good luck downloading those 50+ GB games if you have a poor internet connection, data caps or, crappy providers who's services go down every time a leave rustles on the trees in your backyard.

IanVanCheese1452d ago

I have a fairly poor net and I was worried downloads would take forever, but Tomb Raider (20Gb) only took a couple of hours, and it was playable at like 30%.

air11452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

I guess I'm one of the lucky handful of ppl that's doesn't have to worry about leaves and crappy service providers...

Sucks that I have to be held back due to ppl like you with crappy internet and leaves issues, so in a way I guess I'm not so lucky..

[email protected]

This is n4g... They say batteries are ssoooo last gen, yet they have dial up for Internet... The irony!

stuna11452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Yeah because it's not like I said I was one of the gamers who sufferers from the examples I listed! /s

How is that holding you back anyway? Truthfully I hope you become the very first adopter

matt1391452d ago

I didn't realise people even had data caps in 2014. Where i live, broadband companies only offer unlimited broadband. I couldn't imagine being restricted to just a few GB per month, i must easily use almost a TB of data per month.

cyguration1452d ago

*slow clap*

Good for you.

Too bad many of us live in America, where we get price-raped and data-capped by greedy mofos like Comcast and Timewarner and we don't get ANY choice in other service providers in the area.

DeadMansHand1452d ago

Some are more fortunate. In Washington state I have Comcast. I get 250gb a month but as long as my history doesn't reflect torrent sites they let me slide to around 400ish for no extra charge. That's 8 full retail 50gb games. I'll never buy that many in one month. I usually buy 2 maybe 2 and play some online and stream some shows.

I think the big companies need to lean on ISP providers. Make a deal. Sony could say, "hey, we will let all Sony picture movies come out on comcast on demand before redbox and Netflix if you allow your users unlimited data if it's from a Sony webaddress. I'd be surprised if these types of conversations are not already going on.

cyguration1451d ago


Yeah, Sony is already making deals with UK ISPs, but nnothing for people living in America. You would think Microsoft would have cut some deals given their huge pitch for TV on your TV.

air11452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Oh I see so your big heart just worries about all the other gamers, that's very gamer of you... You got so detailed with Internet problems I just figured leaves must be a nightmare for you..

How is it holding me back? Because your sarcasm is ridiculous, you are pretty much saying let's not move on to DD because of leaves, caps etc. as if everyone has those problems..

Why don't you try to be negative about it in a real meaningful way... I find it really hard to believe that anyone here on n4g has piss poor internet service, so who are you trying to reach out to with your sarcasm? Wouldnt DD pricing be a much better constructive criticism instead of leaves? You Sony fanboys are just too much..

stuna11452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Reaching are we!? Seems like you're the one reaching out for something, considering the fact that you replied to my comment, not the other way around! To top it off you use the old tired quip "Sony Fanboy" as if those words will leave me sitting in a corner crying my little eyes out.

Last I checked I could speak on anything my big heart chose to speak on! Me pointing out the obvious shortcomings that a all digital console presents are no less valid, even if your narrow mind still fails to grasp it.....

Thanks the disagree air1, it really makes me feel vindicated.

air11452d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Lmfao! I'm reaching?! My goodness....

He'll if I'm reaching what should I consider "leaves kills my internet" to be? jumping mountains... Yes I responded to your comment, it just came off so stupid, technology does move forward you know... I remember the dreamcast being dial up and now in 2014 we can instantly play against ppl on the other side of the world by wifi, yet I'm the one with a narrow mind? C'mon the only one reaching with a tunnel vision is you..

I didn't call you a Sony fanboy to make you cry or sit in a corner, even though you should with that tunnel vision of yours, I'm just calling you what you are.. A Sony fanboy...

You are correct you can comment as much as your big heart wants and bubbles allow you, reality is that I can do the same with my bubbles. The other reality is that as I mentioned before..... TECHNOLOGY moves forward but I guess we should all wait until the entire world can DD a 50gig game in 5 minutes... Your argument would make sense with other ppl that have "leaves" issues or cap issues, now let's be honest..... Who here has those problems? So I'll ask again who are you trying to reach out to, or mountain jump, with your criticism? Be truthful, the Sony fanatic side of you got the best of you on this one...

One last question, is "Sony fanatic" a new enough word for you?


Yes I did disagree with you so did someone else.... I assure you I did not take a bubble from you though, as ridiculous as you sound you did entertain me for a while and truly believe that no one should have a conversation cut short due to bubbles....


Look at dead hand mans comment on caps... Doesn't seem like he has a issue..

stuna11451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Really you're still going on about leaves!? I kind of feel bad for you, because obviously you have a deep rooted issue with letting thing go! The thing is if you're adamantly focused on something so insignificant as kind of paint a neurotic and depressing picture of what kind of person you actually are once you come out of that dark dungeon you call a basement. You know they have prescriptions to help you deal with the symptoms that my mention of leaves seems to have manifested? But anyway it was nice having this chat with you, and in the near future I hope you can move on to be a functioning member of society.

See that the thing about people, they think because someone makes a comment about a topic at hand, that they are somehow agreeing with the comment you make, which is narrow minded as I stated earlier, but on top off that going by the comments in this article alone the majority of the comments don't even come close to being on the same end of the spectrum that you seem to think.

The fact that you seem to think I was talking about your precious machine basically tells me that you're the one who actually has the issue or are you just in the closet to that fact???

Milruka1451d ago

I still find it strange that these games would be anything above 5GB.

stuna11451d ago

I downloaded Killzone it was like 33GB, and although I could play it like 4 or 5 minutes into the download it still took a couple of hours to complete the full download. Not only that popular to other peoples belief, having different devices using your bandwidth continuously divides said bandwidth dependant on the amount of devices operating at the time.

The thing is a majority of gamers cant readily say they even have a 50MB internet connection, sure there are some but it becomes painfully obvious to the ones who don't by just going into a multiplayer match.

Milruka1451d ago

33GB That's just stupid.. Even MMO's On PC have trouble taking up that much space. Heck Even the Witcher 2 only uses 19GB, That is a huge game.

Dark Souls Only uses 4GB of space on PC...What the heck are they putting in these games? Because its sure as heck not showing quality wise.

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Godmars2901452d ago

We'll all find out how good it is if it happens.

Boy, will some of us find out...

MightyNoX1452d ago

I'm actually looking quite forward to it.

Removing the BluRay drive effectively cripples MS message about it being the 'All-in-one' device in the living room (now you're gonna have to buy a blu-ray player AND a cable box), so I'm interested to see how they'll spin it.

Naga1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

They'll probably just point to the various movie streaming services available as the source of movie entertainment. After all, if your target demographic is someone who wants to go all-digital, that person probably wouldn't be fazed by that.

Godmars2901452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

Except who doesn't have a video collection? What casual gamer isn't aware that after a few months, physical game copies drop in price?

I mean you can bet that if this happens, the first real accusation is that MS plans to return to their original DRM plans. It will be the effective return of it.

"does streaming come with all the features of a Bluray disc (Commentary, documentaries, extras)?"

Nope. Though some services are starting to offer them.

MightyNoX1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@Naga: Honest question, does streaming come with all the features of a Bluray disc (Commentary, documentaries, extras)? I don't stream movies so I can't say for certain but if it's not, it still seems like you're giving up a lot more than what you're getting, imho.

@BakPain: XBox One acts as an intermediary between your set-up box and your TV. It is impossible for it to be the only device in your living room and acquire all functionality.

LexHazard791452d ago

Why would you have to buy a cable box? Are they getting rid of the hdmi pass thru?

Naga1452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

@ Godmars290

Oh, I totally understand. Unless they include another HDMI input for Blu-ray players, it will likely undercut the all-in-one message (at least insofar as this version is concerned). My only point is that the target demographic won't care as much as the rest of us.

@ MightyNoX

To my knowledge, they don't. Though I've never given that sacrifice much thought, as I can count on my hand how many times I've watched the extra features of a film I have purchased. That said, I agree. I think all digital media options ought to be cheaper than their physical counterparts - it only makes sense.

cyguration1452d ago


In my area we don't use cable boxes but have digital cable converters instead. You have to buy a cable box separately (and pay a monthly fee to use it).

SO yeah, you would have to pay extra to watch TV on your TV with the dick-less Xbox One.

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air11452d ago

I don't have a video collection... I just rent I rarely watch a movie again if I do it's because I seen it at the theaters then rented it for my second watch..

FITgamer1452d ago

Sucks for the early adopters if it does happen. Now they can look at like they paid an extra $100 for half the HDD storage and blu-ray drive, instead paying extra for kinect.

ThanatosDMC1452d ago

Not gonna work with current ISP data plan with annoying caps.