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Submitted by TheParanoidSurvivor 667d ago | review

Killzone: Shadow Fall Review - OverlordGaming

This in-depth review of the Play Station 4 exclusive "Killzone: Shadow Fall" shows off every feature about the game. Anyone who is even remotely interested has to see it! (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4) 4.5/10

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thekhurg  +   667d ago

What an awful review.
WillM17  +   667d ago
4.5 is too much for this game
saint_seya  +   667d ago
That's what your IQ test said?
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B-radical  +   667d ago
It was a boring game but the visuals alone make it higher then that
Army_of_Darkness  +   666d ago
This is a score you would normally give too very bad games, such as those movie to video game type of games... Giving a game like KZ: shadow fall a score like them is just stupid and insulting. It may not be the best but damn, give it a little more credit than that for it's production value and quality at least. 7/10 min. 9/10 max.
Gridloc   666d ago | Trolling | show
Many-hat5  +   666d ago
Didn't think I would be one to defend KZ since I do think its' an awful game, but for being a launch title,and for it's technical efforts alone - even if not completely successful - it's gotta be worth a 6-6.5. However, I do understand your frustration with this title. Still, I would never say your opinion is Wrong or accuse you of trolling or even remove bubbles and personally insult you, because of what you say. Why?, because I'm an adult, that's why. When everyone on this site has the same view, gaming will be dead.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   667d ago

Lol, don't sweat it man, what happened is simple.

The website is coming out with a very late review of the game. Whether this review was positive or negative, the reviewer knows that nobody gives a sh!t since it has been so long. On top of the that, the 2.1 million plus gamers think otherwise.

So the plan was simple really. Try to score it as low as possible so that he can maybe get some hits for the website.

But a very short sighted move really. People don't easily forget when they're unfairly slighted. And we'll see how the website is doing in 12 months or so.
BlakHavoc  +   666d ago
Exactly, I remember about a month ago someone put out a review on the TLOU, and what do you know, it was one of the very few that gave it a bad grade, it was like a 5/10 or something lol. It was painfully obvious that he was just trying to get reads, I mean the review came out like 6 months after it released lol.
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-Foxtrot  +   667d ago
I know right, I've been playing it all week and it's really not that bad. A solid 8 at least

Put it this way despite being another FPS it's better then COD and Battlefield and yet it got worse scores then them. How does that happen, I mean really.

The only bad point so far is that I don't know where to go most of the time because of lack of way points, mostly because the levels seem more open them past games. Oh and the sonic emitter thing is a drag to make sure you don't over charge it, they should of done it so you press right and it goes off straight away, not holding it down.
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badz149  +   667d ago
what an attention W**RE! 4.5 is for barely playable game and while not perfect, KZSF runs flawlessly, it looks stunning and the MP is quite good. sure the story is nothing to write home about and the AI is somewhat dumb at times, but 4.5? GTFO!

oh, while we're at it, why not look at their BF4 review? oh...a staggering 8.5! it's a bug ridden game and have PROBLEMS ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS and EA and DICE are still repeatedly apologizing for the issues they still can't fix entirely but hey, it's Battlefield, so it must be great! /s and they call their review "in-depth"?? seriously, GTFO!
ovnipc  +   666d ago
This game its a 7 to 8 but not 4.5 its was not great but its good. The mp its fun.
Beastforlifenoob  +   666d ago
trolling review is a fail
KingKelloggTheWH  +   667d ago
4.5....I'm sorry but No, that is just ridiculous. The game is not perfect but 4.5 is just screaming that you are desperately trying to get attention.
CrossingEden  +   667d ago
Try doing this thing called watching the review. People need to stop just looking at the number and saying "NOPE, YOU'RE OBJECTIVELY WRONG"
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theWB27  +   667d ago
Watching the review won't do anything. You know what 4.5 represents on a 10 scale? A fundamentally broken game with few, if any, redeeming qualities.

I've watched alot of Killzone through Twitch and there is NOTHING there to warrant a 4.5.

At the 9:52 mark he's complaining because the voice acting didn't convey humor and it sounded as though they were reading from a script without any effort. Between some lines there's an awkward pause making things...well..awkward.

That alone is enough to know this guy is being tremendously nit picky and docking points left and right for minute things.
admiralvic  +   667d ago
This game is 2 months old and many people have played this game enough to know how good or bad it is. Anyway, I looked at the page and disagree with it.

Graphics are good, which I agree with.
Story is awful, well Killzone has always had an awful story and I think it deserves more than a 1. Not much more, but something more.
Sound is a 5, though I have no clue what to say there. I don't think it is really logical to factor sound in for a game like Killzone (or most shooters).
Gameplay scores low, which just isn't true. Killzone handles fine.
Controls are also low, which I also disagree with. Killzone is uses most of the standard stuff and it works fine / goes well.
Value is very low, which makes absolutely no sense to me. While you can argue 5 is average and that is a fair score for things like sound, gameplay and controls, you can't say the same about value. As it stands, Killzone has always been a multiplayer driven shooter and has plenty of value there. The fact that the game will have all the MP map packs for free alone should put the value above 2.5. Even if you do want extra content, you could get the season pass, which isn't even that much and gain multiplayer co op missions too.

In all and all, I can't tell if the reviewer is wrong or this is one of those examples where this style of scale works against the review. Though, considering value is so low, I assume the person is in the wrong.
morganfell  +   667d ago
Watching the review just gives them another hit for their equally useless youtube channel.
Hicken  +   666d ago
I'm... agreeing with theWB here(gonna go check my temperature in a second).

A game that far down on the scale is one full of flaws, a barely finished product. Even most crappy movie tie-in games score a 5, and there's really no way you can say Shadow Fall is worse than such games without showing yourself to be a fanboy.

The author is, objectively, wrong. Because, objectively, the game does too many things right to deserve such a score. You're also wrong, for thinking that watching the review will somehow help people understand how this score is justified. But you CAN'T justify the score without the mentality that comes along with being a fanboy or a troll.

I guess I'm not surprised to see you defending the score, but I have to ask: you HATE everything having to do with Sony, so why are you here?
KillerBanana7  +   667d ago
Great game...horrible review!
sourgrouch   667d ago | Spam
Bathyj  +   667d ago
Ha ha. Nooooo
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   667d ago
Looks like someone is mad that this game sold over 2million copies lmfao!!!!!
HaveAsandwich  +   667d ago
its not great, but its no 4.5. maybe like 7.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   667d ago
Come on now, 4.5 means borderline unplayable with glitches almost abound........
Clover904  +   667d ago
Lol ok, sure...
ZeoN  +   667d ago
*please give me hits I'm desperate*
Master-H  +   667d ago
Pure hit-seeking review, i personally don't like the Killzone games very much, but a below 6 score for this game is ridiculous nonetheless. I'd give it a 7.
corvusmd  +   667d ago
Admittedly 4.5 is a bit low...the average that I have seen is more 6 to 7, so I'd say that's more on par....but all his concerns are legit concerns...just the score is bit harsh
bobsmith  +   667d ago
this the only true next gen shooter till maybe halo 5
titanfall gona be on last gen so will destiny
killzone shadowfall ftw!!
AnEwGuY  +   666d ago
Considering it was obviously using assets from a PS3 build (likely because they didn't have dev kits early enough), that's not entirely true. Other than lighting and particle effects being better, there was nothing about the game that really distinguished it from KZ4.

Still, 4.5 is obviously just click bait...the game is a solid 7.5/10.
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Gabenbrah  +   667d ago
It's funny how when a Playstation game get's a low review, it's a terrible review but when a Nintendo, Xbox or PC game gets a bad review, it's credible... Double standards at it's finest.

Killzone SF from my experience was just another bland shooter with a terrible campaign, the story was awful and the MP was missing a ton of features that was in KZ2 not to mention how broken and inbalance the MP (e.g. 1 shot snipers, camo knifers, Sickle shotgun OP, 1 shot pistols, OP turrets and drone).

4.5 would be too low IMO, I'd give it a 5 at best.
dcj0524  +   666d ago
The one shots are balanced because you have to charge it up and hold. Its note semiautomatic. With the sniper rifle you have to reload after every shot so it balances out, if you pay attention closely you can see vauge rainbow light from cloacked scouts plus they only have the knife and can be killef by drones so thats balanced. The sickle is only deadly in close quartes like a shotgun should. For turrest you can stun them and deconstruct them using stun blast, destroy them using the gernade launcher/automata missle or simply shoot them. For air drones just pour a full clip into it and its gone. Your only calid claim is the lack of certain KZ2 features (Clans coming later this month, ribbions) but that doesn't effect gameplay.
ZeoN  +   666d ago
just stop
Irishguy95  +   666d ago
Can't handle the truth no?
jspillen  +   667d ago
Overall the game deserves an 8 out of 10... The graphics by themselves are a 10 out of 10.
Holeran  +   666d ago
Easy enough to not even click on this link, try harder to get hits next time. 4.5 out of 10 is a game that has a terrible story, terrible controls, terrible multiplayer, and broken in several ways, it is after all a F- if you were to grade it on school scale. And if you actually were thinking it is an F- you need to go back to school.
SpiralTear  +   666d ago
While I certainly don't agree with that low of a score or the fact that it's being reviewed now as opposed to when it was new, why do you instantly assume that this is being graded on a "school scale" instead of the simple and easier to understand "5 is average scale"?
Holeran  +   665d ago
5 out of 10 is not average, a 7 out of 10 is average. Would we have to say a 1 is very bad at that logic? The poster is trolling for hits plain and simple.
SpiralTear  +   665d ago
Okay, then what is good? A 9/10 or higher? You don't see a problem with using 10 percent of a scale to represent the "good games" and the other 90 percent to represent the "bad games"?

Besides, this is a terrible review, as I said. I'm just saying that using this stupid "school scale" is what is confusing a lot of gamers into avoiding great games just because they have an 8/10.
Remy_S  +   666d ago
This game was a 7 for me, it was mildly enjoyable but felt kind of sterile and generic. I would have to say it was my least favorite Killzone to date. If anyone wants a good Killzone game from last year, pick up Mercenary.
SilentNegotiator   666d ago | Trolling | show
assdan  +   666d ago
I don't care what your opinion of Killzone, or FPS in general, killzone shadow fall deserves at the absolute lowest a 7. I would give it an 8.5 or 9 because I like killzone, but seriously. This review is clearly just a hit generator.
Rimeskeem  +   666d ago
I understand a 6 but 4.5 is just too low
BlakHavoc  +   666d ago
Wow a 4.5 out of 10? Seriously? Lol, I've played this game and its at least a 7. Idk what people were expecting from this game but if you've played previous Killzones it's doesn't exactly try to mimic CoD or BF. I feel like this game see's just awful reviews because people are expecting it to play similar to CoD or BF, it's not the greatest FPS out there but I personally would give it a 7.5.
mayberry  +   666d ago
Troll article, no need to comment or discuss, vote site down and move on if you have some sense.
Kivespussi  +   666d ago
I've played the MP and it's awesome. I haven't played SP though so I think that reviewers should do seperate review from SP perspective and MP perspective because this game is getting so much bad reviews because of it's bad single player. Reviewers just seem to play trough the campaign once and give it a score without further thinking...
PersonMan  +   666d ago
I have Killzone Shadow Fall and it's my least favorite PS4 game. It sucks so bad.
porkChop  +   666d ago
I think 4.5 is way too low for this game. I've had a lot of fun with it. The campaign was a big improvement over KZ2 and 3 for me, though I still loved those games. It had much better pacing, a more personal story, much more human-feeling characters, it had actual COLOUR unlike most shooters, and it finally dealt with the fact that the ISA are in fact the bad guys.

They always were if you had read the backstory on, but the games always made them out to be the good guys. I also loved the freedom of choice, you can choose how you want to play/complete any level. I usually go stealth and take my time. And the multiplayer has been pretty fun. It's much more balanced and fun than BF and CoD, at least for me it is. The maps are pretty decent too, though there definitely aren't enough of them.

I'd personally give the game a solid 9.0/10. It's a great step forward for the franchise, and it really sets the stage for a future Killzone game where you finally play as the good guys, the Helghast.
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gobluesamg  +   666d ago
Site voted down. There's no way to justify a score that low.

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