Tom Clancy's The Division - New Screenshot Revealed

DSOGaming writes: "According to our poll, The Division is your third most anticipated game of 2014. Therefore, we thought most of you would find this latest screenshot... interesting."

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Crossbones1513d ago

"Though it may slip into 2015."
No it won't!!! I refuse to believe in that rumor.

TomShoe1513d ago

We can always hold out hope, but a game that looks this good, they should take as much time as they need.

Crossbones1513d ago

I understand. I really wish Ubisoft would stop delaying their games. Like if your not confident it's going to release the time you think it's going to release then don't do it.

H0RSE1512d ago

Agreed. They should take the Blizzard/Valve approach and release it, "when it's done."

alexkoepp1512d ago

Every game gets delayed, a 2014 release would be very surprising

ExitToExisT1513d ago

ubisoft is probably planning this:

watch dogs: q2 2014
ac5: q4 2014
the crew: q1 2015
division: q2 2015

Caleb_H1513d ago

How bout be postpone ac5 and the crew to focus on the division?

Caleb_H1513d ago

How bout we postpone ac5 and the crew to focus on the division?

BG115791512d ago

This definitely seems correct and logical.

Meltic1512d ago

what about dying light. It seems a cool game. Whats ur though on that game ? release?

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theDivision1513d ago

I am not believing it until I hear it from them.

imtheman20131513d ago

One of my most anticipated games! I doubt it'll come out in 2014 though, especially with Watch_Dogs coming from Ubisoft this year.

BABY-JEDI1513d ago

This game really can't come soon enought. One of my most anticipated games
; D

curtis921513d ago

Can already tell this is one of those games I'm just going to have to ignore for a long time until it's closer to release. It looks too good for how long it's going to be before release. I can't take it.

DA_SHREDDER1513d ago

I need this game, getting both the ps5 and xbone versions

grumpc1513d ago

I'll eat my own hand if it gets delayed to the point of coming out on ps5...

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The story is too old to be commented.