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Dice Talks About Core Gameplay Tweaks - Items Dice Is Monitoring

In the latest episode of the Battlefield blog posts Dice is talking about new items they are monitoring that we have brought to their attention by giving feedback. Dice is explaining their current thinking on TV missiles, sniper rifles with 12G slugs, the ACE rifle performance, below radar and more. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

SeanScythe  +   460d ago
These Taboola ads have got to go! All of them are NSFW and they shouldn't be allowed.
ExitToExisT  +   460d ago
Use adblocker, i don't see any ads.

Also i just checked the site on internet explorer and refreshed it about 10 times and didn't see any nsfw ad, ads might be related to your internet history:)
SeanScythe  +   460d ago
I'm on firefox and I have ad blocker. The ads are mainly game related with nearly nude women or one with a couple from a game having sex. Not sure why this started showing up within the last couple weeks. It's right above the comment section. This is my work pc and I'm the only one with access to it so it's not my viewing history.

http%3A%2F%2Fn4g.com%2Fnews%2 F336859%2Fis-the-spy-the-scouts -father%23c-2408120&r=5

http%3A%2F%2Fn4g.com%2Fnews%2 F1431168%2Fps-vita-exclusive-de kamori-senran-kagura-gets-naugh ty-opening-video-nsfw&r=5
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GreenGamers  +   460d ago
clear your internet settings
kazuma999  +   460d ago
Dude the new fucking update took out most of the fucking sounds out of multiplayer. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
SeanScythe  +   460d ago
figured it out, just had to block trc.taboola.com in my ad blocker. Finally
Matt666  +   460d ago
"We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4." Booo Dice/Ea Boo, some people like myself prefer semi-autos over bolt actions
molsen81  +   460d ago
They need to change the toothpick physics of the dirt bike and ATV. I shouldn't explode while running into or grazing a big rock especially at medium speed.
sovietsoldier  +   460d ago
they are dead wrong on the tv missile one hit kill tweak, but that is business as usual at dice.
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jukins  +   460d ago
Nerf dmrs!!!! So tired of people running around with those especially hardcore mode
Matt666  +   459d ago
if anything they should slow down the rate that you look down sights with snipers it way to fast at the moment
LOL_WUT  +   460d ago
Snipers get so much suppression at close range compared to using a different class even after changing my perks still no difference ;)

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