Content Is King At PlayStation And They Plan To Deliver

iGR: "The games industry is fast approaching a new age. One that greatly compliments the "quality over quantity" sentiment. That fact has independent developers salivating, and companies like PlayStation are embracing the future wholeheartedly."

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Codey471572d ago

Well Sony...deliver that content.

I'll be a waitin'

afterMoth1572d ago

Will it be 4th generation in a row of the best games? Well we know the PS4 is by far the best hardware.

thorstein1572d ago

So excited for Outlast! Awesome! Coming next week for free. Simply superb!

Negative771572d ago

"Embracing the future wholeheartedly"

With zero innovation.

captainexplosion1572d ago

How has Microsoft innovated in either of their last 2 consoles? Sony has had blu ray, remote play, Now, Plus, Sixaxis, bluray 3d, rechargable controllers, its stronger, and 1080P.

Hyper_Tension1401572d ago


You nailed it! lol

truefan11572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Ok, here is a few things xbox contributed to the industry, achievements, hardcore online gameplay to consoles, OS with a dashboard, media and apps, party system, downloable indy games,rumble triggers, ability to speak to console, cloud storage,first to use usb ports, internal hard drives, the standard for a controller, full body controller w/ kinect (over 7 million kinect sports games sold) and these are just a few off the top of my head. I think this list easily trumps yours. I give you blue ray, but that's about it. Sony has just been the best at incorporating Xbox and Nintendo ideas into their own console.

MysticStrummer1572d ago

@truefan - Keep thinking, because most of what you listed off the top of your head wasn't started by MS.

thorstein1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

And coming soon, PS Now.


lulz. You just keep on trolling, don't you? You do realize "teh cloudz" has been around much longer than your favorite console.

LexHazard791572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Great list but NOW and Plus are in no way innovative when Now is like Steam/Netflix of games and PS+ is now the better version of XBL. Which if you put your fanboy hat away for a few minutes was always better than PSN til plus came around with free games and discount. Also trophies came from MS achievements besides those things I dont care was was innovated by who just that you give credit where its do!

MatrixxGT1572d ago

Lol @tru

Only thing imo I can give MS credit for out of your non sensical post is the 360 controller. Imo the DS4 is slowly changing my mind on that one. Find me someone who still plays kinect sports...please...anyone? Hello? *crickets*

MetaReapre1572d ago

Guys let's be real now, neither ps4 nor xb1 are innovative at all. They are like the next batch of computers, just more powerful than the last. The most innovative parts about them are the click able touch pad on the ps4 controller, which is great as right now it provides at least 5 more inputs to the controller and with its positioning its not in the way, and the runner triggers for the xb1, which is a really cool feature and I quite enjoy it. Like really, PS+ is just a worse version of steam, and for the xbl, its not innovative at all unless you think paying for online play is great. I'd say the proper way of saying who was more innovative is: with the ps3: six axis, using blu-ray as a format for games (which I don't know if I really call that innovation), remote play, and rechargeable controllers without the use of removable batteries. For xb360: deffinetly kinect was a nice innovation (too bad it wasn't very good whenever I tried it unless it was a dance game) and achievements (although correct me if I'm wrong as steam has achievements but I have not been PC gaming for that long to know when it came into effect)

See if any console was innovative it was Nintendo's consoles, although seemingly gimmicky, it wasn't like it wasn't bringing something new to the table with the likes of n64, Wii and even Wii u.

Now, for the people like truefan and captain, you guys list off a bunch of those features but seriously, can you really call something like psNow which is just gaiki/onlive on a console, or downloadable Indy games or Hardcore online gaming (like seriously truefan? Why would you even say that? Ever heard of computer gaming?). You can list features off all you like guys but a lot isn't exactly innovative.

Vipre771571d ago

PS1 had an "OS with a dashboard". Just turn it on with no disc installed.
PS1 could play audio CD's with a few built-in visualization options. PS2 was the first cheap DVD player on the market and helped drive the format.
Party system on 360, OK, MS was first to do this on a console. It was done years before on PC by apps like GameSpy.
Downloadable indie games? Maybe MS was first on consoles, but not by much. This was do-able on PC for at least 30 years.
Rumble triggers? How is this any different than other rumble controllers like the first DualShock on PS1? The only difference is the location the motors are placed inside the controller. That's hardly "innovative."
Voice commands? Sorry, the NES LaserScope did that back in the 80's and it sucked then too.
Cloud storage? Not sure when PS3 and 360 started doing this. They weren't far apart. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one, but it's not a strong advantage.
PS2 had USB ports before the Xbox was launched, sorry. Also, PC says hello, welcome to 1998.
PS2 had an optional internal HDD. No one bought it cuz it wasn't necessary at the time. Also, PC says hi again.
"The standard for a controller"? Says many people, but not me. It's good, sure, and I have one for my PC and I like it, but I prefer Sony's controllers. This point is entirely subjective.
Kinect? Really? Eyetoy on PS2 says Hi this time.

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Hicken1571d ago


With zero content in his comments.

What's your definition of "innovation," and give some examples of it having been done by someone else(in the gaming industry, of course).

That said, the future isn't completely about innovation. Evolution and perfection(not saying any one product has ever reached it) are also key components. Doing the same thing, but 1000 times better doesn't require innovation; but if you keep refining the process, you keep getting more efficient, and the end result is a drastic improvement. Rather than constantly throwing away old ideas and labeling them as obsolete, improve upon it and make it relevant again.

Sometimes, the KISS method is the best, after all: Keep It Simple, Stupid. No need to reinvent the wheel, or get rid of it altogether. Just having marked improvement over the last version is enough.

And thinking ahead to the time when something that can't be done now CAN be done, and preparing accordingly, is part of embracing the future, as Sony says they've done. I daresay it's a form of innovation, or part of it.

But enough of my ramblings. NYRforever77, what do you consider innovation?

Charybdis1572d ago

Sony is doing well with attracting indie developers

akurtz1572d ago

I need a PS4. I really want to play the Order!

Majin-vegeta1572d ago

Bring on the content Sony.I got a side bank account with your name on it.

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