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J-Stars Victory Vs. Will Be Sold Digitally As Well On PSN

Translated scan from last month's Jump Festa revealed that fans could also buy this game digitally on Japanese PSN.

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Community1656d ago
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italkgame1657d ago

Don't you mean physically and digitally

gunboss2011656d ago

Well we alr know it's gonna be Physically, and Digitally AS WELL :D

TetsujinFranky1656d ago

Pretty much all recent PS3 games are getting released digitally on PSN so this is not surprising.

TwilightSparkle1656d ago

For a moment I thought it going to digital only in the west but oh well.

Studio-YaMi1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

So this is coming to the west? when was that announced!?

GenericNameHere1656d ago

I hope this comes to the US. The ones on the DS didn't come outside Japan. Shonen Jump is way younger here in the US, so they'll probably change the 45, or keep it and just say it's the 45th anniversary worldwide.

It's like the problem with Super Sentai and Power Rangers, where we are missing over 20 teams, and have different product names in the US and Japan. But in this case, there are probably only a few JPN only characters (I've never heard of or seen that policeman), and is called Shonen Jump worldwide.

SpiralTear1656d ago

I doubt it will come over to the West. Like @jukins said, licensing issues are what will make the release messy. It's exactly like Jump Ultimate Stars on DS, where different companies owned the licenses to so many different properties in the US.

It's a shame because I imported Jump Ultimate Stars, and it's now my favorite DS game ever. It's as close to Smash Bros. on a handheld that we've gotten thus far and it has customizable "koma" loadouts and even online play.

That being said, I'd love to see this come to the States, but I highly doubt it will. I know you can create Japanese PSN accounts to access the Japanese PSN store and buy games like this, but it's not necessarily easy to get currency for that unless you important a points card from Japan.

By the way, if you're curious, I believe the policeman is from a manga/anime called Kochikame.

GenericNameHere1656d ago

Actually, you can just use Amazon Japan. It's rather easy and fast.

But anyways, how Capcom managed to release Tatsunoko vs Capcom outside Japan was really surprising. So I hope this game also somehow comes to the US, considering it's celebrating such a big milestone.

And thanks! Did that manga ever release worldwide? The full roster isn't known yet, but are there any other characters who have has not made it outside Japan?

SpiralTear1656d ago

I don't recall Kochikame ever releasing in the US.

One character, the guy with the orange hair and recorder on the far right of the thumbnail image, is from a gag manga called Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar. He was in Jump Ultimate Stars, though that manga (from my knowledge) was never released in the US.

GenericNameHere1656d ago

Thanks. What about the guy left of Kenshin? The one with a big yellow smiley face for a face?

I guess I should familiarize myself with more mangas.

SpiralTear1656d ago

I honestly don't know that guy. Might be something new since Jump Ultimate Stars, because he wasn't in that.

jukins1656d ago

Don't hold your breath waiting for a west release. There's next to no chance due to license issues.

Hicken1656d ago

I could understand if it were in anime or manga form, but if there aren't any rights use issues in Japan- where far more developers and publishers have had their hands on each of the IPs- why would there be trouble here in the west, where most of the characters haven't even graced a console?

I think it's more a problem of whether they think there's a big enough audience here for the game. Which is weird, given how popular most Jump anime and manga are out here.