Is Nintendo Making a Huge Mistake?

CCC Says: "In a recent financial result meeting, Nintendo outlined their strategy for making a comeback after the sad flop of the Wii U. As was expected, most of the speculation that had been flying recklessly around the internet was wrong. Nintendo isn’t dropping out of the console market. They aren’t making another Wii console. They aren’t abandoning the Wii U. Heck, even the reasonable speculation was off point. The Wii U won’t be receiving a price drop, for example, nor will they be dropping the GamePad. So what will Nintendo be doing to bounce back after this near fifteen million dollar loss?"

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wonderfulmonkeyman1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

The moment I saw this article label dropping the game pad under "reasonable speculation", I became confused about whether it's rooting for Nintendo or spinning into another hate article.[mainly because dropping the pad and dropping the price down to dangerously-unprofitable levels are both horrible ideas that would do Nintendo more harm than good in the long run, so they're far from "reasonable".]

The things listed in the meeting - making DS games available on the Wii U E-shop, creating an account system, allowing players to get discounts on games just by you and your friends PLAYING them, leasing their characters to third parties for more spin-offs that have a higher chance of selling better than most of the badly done third party ports so far, re-opening their Blue Ocean strategy and non-wearable fitness device plans to try and get some income from someplace other than the core gamer market while still using the Wii U and 3DS to cater to gamers, and other things - all of these things are VERY GOOD THINGS.
There wasn't much if any confusion; They even went out of their way to ADMIT THAT THEY'VE SCREWED UP!
And yet the calls for things like going full mobile and dropping out of consoles entirely, still come out of every field around Nintendo.

I'm starting to think that most of the people out there making these suggestions don't want Nintendo to change.

No, they want Nintendo to DIE.

And that's just depressing and sad to hear, coming from a community that I would really love to be able to take pride in being a member of.

I mean, think about it for a sec; how many of these people would even SUPPORT Nintendo if they did something like going mobile? THEY'RE CONSOLE GAMERS, NOT MOBILE GAMERS!
Similarly, how many of these so-called fans who "only want the best for Nintendo" have tried saying they should go third party, despite having INSULTED NINTENDO'S FRANCHISES in the past, saying that they're just rehashes that don't deserve sales?
These are the people that "go third party" enthusiasts are suggesting Nintendo try to sell their franchises to, instead of an install base that THEY HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING BACK WITH THE RIGHT LEVELS OF ADVERTISEMENT AND FREQUENT ANNOUNCEMENTS/RELEASES.

Hypocrisy at it's finest, right there.

Nintendo's fan base isn't on those platforms; Rayman Legends and its low sales on two consoles at once should tell you the kind of fate that another bright colorful platformer like Mario would be in for, by going over there.

Look, Nintendo has a LONG HARD ROAD to go, to get the Wii U back into being profitable, but THEY'RE TAKING THE RIGHT STEPS NOW.

One of the first steps they needed to take, was admitting they were wrong on a lot of things.

They've also started courting indies stronger than any of the haters out there are willing to recognize, let alone admit publicly.

Nintendo isn't making any "huge mistakes".
They've already MADE those.

But with mistakes this large, IT'S GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME!

Nothing happens overnight, and I really wish the "gaming press" would SHOW SOME DAMNED PATIENCE...

Ol_G1574d ago

So what will Nintendo be doing to bounce back after this near fifteen million dollar loss?

This line made me laugh out loud
the others are bleeding billions and Nintendo has to rethink their strategy after a abysmal loss funny how the gameindustry works

wonderfulmonkeyman1574d ago

I know, right?
People seem to forget that Nintendo has bounced back before now, and that they are STILL IN THE BLACK financially.

This loss hasn't really damaged Nintendo's financial situation much at all.

It's their reputation that's hurting, and reputations can be repaired.

Ol_G1574d ago

That's right they need to fix their public perception there's nothing wrong with them financially they are nowhere near sega levels or even sony

RPG_Lover1574d ago

Nintendo made some brilliant announcements. l like most things the ignorant masses dont get it.

Geobros1574d ago

I dont think the price drop will solve nintendo's problem.