The 5 best villains in RPG history


We’re taking a look at the best of the best and narrowing them down to a top 5 list. Things like voice acting, motivation, character complexity and evolution or hero-villain interactions were taken into account.This list focuses on western RPG’s in general, and will not touch upon some of the epic villains of JRPGs.

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thezeldadoth1574d ago

Darth Traya was actually a really cool character.

Glad they picked Letho, he is a badass villain with great dialogue and backstory/motives.

CrossingEden1574d ago

Letho is such a badass. :D Witcher Lore is incredible, I seriously hope Yennefer and Ciri are in Witcher 3.

bakss091574d ago

y u no have Sephiroth on list???

TheOrion1574d ago

Because this is a list for WRPGs not JRPGs.

gamerheadlines1574d ago

Because EVERY top list that includes RPG villains is filled with JRPG villains, and we wanted to do something else for a change. As said in the description, we haven't touched upon JRPGs at all.

Not saying that those aren't great villains, but there are other great ones out there worth recognizing.

Hicken1574d ago

Sephy wasn't that great, anyway. He just appeared badass onscreen. But as far as character is concerned, he's pretty weak.

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