We Talk About 'Heroes of a Broken Land' With Andrew Ellem | Hardcore Gamer

It's not easy making video games, especially when you're a team of one. It also doesn't help if your ambitions are as far-reaching as those in Heroes of a Broken land. You see, Andrew Ellem -- creator of Winged Pixel, developer of Heroes of a Broken Land, designer of graphics, and lover of the finer things in life -- wasn't satisfied with sticking to a single genre. "Nope, that's for the weak," he probably said as he typed up another line of code, taking a sip from his flask. Instead, Andrew opted to meld his various ideas into a single experience, and allow players the freedom of a classic turn-based RPG, dungeon crawler and town management simulator without compromising an ounce of quality.

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admiralvic1510d ago

Sounds like an interesting game!