4 Video Game Franchises Going Off the Rails

Move over Lindsay. Step aside Amanda. Miley who? Justin Bieber is everyone’s favorite train wreck celebrity of the day and just like he’s gone off track so have these 4 franchises that used to have gamer’s wallets at their mercy…. and now, they’re just sad and broken.

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mewhy32880d ago

OMG This kid is such a joke.

Allsystemgamer880d ago

America can keep him. Us Canadians don't want him back. He makes me ashamed to live so close to where he's from...

iceman06880d ago

NOPE!!! You made keep him!!! LOL

static5245880d ago

First.. How does "the name that will not be said" have to do with gaming? STAHP IT.. JUST STAHP.

Second.. This kid needs a real attitude adjustment. Let the U.S. lock him up in jail/prison.. He'll learn some humility

johndoe11211880d ago

I'm really trying to understand where all the hate for this article is coming from. He is absolutely right about every one of those games. Maybe not in that particular order and maybe they don't all deserve to be in the top 5 but all those game franchises have really started to go drastically downhill. Could anyone please explain to me why all the hate?

cellur111880d ago

I say we throw him in a volcano or something.

KillrateOmega880d ago (Edited 880d ago )


We're not talking about the list or the author. We're talking about Justin Bieber, or as like to call him: "You-Know-Who"

Anyways, I say we toss him into the fires of Mount Doom.

johndoe11211880d ago

Oh damn, lol. Thanks for the clarification. In that case, what everyone else said.

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Bhuahahaha880d ago

i propose sending him to north korea

SilentNegotiator880d ago

Too good for him. Send him to the Korean in-betweeny zone.

TripC50880d ago

Keep that thing out of my video game news please.

Starbucks_Fan880d ago

I can't wait till he gets sent back to Canada

JohnnyTower880d ago

We don't want him. America broke him, and there is a no return policy up here in the north.

sobekflakmonkey880d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself lol


Alright cool...but we're keeping Ryan Gosling. Can we get Rob Ford too? He's the closest thing we'll ever get to a real life Mayor Quimby!

JohnnyTower880d ago

I'm waiting for CBC to patent the Rob Ford story and make a sitcom. It pretty much writes itself.

liquidhalos880d ago

I hate to say it but it was Britain that broke him, he left running vowing never to return. What you need to do is copy what the brits did and he will run like the wind across the canadian border

Lord_Sloth879d ago

No, he was a flawed gift from the get go. Yall screwed us on this and nothing can ever forgive this slight! YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY!!!

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azshorty2003880d ago

I hope everyone signed the petition to deport him! Lol

Gabenbrah880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

Gears of War number 1... Seriously?

@Colts_15 I did, Gears of War is number 1... Did you even read the article?

Digital_Anomaly880d ago

Uhhhh.... no. First read, then comment.

skydragoonity880d ago

The 1st pic he was still high... The 2nd pic he realised he was goin to jail

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The story is too old to be commented.