What's wrong with the Call of Duty Ghosts Story?

IM PLAYIN takes a look at the plot of the Call of Duty Ghosts campaign.

"Don't get me wrong. I surprised myself by actually enjoying the campaign as I went through it, it's more of a reflection of the campaign, which I only seemed to do once I ended my CoD session. It's actually a lot of fun to play, mostly because you know what is in store, considering that you've bought the game and you know it's going to be CoD."

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erathaol1632d ago

Y'all fellas sure you wanna ride this train?

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BattleReach1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

- The Federation attacks America with what reason?
- (Spoiler) Rorke survives when the train he's in explodes, then falls from a high bridge into the sea, then gets shot with a Magnum 44. in his chest, and then again he still lives after a 1 minute long swim underwater.

So whats wrong with the story? Not much, its just unrealistic. And it's MW1, 2 and 3 actionscenes put into 1 game. Altough its still fun to play.

Insomnia_841632d ago

If the two brothers can survive so much sh*t, why can't huge dude Rorke?? lol

The next chapter in this story will be interesting.

BattleReach1632d ago

The brothers also had to die. You can replace Rorkes name by Hesh.

Ittoryu1632d ago

They need to just take COD and Battlefield and make them MOBA and be done, that is all they are anyway.

Robearboy1632d ago

I actually enjoyed the campaign, much better than BO2

The_KELRaTH1632d ago

It's the multi-player that needs fixing!. PS3 online leaderboard lists over 35,000 cheat players - there's only between 100,000 - 200,000 players online!!

Matt6661631d ago

all the leaderbords and COD's have hackers because they can't be bothered sorting it out

The_KELRaTH1631d ago

True but the difference is in the percentages: for over 6 months Black ops 2's typical online count was over 700,000 but in Ghosts it's rarely 200,000

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