Black 16GB OUYA The Best Looking, Performing Version Yet

Hardcore Gamer: The OUYA hasn’t seen many hardware revisions yet, but the company has been experimenting with things like fixing controller issues and increasing the storage options for owners. First, they remedied the problem with USB storage support for things like videos and photos, then added the ability to store games natively on USB sticks and hard drive. That can be finicky, however, and folks do tend to want to use those things as little as possible. The super-white holiday OUYA didn’t just change the color scheme radically, it also doubled the storage capability to 16GB. Some were upset about that extra storage space being reserved for a limited edition version of the system, so the company has decided to make a matte-black version of the system available with that same storage capacity for $130. You’ll also get a sleek controller with a nice black and orange home button.

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ChaosKnight1355d ago

Yeah but that's like being the best handling Geo Metro.

PeaSFor1354d ago

if only it was a geo storm, anyway..... its still a Ouya.

DanielGearSolid1355d ago

Meanwhile smartphones can run all their games

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1354d ago

waste of money can't believe ppl supported this

ChickeyCantor1354d ago

There IS smartphone hardware in there. But it's focus on gaming on your TV.

ThatOneGuyThere1348d ago

i dont know how someone disagreed with this...

barb_wire1354d ago

My local Target has 5 of the 8GB models on their shelves.. yet they have no ps3, no 360, no wii u, no vita or next gen consoles.. yet they have 5 ouya's..

crazy world


i was at one in merritt island fl and they had 5 ps4 and 8 xbox1

Summons751354d ago

People buy this??? Last I checked the original ouya was a flop

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The story is too old to be commented.