New Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 video focuses on the music

The Castlevania series is known for housing some amazing tunes. See how Lords of Shadow 2 looks to continue that tradition in this new video.

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ab5olut10n1480d ago

Animals As Leaders should score the next Castlevania game

--bienio--1480d ago

I moght buy this game😊

starchild1480d ago

Castlevania Lords of Shadow is among my top 5 games of the generation, so needless to say I absolutely can't wait to play CLoS2. The soundtrack was also one of the best in any game ever.

optimus1480d ago

hmm, i'm intrigued...i usually go for the 2d versions but a lot of people seem to like this one...i may pick up the 1st lords of shadow and give it a try since i could probably find it for $20 or less now.