Is there too much emphasis on resolution and frame rate?

The whole 'resolutiongate' and 'frame rate saga' is spiraling out of control! Sam Hewitt of Level Complete tries to make an appeal to return things to order.

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admiralvic1294d ago

Depends the game.

Tomb Raider is an enhanced port that didn't add much else, so in my mind, the comments were always judging if this game really deserves the $60 dollar MSRP.

RexFury1294d ago

That is true. However, comments on 1080p/60fps happen to spark up on any game that is on both the Xbox One and PS4.

truefan11294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

It matters because certain gamers feel they have to justify their purchase. If you ever pay attention on these blogs (this one included) its always you paid to much for inferior hardware, that would be true if all I did in my life was game. I watch tv (the snap feature is awesome), I have a wife who likes to use kinect (kinect sports/dancing games/ and fitness), I have friends, I have family out of state I skype with, I love online gaming. This whole resolutiongate/fpsgate was birthed to boast some sort of superiority. I love my XB1 it works for me, the annoying aspect is coming here to get videogame news and constantly hearing why I should be upset I don't like what they like.

PS I think fpsgate is closed because infamous is running at 30fps.

afterMoth1294d ago

Only if it upsets you that the competition has far better specs and is quite a bit less expensive. Then yes there is too much emphasis.

Not sure why people aren't just playing the original xbox if they didn't care about improved graphics.

cooperdnizzle1294d ago

True fan. Infamous is not running at 30fps.

ABizzel11294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


If you have a wife, she must be a sad / lonely woman. I've never seen a grown man purposely go to a website to troll. You can't be spending too much time with her, because you're on here posting every hour through the day trolling.


At the end of the day resolution and ESPECIALLY framerate matters. It might not be the most important aspect of a game, but they matter. No one would say having a game running in 720p @ 30fps automatically makes the game bad. But if you have the option and power to run that game in 1080p @ 60fps then it's an even better bonus for the game.

FPS aid not only fluidity of games, it also aids latency, and playability. A game that 30 fps with frequent drops down to 20 or less is not a joy to play. Try playing an online game, and everythings lagging because of the host connection. 9 times out of 10 you're going to leave and find another match, because the connection aka framerate is unplayable.

Resolution matters a bit less IMO, but it does add with clarity, draw distance, texture quality. All of those things aid graphics, and if graphics are a huge plus for you or simply the icing on the cake then it matters.

Together these two things are part of "PERFORMANCE" and if performance was a non-issue there would never be a need to upgrade hardware. BUt the purpose of upgrading hardware is to achieve Performance levels that allow the creative process to be easier and work allow the artist vision to be unhindered.

So while resolution and fps may not have the biggest emphasis or influence for certain gamers, THEY STILL MATTER REGARDLESS.

PoSTedUP1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

well when i pay for a high quality system with high quality graphics, im going to want high quality rez and high quality frame rate to experience what i paid for, at the best level. im currently catching up on ps1 and psp games (a lot of rpg/jrpgs) and the rez and frame rate do not matter, reason being: they are much older systems. the fun factor and entertainment is still there, and its still there for next gen systems, but better frames and rez makes games look and feel smoother, and just works better for most of them.

georgeenoob1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Ryse and Quantum Break, nuff said. The best graphical games for next gen only on Xbox One.

Gamingcapacity1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

The point is that the PS4 has a lot more grunt to to run at an higher res and framerate. It might make little difference when using that extra power on the framerate and res but when the devs use the extra power in other areas - particle effects, higer res textures, etc - that's when we will see the benefit of the extra power.

@George - Ryse - Not many devs are prepared to dilute the gameplay down just to get better visuals. It was a cheap shot way for MS to boast better graphics. Good developers just wouldn't do that. Quantum Break does look good though

starchild1294d ago

We know the PS4 is the more powerful console this generation and it is of course going to show up as advantages in multiplatform games.

What I find ironic, though, is that people attack the XB1 for not being 1080p on such and such game or not being 60fps on this other, but the PS4 itself doesn't achieve 1080p/60fps in every game, in fact the great majority of PS4 games do not meet that standard either.

Even a couple of games that are often bandied about as 60fps games on PS4 do not in fact offer that. Tomb Raider is the most recent example. It swings mostly between 40 and 50-odd fps and averages about 50.9fps.

I don't know how some people can justify acting like these are 60fps games. KZSF is another.

The XB1 version of Tomb Raider is 1080p during gameplay and has a pretty steady 30fps with an average of 29.84fps (which is about what solid games like Uncharted 2 have). Why is the XB1 version attacked as being a complete piece of crap when MOST games on the PS4 are, and will likely be, 1080p/30fps?

nirwanda1294d ago

The problem is not that games are running at a higher framerate or higher rez on the ps4 but what happens later on when games on the ps4 run at 720p @30fps to get higher fidelity that the xbone won't be able to pull off without sacrifices that ain't just extra frames or rez.

webeblazing1294d ago

lol how times have changed. just before new consoles was announced most people said frame rate and resolution didnt matter and always down played pc games. but now suddenly everyone forgot about that and touting how every game needs to be 1080 and 60fps. i see a lot of console only gamers that say the same things they said but they was called elitist. so what would that make them?

i never been on a pc forum or gaming site and herd people bash other pc gamers because another cant run the game as well as their rig. people a lot of gamers change the settings to run the game they want, but people are not gonna bash them because of it.

i know you cant compare pc to consoles but the hypocrisy on this site is at an all time high.

minimur121294d ago


where did you get that info?


PoSTedUP1294d ago

@webe- thats because last gen, especially in the consoles vs PC debate, the consoles game developers werent nearly as capable of doing 1080 and 60. in the console war (console vs console) the rez and frames have always been a debate, even last gen. this gen devs are very capable of 1080/60 and its an upgraded console, so we expect higher frames and higher frames. in the PC vs console debate, console gamers never argued that better frames and rez wasent better or didnt matter, they went with the exclusive games arguement. pc gamers are one in the same, ps fanboys and xbox fanboys also, sadly that is why there is verbal conflict (ineed, im guilty).

what you have here is the console war still going at it, egotism. now frames and rez matter more amoungst console gamers bc the systems are more capable this gen; last gen it was minimal due to specs.

MRMagoo1231294d ago

Having an extra 4fps and a couple extra blades of grass was a clear victory last gen for the Xbox fanboys , yet the giant gap now like 1080p and 720p or sub30fps and 50plus fps doesn't matter at all? Odd , I guess res and fps only matters when it's the Xbox console ahead , same as sales where very important till the ps3 got ahead then it didn't matter anymore , and how games was very important , then the ps3 had more games with better metas and then games didn't matter cos halo sold more. There won't be much mattering to xbone owners the whole gen if it only matters when Xbox is ahead I guess, because ps4 is going to have the advantage in everything.

dantesparda1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Hells yeah, resolution and framerates matter. And its funny how all the MS fanboys try to down play it when before they knew their system was going to be such a let down, really cared about it to but now suddenly they dont, hmm, i wonder why. Fakes!

BlackTar1871294d ago


Right on. Its crazy to see how many flip flops on this site from Xbox crazies.

Last gen this site was run with Comparison websites showing 360 had a darker shadow on level 4 and was deemed the superior and im not just meaning Superior i mean SUPERIOR version. You had multiple websites preaching this point. You had multiple sites open and stay in business do to just making comparison videos showing a less then 1% difference yet the less then 1% difference last gen was led on to believe it was 10000000x more superior. Now that's not the case its something else. Its the funniest thing.

PeaSFor1294d ago

it doesnt matter....if you have the inferior version.

johndoe112111294d ago


" This whole resolutiongate/fpsgate was birthed to boast some sort of superiority."

For once you are 100% right sir and let me just add that it was started by xbox supporters and game journalists at the beginning of last gen when the 360 had all the best looking multiplats. so you can go cry somewhere else.

starchild1294d ago

@ webeblazing

You are 100% correct. The hypocrisy truly is astounding.

Last generation we PC gamers were constantly told that we wasted our money and the multiplats really weren't any better on the PC. "It's just higher resolutions and framerates", they would scream (which isn't true anyway). "It's the same game and is just as fun either way", they said over and over again.

Now, these same people (yes, I've literally seen the very same people) act like a game on the XB1 is no good if it isn't 1080p/60fps.

Wait, I thought frame-rate and resolution were unimportant and didn't fundamentally change the value of a game?

The attitude that all console games now need to be 1080p/60fps is absurd on several levels.

1. We have never got a resolution and frame-rate jump with each new console generation. So why is it all of a sudden mandatory? Many generations had the same resolution and frame-rate as the previous generation, only with higher quality graphics and sound.

2. Last generation 720p/30fps was hardly anything that could be considered a standard. There were countless games that were sub-720p and ran with screen tearing and stutter regularly under 30fps. Wouldn't it be a very huge improvement if this generation every game ran with much better graphics as well as a solid 30fps and 720p? Wouldn't that be a big enough generational leap for consoles? I think it would.

3. Why are some people acting like the XB1 is a failure if it can't run at both 1080p and 60fps when the VAST MAJORITY of games on the PS4 don't either? Aren't both consoles failures in that case? inFamous Second Son, The Witcher 3, Need for Speed Rivals, Knack, Destiny, KZSF, Tomb Raider, Thief and many more games on PS4 all fail to reach that 1080p/60fps standard. The games that do are the exception and are usually simpler indie titles.

What it comes down to is this: if resolution and frame-rate are really so important to you, it would be wise to start doing most of your gaming on PC. The PC is the ONLY platform where you can get 1080p and 60fps consistently in every game.

Ok, now I can see a lot of Sony fanboys answer this by saying "well just because frame-rate and resolution are important to me doesn't mean they are the only things I care about". Well, fine, I expected you to say that. But if that is the case, is it so unreasonable to think that the XB1 owners also care about resolution and frame-rate, but that, likewise, it isn't their only concern?

That is, why is it ok for Sony fans to say "yeah I know the PC is more powerful and offers better graphics, but I choose to game on the PS4 for other reasons", yet it isn't ok for Xbox fans to say "yeah, I know the PS4 is more powerful, but I choose to game on the XB1 for other reasons"?

People have myriad different reasons for choosing a platform. Everybody has different needs and tastes.

You can't downplay the PC's graphical superiority on one hand, then turn around and try to lord it over other console gamers based on graphical superiority. Such reasoning and behavior doesn't make any sense.

kopicha1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


you basically speak out everything I wanted to say word by word. Especially the part where performance do matter considering buying a new hardware. This is the part where many people remain in denial that graphics ain't important when they are equally as hype when new hardware are being announced. If they dont matter we dont even need new consoles. 360 / PS3 can just go for another few decades. Since "good games" can still continue to come out. Why do we even need new hardware in the first place. And we need to set a a bottom line for a new hardware regardless. Why buy a new hardware that does what last gen can do. That is no next gen by any mean.

PS : Bubble to you

thejigisup1294d ago

truefan go tell your wife to go to the gym. Also you should take her lead and use your remote. snap is stupid ya lazybones. Skype is on every device now, even tv's.

@starchild. I spent good money on my Panasonic, it's huge, it supports 1080p fully, a 600 mhz refresh rate I'm gonna notice the difference between 29.84 fps and 60fps hell I'm gonna notice the difference between 30 and 50 so wtf gives I want the best quality and most people agree. I don't want upscaled bs and I don't want water physics boobs(ryse). Idc if Most games on ps4 are 1080p/30fps. It's more than what the competition is offering. Uncharted 2 was soooo last gen gtfo with that, the consoles are more powerful and expectations are higher. And even if one game is 1080p 60fps locked on the ps4 it'll be worth it to me and I'll marvel at its beauty.

Wait you thought framerate and resolution didn't fundamentally change the value of a game... get outta here. When the same game runs better elsewhere yeah it does kthanks bye

yezz1294d ago


There are two "next gen" consoles out and the other offers higher game settings for lower price so you do the math. It's a reasonable argument to say that xbox one is inferior when it comes to graphical aspects..

People are not bashing xbone just because it can't run some games 1080p/60fps but because almost every game has lower settings on it.

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mewhy321294d ago

Def not too much emphasis on framerates and resolution. I mean if I'm giving 499.99 for a device it should be able to keep up with a similar device that costs 100.00 less at 399.99. Duh.

dantesparda1294d ago

So if this site is such a Sony fanboy cesspool, than why does this guy only have one bubble, hmmm?

donman11294d ago

When it comes to paying $100 more and getting less.... Yes it matters.

UnHoly_One1294d ago

If you care about other features besides a GPU, you are paying "more for more", not "more for less".

The XB1 does FAR more than the PS4 and includes an expensive piece of hardware that the PS4 doesn't (Kinect).

So you can say you don't want any of that stuff, but you can't say paying "more for less" because you are comparing apples to oranges.

BlackTar1871294d ago


What does the xbox do well let me use your words"The XB1 does FAR more than the PS4" what are these things without the kinect adds?

Please list.

dantesparda1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

"expensive piece of hardware"

LOL, aaahh the x-crazies, they crack me up. You keep your "expensive piece of hardware" and i'll take the FAR superior gaming hardware.

And yeah, Im waiting for this list too, lol

UnHoly_One1294d ago

If you don't know by one what all the XB1 does, I'm not going to bother looking up a list of every little feature for you.

But I'll gladly name a few things.

First off let me clarify that you can't just say "what does it do besides the Kinect stuff?", because you are discounting one of the very things that makes it different.

Otherwise, let's see....

TV features
Multitasking via snap
Suspending a game state when you shut down the system
Playing your own music over your home network

Those are the things that pop in to my head right off the bat.

(Now here is the part where you come and tell me how none of that stuff matters to you, lol)

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1294d ago

All I see on this website is people comparing numbers, as if that makes a good game... sad.

assdan1294d ago

This is true. But I firmly believe that this crap won't end until xbox people accept that they bought a weaker console.

dantesparda1294d ago

They'll never admit and it will never end. I mean for goodness sake, you got Wii u fanboys trying to make their arguments. Remember according to them the Wii U has more 1080p/60fps games than all systems combined. Therefore that proves Wii U got more chops