10 New Places we want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3

Obvious Statement: Kingdom Hearts is a peculiar game if based solely on its premise. Basing it solely on premise would be a disservice to the franchise though. Beyond your heartfelt memories lies a rock solid action RPG, or card battle system, or dream simulator, or whatever other crazy game Kingdom Hearts happens to be at the time. Whatever the bizarre mechanic, it is sure to be anywhere between good and spectacular.

That being said, one of the major pulls for Kingdom Hearts games is living through some of your favorite Disney or SquareEnix stories. I know I was more than a little excited to visit the world of Pirates of the Caribbean in Kingdom Hearts 2. But as the Kingdom Hearts games continue to be made, and Disney continues to expand, I can not help but feel like Square and Disney are overlooking several obvious opportunities to mine our collective Disney/Square nostalgia pit. So I have assembled a list of Nostalgia Quarries that I feel should be excavated for Kingdom Hearts...

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wonderfulmonkeyman1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

The picture for the article is enough to convince me that I want Sora to pop up in the world of Power Rangers.
The Keyblade earned from that world could be called The Morpher, and it would even change his costume at the beginning of every fight.

I would also be able to finally sock Rita Revolta in her smug b**** face with a sword instead of a Zord.XD

GloryEclipse1629d ago

The one that got me was the Gargoyles pic. Sora would look so bad ass like that.

Agent_00_Revan1629d ago

Sometimes you forget just how much Disney owns. It's crazy!

I'm surprised we haven't seen at least Toy Story in the games. I don't think Marvel would fit to well. MAYBE Star Wars.

kingdom181629d ago

Star Wars never going to happen, Nomura already stated that Disney said no to Star Wars.

Summons751629d ago

Does anyone else feel like smashing their head into a wall when morons say that Star Wars and Marvel should be in Kingdom Hearts....I mean common Tron was awful and they aren't even cartoons. They should stick to traditional Disney cartoons.

That being said Frozen would be an awesome addition, Tangled too.

juliotheman211629d ago

I liked tron, it was really cool when it was implemented in KH

GloryEclipse1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Does anyone else feel like smashing their head into a wall when morons post comments like Summons75 comment above?

Summons751629d ago

How is my comment moronic? Becuase logically Star Wars and Marvel doesn't fit into Kingdom Hearts because they use classic disney movies and characters and you can't accept that?

Yeah who's the moron now...

Snickelsox1628d ago

I think we might be forgetting the Pirates of the Caribbean world.

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