Why Frame Rates and Resolution Shouldn’t Matter to Gamers

Arguing about what frame rate a game runs at or what its native resolution output is has got to be one of the most boring and moronic things that gamers can engage in. What I want to do with this editorial is point out why this sort of fighting is ultimately useless and a waste of time and energy.

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Abash1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

If you are spending hundreds of dollars to buy the latest consoles, consoles that are successors to ones released in 2005/2006, it definitely matters. Sorry but there should be a quality standard of how they run games for consoles claiming to be "next gen"

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

"Why Frame Rates and Resolution Shouldn’t Matter to Gamers"

But they do....because we have just spent hundreds of £/$ on them.....otherwise we may as well just stick with last gen...or the gens before that. Seems to me the only ones downplaying this are the ones who have an X1.....who ironically enough are the same people that were praising the 360's superior multiplats last gen.

Although i definitely think it doesn't matter to the point where it would put me off buying a game that wasn't 1080p and/or 60fps. I own multiple 30fps next gen games and BF4 which runs at 900p and i enjoy them all.....but im not going to lie and say i wouldn't prefer all of my games to be 1080p 60fps.

georgeenoob1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

It all comes down to games, not pixels as we've learned from past generations (PS2 vs Xbox, PS3 vs 360). Every generation is the same argument. As Phil Spencer said, play the games not the resolution. With that said, Xbox wins hands down.

"But they do....because we have just spent hundreds of £/$ on them.....otherwise we may as well just stick with last gen...or the gens before that. "

If you truly think the only thing that drives graphics are resolution, then I got some news for you. It's more than just pixels, i.e polygons, textures, etc. Ryse, for example, is the best looking next gen game, and it isn't 1080p. Rather, it focuses on polygons and shaders making it look as good as it does.

I advise you playstation gamers invest in PCs if you invest this much time defending resolution.

mewhy321658d ago

Wow. If you pay 499.99 for a console it should be able to keep up with a similar console costing 100.00 less at 399.99. Period. Yes it matters. 1080p/60fps(Tomb Raider PS4) vs 1080p/30fps(Tomb Raider bone), 1080p/60fps (COD Ghosts PS4) vs 720p/60fps (COD Ghosts bone), 900p/60fps (BF4 PS4) vs 720p/60fps (BF4 bone), yes it matters. If matters for sure. Without a doubt.

amiga-man1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Of course it matters, if I ever owned a PS4 and an xbox (which I won't) why on earth would I choose the inferior version?

supporting next gen with last gen graphics is a stupid place for xbox to be, but there will always be someone ready to make apologies for it.

cleft51658d ago

If frames and resolution doesn't matter, lets all go and get a WiiU. Or better yet, lets all go back and play PS2 games. These articles are such spin doctor bs. You damn well better believe Microsoft would be screaming from the rooftops if they had the most powerful console.

xHeavYx1658d ago

I noticed that, when it was multiplat 360 games VS multiplat PS3 games, certain people would make fun of how their version of the game was superior. Now that the tables turned and games perform better on certain console, all those people who used make fun started to say "graphics don't matter"

Why o why1658d ago

C'mon dual shockers... behave, just behave

Freedomland1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )


Why to release new consoles, all these new games can run perfectly fine in 720p on the last gen consoles. Why to "upgrade" to the new hardware if we can play the same games on PS3, X360 or WiiU.
Remember the time of 16bit, 32bit, 64bit consoles and how PS1 amazed us with it's graphics in comparison to Genesis. The point is that that the games have to improve resolution, framerate or you can say graphics with the new technologies but the good gameplay will remain the same, you could find games with good gameplay in 90s e.g Doom, you can find games with good gameplay now e.g Metro Last Light and you will find games with good gameplay in the future but difference is graphics, resolution and framerate.

morganfell1658d ago

Obviously people care about the resolution and the framerate. Looks matter, right georgie?

Wait, cloudpowa right?

Why didn't they use that cloudpowa on TombRaider? Because it doesn't exist. Resolution does matter. Framerate does matter. I can only imagine the tantrums you have in the basement.

I actually went through your post history and I have never seen such a collection of angry comments that are all about attacking anything from Sony. No one, and I mean no one on this site matches you for being bitter, upset and flailing against everything and everyone that doesn't support your hardware manufacturer of choice.

And before you celebrate your Achievement, that georgie isn't anything of which one can be proud.

Army_of_Darkness1658d ago

Pay attention to the gameplay and fps on both versions and tell me if it still don't make a difference.

Xbone version:

PS4 version:

Games just looks more awesome and play much smoother at 60fps period. That's one of the two things I envied about PC gamers. 60fps and 1080p visuals.... Not anymore though :-D

starchild1658d ago

Last generation we PC gamers were constantly told that we wasted our money and the multiplats really weren't any better on the PC. "It's just higher resolutions and framerates", they would scream (which isn't true anyway). "It's the same game and is just as fun either way", they said over and over again.

Now, these same people (yes, I've literally seen the very same people) act like a game on the XB1 is no good if it isn't 1080p/60fps.

Wait, I thought frame-rate and resolution were unimportant and didn't fundamentally change the value of a game?

The attitude that all console games now need to be 1080p/60fps is absurd on several levels.

1. We have never got a resolution and frame-rate jump with each new console generation. So why is it all of a sudden mandatory? Many generations had the same resolution and frame-rate as the previous generation, only with higher quality graphics and sound.

2. Last generation 720p/30fps was hardly anything that could be considered a standard. There were countless games that were sub-720p and ran with screen tearing and stutter regularly under 30fps. Wouldn't it be a very huge improvement if this generation every game ran with much better graphics as well as a solid 30fps and 720p? Wouldn't that be a big enough generational leap for consoles? I think it would.

3. Why are some people acting like the XB1 is a failure if it can't run at both 1080p and 60fps when the VAST MAJORITY of games on the PS4 don't either? Aren't both consoles failures in that case? inFamous Second Son, The Witcher 3, Need for Speed Rivals, Knack, Destiny, KZSF, Tomb Raider, Thief and many more games on PS4 all fail to reach that 1080p/60fps standard. The games that do are the exception and are usually simpler indie titles.

What it comes down to is this: if resolution and frame-rate are really so important to you, it would be wise to start doing most of your gaming on PC. The PC is the ONLY platform where you can get 1080p and 60fps consistently in every game.

Ok, now I can see a lot of Sony fanboys answer this by saying "well just because frame-rate and resolution are important to me doesn't mean they are the only things I care about". Well, fine, I expected you to say that. But if that is the case, is it so unreasonable to think that the XB1 owners also care about resolution and frame-rate, but that, likewise, it isn't their only concern?

That is, why is it ok for Sony fans to say "yeah I know the PC is more powerful and offers better graphics, but I choose to game on the PS4 for other reasons", yet it isn't ok for Xbox fans to say "yeah, I know the PS4 is more powerful, but I choose to game on the XB1 for other reasons"?

People have myriad different reasons for choosing a platform. Everybody has different needs and tastes.

You can't downplay the PC's graphical superiority on one hand, then turn around and try to lord it over other console gamers based on graphical superiority. Such reasoning and behavior doesn't make any sense.

lociefer1658d ago

Easy, if they didnt matter they wouldve not release tomb raider the definitive version

DragonKnight1658d ago

Don't you just love how resolution and framerates shouldn't matter now that Microsoft has a console that can't keep up?

AceBlazer131658d ago

@georgenoob if you goal post moving idiots want to downplay graphics now then fine let's go for games. The ps2 library puts the xbox's to shame. Ps3 beats 360 hands down, 2013 alone proved it and 2014 even more so. You wanna go for sales? Ps2 outsold xbox ps3 outsold 360 and ps4 is outselling xbone.

Market share? PlayStation basically took over the market with the first 2 consoles meanwhile xbox had 1 close competition thanks to multiple advantages.

Online services? Ps+ beats xblg dollar to dollar.Psn walks all over silver.

Why o why1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I cannot believe starchild wrote all of that...basically damage control deflection rinse repeat.

For the last time. It was the 360 crowd that lauded miniscule differences last gen. The pc guys never chastised them much. Now its the ps4 on top by a greater margin, the pc crowd are even more incensed but why? Cant you see us console owners care waaaaay less about you pc guys than you do us. We dont care because the two platforms aren't the same... Consoles by definition are a different class to pcs. Kinda like a car that can go fast vs a sports car. They are never raced against each other so neither should care about the other. The massive flaw in your long dcd was that the ps4 is cheaper than its direct competitor and which is in turn cheaper than the capable pcs. Ps4 owners are getting more performance for less as the multiplatform games are showing so far.

Ultimately the exclusives will really harness each consoles potential over time but please... compare ryse vs killzone technically then tell me one isnt more capable than the other. You'll look like a muppet if you continue with the wrong n strong facade. Leave it

maniacmayhem1658d ago

@ Why o Why

That is complete and utter b*llsh*t. It was just as much the PS3 crowd who relentlessly touted the graphical difference with multiplats whenever a graphical comparison article was up on N4G.

PS3 fanboys were cheering the most miniscule of differences from deeper blacks, dust particles, to no jaggies. Sony fanboys were ridiculous as they spouted that and claimed it was because the power of the cell. And if the game wasn't on par with the 360 it was because of "lazy devs". Another term made up by the Sony crowd to pass off blame for their system.

And Starchild is right, PC fans were called elitists and always told to GTFO whenever they started to parade their 1080p and 60 fps for multiplat games. They were told it didn't matter, it was all about the games and it was always followed by a name drop of Naughty Dog or MGS4.

But as usual for most on this site those times seem to be forgotten or severely misconstrued as now it was the 360 crowd that started it.

It's hilarious that the Sony crowd is the only one that has the privilege to beat their chests on this site but the minute any other console/system crowd tries too, they are met with hisses and boos and told nobody cares.

starchild1658d ago

@ why o why

And yet you wrote all of that and didn't address a single point I made. You just went off on some rant about how Xbox fanboys did it first. Talk about deflection.

My point still stands: if resolution and frame-rate are the major concern for you, you should be gaming on the PC, period.

On the other hand, if you CAN recognize that resolution and frame-rate, while important, aren't necessarily the most important things for everyone, then you should also recognize people's right to choose the XB1 or Wii U as their favorite console.

There are a whole host of differences between the consoles that would naturally lead a person to prefer one console over the other.

Your simplification of the issue to "well the Xb1 is a console and the PS4 is a console, and the PS4 is cheaper and more powerful...therefor everyone MUST agree with me that it is the best" is extremely irrational and disingenuous.

What about social aspects, friends, controller preference, user interface, non-gaming features, exclusives, online services, achievements or trophies carrying over, and many other distinguishing differences between the systems?

As for your price-to-performance argument, I seem to remember a time when the Xbox was the same price as the PS2 yet was much more powerful. Twice the RAM, a much more powerful CPU, GPU, etc. The price-to-performance advantage was clearly and hugely in the Xbox's favor. Should everyone have bought the Xbox and called the PS2 a piece of crap?

The fact is, every generation there is going to be stronger and weaker consoles. And the brand that is stronger this generation isn't necessarily the brand that will be strongest the next. It's absurd to act like only the strongest console each generation is worth anything. It's particularly strange from a PC gamer's perspective, since all the consoles seem greatly inferior to our PCs from a technical standpoint.

maniacmayhem1658d ago


Sorry Dragon, but I don't abide by the rules that you and your friends make up for others to follow on N4G.

I also love how you seem to have missed the "MS Too" all above my comment.

I think it's time you write another blog complaining about this.

DragonKnight1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

That's right maniac, you keep on telling people what they are allowed to say.

And actually I read the comments. What you don't understand about the ____Too™ tag is that the correct usage is to point out that one bad action is being justified because of another performing the same bad action.

Saying "funny how 360 gamers cared about resolution during last gen but now don't" and pointing out how they showed that they cared and now don't, isn't the same thing as justifying bad behaviour.

I'm not saying that that won't happen here, or hasn't beneath your comments, but the ones above you chiefly consist of "of course they matter because of how much money we've spent" and "when the 360 games were looking better, then it mattered, now that the One's games look worse, it doesn't matter."

Unless you're going to show me someone that said "we're allowed to chastise, berate, and make fun of Xbox fans now because of what they did to us last gen" or something to that effect.

I think it's time you actually wrote a blog before thinking you can comment on what people should write about. It's easy to criticize in comment sections and think your opinion is important, it's different to put your a$$ where your mouth is.

Christopher1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

***That is, why is it ok for Sony fans to say "yeah I know the PC is more powerful and offers better graphics, but I choose to game on the PS4 for other reasons", yet it isn't ok for Xbox fans to say "yeah, I know the PS4 is more powerful, but I choose to game on the XB1 for other reasons"?***

Most sensible people have no problem with this.

But, what would you say to people who would say "PS4 graphics blow PC out of the water!"? You'd probably say no, that's not true, that's laughable, please don't post that type of stuff.

Well, when a publisher or a developer says the same thing about an XB1 or PS4 title and it turns out to be laughably false, do you not expect people to say the same thing?

So, it's not necessarily about people not recognizing that people have a preference, it's recognizing a lie and talking out against it.

Then again, you do have crazies on all sides of the fence who just say crazy stuff. Can't do anything about them.

maniacmayhem1658d ago


"That's right maniac, you keep on telling people what they are allowed to say."

Gawd you are boring. All you do is repeat the same nonsense to anyone whenever you feel threatened.

I don't care about the "___ Too" to even bother with your long winded explanation and continuity origin story. I caught you already pulling the same thing you rallied and screamed at others for doing. As I and many others have constantly caught you in your double standards and hypocrisy.

And I'll leave the long winded, bias, hate filled comments and blogs to you as you twist and distort every conversation into someone attacking you or trying to censor you.

No blogs from me Dragon, like I said I'll leave that for you. I enjoy the video games from all three gaming companies. I have no need to write heavy fisted, bias blogs that only seems to please the select few on here.

And I definitely don't need to constantly and wrongly accuse others of trying to censor, attack or any other false claims to hide how ignorant I truly am.

DragonKnight1658d ago

@Maniac: I could go into why everything you said is completely contradictory, but I'm simply going to spare myself the bother of that and address a few points.

First, I only accuse people of "censorship" if that's what they're guilty of. If you want to deny that you've told people what they SHOULD be writing about and you want to deny that you've whined about what people have written about because you don't want to see it, feel free to look through your own comment history to be proven wrong. I state a fact that you sit back, criticize people for what they say, make your own sarcastic/insulting/fanboyish comments, and won't put up or shut up because it's easy for you to be an armchair critic.

Secondly, if you don't care about the ____™ tag, then stop using it like a hypocrite.

And finally, get over yourself.

Good day.

Why o why1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

To all who may of replied.

Get this into your skulls. Gameplay, will always be one of the most important factors in gaming. Resolution isnt as important as framerate which are both less important than gameplay. Where have I ever said the opposite.

Where where your bleeding hearts last generation in the digital foundry and lens of truth articles telling the 360 crowd 'If they cared about graphics they would buy pcs' me

Bunch of goalpost shifting hypocrites. The minor differences last gen meant some used it as a plus point over the other console... it now , not a plus point? If so then why? I'm not saying ditch the eco system you've built....just stfu about performance vs the direct competitor, as those extra reasons to stay with a brand are obvious.

The original tank xbox was more capable than the ps2 but there was the whole 'games' and 'support' thing overwhelming in sonys favour. Show me a comparable costing pc where I can play halo, uncharted, forza, infamous tlou and pretty much 90 percent of the game of the years over the past 7 years...... that being said its kinda clear why some game on consoles exclusively. Its almost like the idiom of comparing apples to oranges escapes some people.

Some people love speed but cannot warrant the cost and upkeep of a truly fast car which the stronger pcs are.

Most people here have at some point gamed on pcs so most know the many issues the platform faces which console gamers dont; upgrades, compatibility, initial outlay, unfulfilling ports. Yes there are also advantages but why do you think n4g is highly populated with console gamers. Fluke...

If you'd read my recent history you'd see ive stated that the x1 crowd should just enjoy their games. Last gen, when the roles were reversed, 90 percent of the time multiplats were just as enjoyable. What we now have by some of you guys is this notion that the sony camp should not just react to the hypocrisy or act as stupid as the 360 camp did last gen. Good luck with that fellas......youve got a long 7 years ahead.

If none of the hypocrisy applies to you or you was in the 'df' and 'l o t' articles last gen speaking the same speak then take zero offence and give zero fcuks about my opinion from here on but dont defend the people it does apply to because it applies to many.

dantesparda1657d ago

I love how starchild tries to act like he's not a MS/X1 fanboy and instead is some pc gamer. All the MS fanboys like to play these games. Face it, your system is weak. Dont be mad at Sony fanboys, dont be mad at Sony, be mad at MS, they're responsible for it. Go Kinect!

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JodyCones1658d ago

Exactly. Better graphics are only a benefit, and make the experience better- and don't make a game worse. No one wishes their 1080p game was 720p.

T21658d ago

Framerate is very important indeed. Low framerate looks like crap and indeed can make some gamers feel ill or dizzy

SmielmaN1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Agreed. As a consumer I am paying a premium for a gaming device that I expect to utilize the $3000 HD tv w/1080p 120hz processor. If I didn't care about the graphically capabilities I could buy a Nintendo console. But in regards to the big 2 that are for hardcore gamers there is one very clear, and future ready, choice. The PS4.

I also seem to recall a whole lot of fanboy mud slinging in the early days of the PS3 when 360 mulitplats were looking/running better. Seemed to matter a whole lot then! Why the sudden change?

dantesparda1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

You know why, cuz they are losing now,...badly! Fanboys are phonies

Charybdis1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Well it certainly is in top three for the reasons as mentioned as above. Others 2 reasons I suppose are which games (exclusives) are available matching your preferences and finally which consoles do your friends (family) have/preffer.

Additional factors forming the value perception such as its features/functionalities and pricing are the things which further help consumers with their decision.

In the end its up to the person to decide if they want a (next gen) console pc or simply want to wait before spending their money.

AngelicIceDiamond1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I disagree with the article.

most of last gen frames we'rent talked about or in discussion amongst console gamers. Resolution was an off an on topic.

It was mostly graphics and presentation was the center piece of discussions.

Only as the gen went on the consoles start to age and get better. Uncharted 3, The Last Of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Alan Wake and Gears Of War 3 was a hint that graphics and presentation weren't gonna be the center piece of discussion come next gen we knew the graphic were gonna get better.


When more PC cross console games started releasing we were told "the PC will be 1080/60 with full scaled maps, environment and best graphics possible etc.

While console are stuck at jumpy 30 frames, sub HD, downsized environments/maps, mid to low graphics and missing features.

Naturally, we were expecting next gen to provide those things. Next gen will achieve 1080/60.

I know I mentioned other things but the point is. Yes 1080p 60 frames for next gen console owners matter. And it matters allot.

he does make a point here: "What people SHOULD be complaining about is if a game is unplayable. Look at Battlefield 4 for example. Its resolution was ultimately a non-issue because a lot of people had problems even running it. People were justifiably mad over that and soon forgot their little debate about how it ran at a lower resolution on the Xbox One (neither version actually ran at 1080p)."

Stuff like frames and res weren't even a topic with Bf due to its near broken state. true neither console was 1080p but were 60 frames.

He does have a point but at the same time, that's beside the point also.

A broken game is a broken game but what I'm talking about is a game that's not broken for starters. But a game that's AAA that'e expected to look nice and feel nice from every angle.

crisp 1080p smooth 60 frames is expected for console owners now.

MightyNoX1658d ago

I agree with what you've said but it could have been simplified thusly:

If an exclusive game offers me an experience like no other, I can put up with a lower res and/or frame rate.

If I can get a better performance for my multiplats for a CHEAPER price, what possible reason for me to throw away $100? Am I supposed to hate my money THAT much?

OCEANGROWNKUSH1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

I have a 50" TV and a PS4, now i was playing Assassins Creed 4 from launch, and this game was originally running at 900p if i'm not mistaken. After the patch which bought the resolution up to 1080p i noticed a world of difference, the foliage and textures looked alot crisper, less jaggies, draw distance increased, and overall the game just looked BETTER. This isn't a figment of my imagination, i saw first hand the difference resolution made. With that said 720p is simply a last generation resolution, i had already been sick of all my games running at such a low resolution on my beautiful big screen TV for quite some time so as far as IM concerned it is unacceptable with a next gen console.

Lets get dirty for a second, were talking about a game like CALL OF DUTY, a game running on an ancient engine, without a doubt a straight up last gen game is running at 720p on the Xbox One... WHY?! HOW?! There is NO excuse for not being able to run this hideous, old looking game at a higher resolution on a "next gen" console, especially for a brand that touts this multiplatform game as if its an exclusive. What does this say for the future of the console?? Not seeming very promising now is it? Titanfall is another game, as excited as i am for it, it simply does not look that great visually, and after playing some of the beta it really just feels like call of duty with robots thrown in the mix... I'm just thinking out loud here, but this is how i feel about the situation, and frankly it just cements how i have felt about how MS runs their gaming division. Had they spent the time and money they WASTED with kinect, and put it into the hardware then they wouldn't be in this position, and it's disappointing to me because there are games coming in the future i would be interested in, but i could never justify spending nearly $700 (console+gold+game+tax) on a half-assed, rushed attempt at a next generation console... Especially with the main attraction (Titanfall) coming to PC and 360, both platforms already in my home.

Baccra171658d ago

If PS4 was the pathetically weaker system here, you wouldn't see articles like this. It would be crucified and that would be that. But since it's the Xbone in trouble, here comes all these articles about how frame rates and power and resolution don't matter.

Finally the red headed step child of gaming, Sony, gets a leg up and no one will let him keep it. Typical.

frostypants1658d ago

But framerate and resolution are only part of graphical output. Would you prefer watered down effects and textures in order to hit a higher fps and resolution?

ovnipc1658d ago

Yes they do. If i spend hundres of dollars in new consoles in 2013 i expect to be able to run games at 1080p 60fps and this its a standard that in 3 or 4 years will be old when tv at 4k become the standard. They invested 1billion researching in a new console Nd cant get it right come on.

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Majin-vegeta1658d ago

They sure as hell mattered last gen when the 360 would run at a better rate than the PS3. Fast forward to today and now that the PS4 is stomping grounds with every multiplat titles it doesn't matter???

IanVanCheese1658d ago

people like to justify their choice. Just be happy with getting what you wanted to get. Fuck what anyone else buys.

TransientDreamer1658d ago

Your attributing a fanboy angle to the article when there is none. Stay on topic.

Hicken1658d ago

There most certainly IS a fanboy angle. And it's heavily related to exactly what Vegeta said.

Nobody was writing articles like these last gen, when Xbox fans here and around the internet were touting their few more pixels. It can't be a coincidence that so many articles like this are popping up now that the shoe is on the other foot.

TwistingWords1658d ago

That's not true...

Most previous gen console gamers (especially on N4G) said 30fps was more than adequate and didn't make much difference and was also good for "artistic direction" for some games.

Pretty sure also that someone made a blog pre release to the Xbone and PS4 that 30fps was okay and fine and 60fps means nothing.

ABizzel11658d ago


That was because 30fps was the expected norm. at the time, and generally the most developer could do with the consoles without sacrificing some other component.

With these being new consoles, a jump in technology should mean a jump in performance. And with 720p @ 30fps being the go to standard last-gen, 1080p @ 60fps would seem like the logical upgrade. These consoles won't hit that all the time, and probably most of the time, but when purchasing a new console you expect evolutions in all aspects of the games from gameplay, graphics, tech, etc...

Resolution and FPS shouldn't be the end all of gaming, but they do matter especially fps. If you can run the same game at 30fps and 60fps, without taking a hit why wouldn't you choose 60fps for the smoother experience.

The purpose of new hardware is better performance, and allowing developers better tools to create the games they envision. Performance is just as important, or there would never be a reason to upgrade your console/PC.

TwistingWords1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Tech advances and 60fps matters and 1080p matters, I never said it didn't... i.e. Xbone is far less superior for the foreseeable future to the PS4, if that's what you wanted only to really read.

But PC gamers can play at 60fps and 1600p resolution now, but that doesn't matter still according to comments on N4G when a PC gamer mentions anything to do with resolution, not to mention BF4 runs at 900p which is much superior to the Xbone version, but then next second 900p is soooo last gen because the xbone version runs at 900p and the PS4 version at 1080p.

Until the next gen consoles can play 60fps and 1600p then it will matter.

People need to stick their prerogatives.

ABizzel11658d ago


I never said you didn't say tech didn't matter.

Only the first part of my comment was aimed at you. The rest was about the topic. But since you've brought PC into the mix, let's go there.

Regarding PC, again it depends on the hardware you have. Many people on here claim to have high-end PC's then you look at their comments a day later, and they're complaining about buying a game at $60. #MakesNoSenseToMe

PC's scale to the hardware you have. Console's don't. So while you can easily swap out a GPU and get better performance on your PC. The XBO and PS4 don't have that luxury. So let's use Tomb Raider as an example. Let's say all versions are currently the Definitive version.

PS360: 720p @ 30fps, low settings
XBO: 1080p @ 30fps, High / Ultra settings
PS4: 1080p @ 60fps, High / Ultra settings
Max PC: 4k @ 60+ fps, Ultra settings

If you have the PC to run a game in 2k or 4k or a multi-monitor set-up then good for you, you have the best tech in gaming right now. But that doesn't take away from the fact that the same game still runs on PS4, XBO, and PS360 which is the point this article is trying to make, as well as many XBO fans.

That being said a gamer who has the option between those 4 platforms has little reason to go with anything besides the PC version since it's best playable version. It'll look the best on PC, and it never drops below 60fps on PC.

The next person doesn't want to get into PC gaming, but wants to play Tomb Raider. He has a PS4 and XBO. Which version would you recommend?

The final person is looking for a console to play the new Tomb Raider on. He mainly plays multiplatform games, which console do you recommend to him first?

That's where the problem comes in for XBO. There's nothing inherently wrong with it, but it comes to gaming the PS4 is simply the superior hardware, and will produce better versions of games. If you have a PC to outperform both consoles then you're obviously buying most of your multiplat games on there, and if not then PS4, if not then XBO, if not then PS360. Strictly hardware wise.

TwistingWords1658d ago


Oh, you misconstrued my comments as a reasoning for starting a worthless feckless debate.

This is the internet son, you state your facts and opinions and leave it at that and don't ask questions, the art of rhetoric.

But play what you want, on any console you want, I'm not you and you are not me or the other person who plays on a PC or a console, don't rope me into that debate I stated my opinions without question, don't implore me to get into petty squabbles.

webeblazing1658d ago

think you Twist they are not going to see your point. most of the gamers on this site are blind fanboys. they only care about frame rate and resolution because its a new pissing contest. last gen nobody cares even when games ran lower than 720p or even lower than 30fps. when pc gamers stated just to spread knowledge about the perks or did it to shut the MS fanboys, gamers on this site said it didnt matter. but now it matter, i wonder why? instead of being humble they switched roles.

now they saying 1440p and above dont matte. they said mmos are corny. people even said planetside 2 look corny, but now their singing another tune since its announced on their console of choice.

when you pay for a new console your paying for the games and an upgrade in hardware. just because a console is not as strong as the next doesnt really mean its not a next gen console. ms was dumb to focus on their came and it cost them.

let me ask you this if sony launched the ps4 with similar hardware as xbone what would yall say? if both console was struggling with playing games at 1080p and 60fps or even 1080p and 30fps, what would yall say? most likely nothing yall would still be downplaying everything that doesnt make your console of choice seem like the savoir of gaming. people would praise 1080p but down play +60fps and resolution over 1080p. downplay VR and gfx effect that consoles cant handle.

its the same thing every gen. fanboys will always find something to fight over. they dont really care about gaming progressing unless their platform is leading the way

ABizzel11658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )


Go through my 5000+ comment history and show me 1 time where I ever said resolution and framerate don't matter.

I'll save you time, you can't. I've been gaming on PC since last-gen, and as I said fps Matters, resolution matters somewhat. You're wasting your time coming at me with anything about hardware.

If the PS4 and XBO were the same hardware, there would be no argument, besides the fact that the XBO is still $100 more because of Kinect. You couldn't argue one console was more powerful than the other, because they're the same hardware.

Would fanboys care, NO, because there's little to argue about, then it would go to exclusives and which is the better service just for arguments sakes. The problem is outside of the hypothetical world and back to the real world the PS4 is more powerful than the XBO, and if you want the best console gaming experience then the PS4 is it when it comes to multiplats PERIOD.

And if the shoe was on the other foot and the XBO was more powerful and cost $500 and the PS4 was weaker and cost $400 it would make more sense because of the hardware difference. And if it was the exact same situation and the XBO was $400 and more powerful, and the PS4 was $500 and weaker then I would be right here saying that the XBO is the more powerful console, and the one gamers should be getting first since it's the better deal (price : performance) and most games will run better on it.

No one was saying MMO's were corny because PS3 was getting them. No said Planetside 2 was corny because from my experience console gamers generally don't much about PC games.

"just because a console is not as strong as the next doesnt really mean its not a next gen console."

Again go through my 5000+ comment history and show me where I ever said the XBO wasn't next-gen.

Again you can't. All the Extraness and fanboy slinging is for what? If you know the XBO is the weaker console accept it and move on. If it's for you and what you want to play on good for you. If the PS4 is what you want to play on good for you. If the PC is what you want to play on good for you. If Wii U is what you want to play on good for you. If you're fine with your PS360 good for you.

But don't get upset, downplay, and call people fanboys for STATING FACTS. The PS4 is the more powerful console if that doesn't matter to you fine move along. If it bothers don't get mad a someone stating the truth, be mad at MS. My point was to show why resolution and FPS do matter, and in the case of @Twisting to show why 720p and 30fps were expected last gen.

N4G needs to make comment sections blocked to people who don't have a valid gamer ID posted up for the platform tagged in the articles. That way it can eliminate the majority of the fanboys on here from ever showing up in the comment sections.

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AngelicIceDiamond1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

@Majin Neither current gen console was hitting 1080/60 at the beginning.

Later All CODS was 60 frames. A handful of games were 720p last gen mostly exclusive titles. Frames lol devs didn't even bother messing with frames unless it was COD every other game was either a really jumpy 30 frames or devs just set some random frame number.

While PC was getting all the glory (as expected current gen is weaker)

@Majin The discussion wasn't even comparing the two consoles its ust talking about 1080/60 in general.

Your unprompted reaction to suddenly turn this into a console VS console is pretty bad considering when the article is not demanding that.

Please lets not start that.

Audiggity1658d ago

Thank you for saving keystrokes,

I was just about to post a massive comment about how everything on N4G still devolves into an immature console war.

WHO THE &%&^ CARES?! If you want an Xbox get it, if you want a PS get it, if you have the money to build a technologically superior PC, by all means, get it.

It doesn't matter. NONE OF YOUR COMMENTS about which console is better will ever matter. It will never change anyone's mind. No publishers will ever read them. No hardware manufacturers will ever cut you a check for supporting them. Your loyalty flame wars exist only here, and serve no purpose.

The claim that resolution and FPS doesn't matter is idiotic. Of course it matters. If it didn't matter we would all be happily playing on standard definition sets. 4K wouldn't be a thing. There would have never been a need for next gen consoles.

I get that 'graphics aren't everything'... but they sure do help if they happen to be layered on top of a high quality game. I play a bunch of indie titles with intentionally low res/low detail gfx... they are great. But there is a reason why they are $5 - $10 also.

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IanVanCheese1658d ago

It matters, but it's not the biggest factor. Exclusive games, the controller and the online network matter more to me and that's why I'm on the Xbox One.

Of course I wish the Xbone was as powerful as the PS4, but I'll take lower framerate and halo/titanfall/quantum break/sunset overdrive/gears over a higher framerate/resolution anyday.

I'll get a PS4 when I see some exclusives that interest me. Infamous is the first tempting one, looks great. A couple more and they'll have my money too.

-Foxtrot1658d ago

Course it matters, your just giving devs an excuse to be lazy....especialy on new consoles

They have been moaning for years for better specs...well now they have them.

TransientDreamer1658d ago

It's an insult to call these developers lazy when it's well-known that they work 40+ hours a week and hardly see their families when they're crunching on a game. This has been documented.

You can do better than that.

king_george1658d ago

Some devs are lazy tho..... i doubt they're all hard workers ya know? Besides, i dont think thats what foxtrot meant by his comment. Atleast thats not what i got from it

TransientDreamer1658d ago

Yet there is nothing to back that up.

king_george1658d ago


Theres really nothing to back up the opposite either.... so... yeah. If u can somehow prove to me that every single developer in the world is a hard worker then i'll stand corrected good sir. In the mean time i'll just stick to my crazy theory that some devs are a bit on the lazy side. Not ALL but SOME

-Foxtrot1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Yes because every developer out there works 40+ hours a week. Even if they did and your doing the bare minim it's not like you'd go home earlier because you'd get more money for staying in doing less work.

If I was at work and there's was NOTHING to do and I could go home early I wouldn't. I'd rather just hang around until my shifts actually up so I get paid more because I would be being paid for nothing. Not my fault I've done everything and the shop is dead that week, I want to be paid fully.

"This has been documented" they are going to come out and say

"Yeah it's pretty easy we don't really do much, we work here and there then play beer pong for the rest of our shifts."

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deadfrag1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Yes some developers are lazy but most of the time the problems come from the publisher that puts stress on development,also they are not miracle makers if the hardware is underpower or comes expressed in some alien new format.To make juice we need handwork and tools to go along.

Audiggity1658d ago

Industry insiders over here!

chrissx1658d ago

So because xbone has the weaker framerates and resolutions it shoudnt matter? Lol. It matters a lot because this is money people are spending