Treyarch Working On A New Call Of Duty: Ghosts Wii U Update

A new update is going to be released soon for the Wii U version of Call Of Duty: Ghosts

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gpturbo81969d ago

fix the operations menu please.

imXify969d ago

For your info, Treyarch ports every Wii/WiiU of CoD games.

Master-H969d ago

Treyarch ?, best stay clear of the sniper rifles Von..


wish they alone would handle the series, they are the A team, their net code is better, multiplayer maps and dlcs are better,

NightStalker33969d ago

And color. Their games actually have color outside of gray and brown.

wonderfulmonkeyman969d ago

Good lord, FINALLY!
I was wondering if they had cut and run early on the Wii U version...

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