Loadout - As We Play I Expansive DLC

2014 will unquestionably see a more-considered movement toward the F2P game becoming a mainstay in the household. Titles like Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, War Thunder, World of Tanks amongst others are already hugely successful and enjoying high figures of active users.

Naturally, success breeds emulation, duplication and multiplication. And just a few weeks into the year, the first major attempt at infiltrating that market has already reared its head. Edge of Reality feel confident that Loadout is ready to move out of Early Access, officially launching the game today.

This F2P hits hard and early with outrageous characterisation, immensely generous flexibility and ferocious violence. But after a few hours of play, we have serious concerns as to whether this is really ready for public consumption. Despite the fantastic ideas engineering it, Loadout struggles to handle its core business: Online multiplayer.

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