Why You Shouldn’t “Ditch” Your PS3

Rich of Richie D Rants writes:

"There are emails going around from Microsoft that state if you bring in your PS3, then you will receive $100 off the price of an Xbox One. To some this may seem like an excellent idea. You trade in an old system for one hundred bucks and you can upgrade to newer hardware for a cheaper price. Well hold on right there fellow gamer, I’m here to tell you why you should not make that deal with Microsoft."

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Kingthrash3601629d ago

yeah that ps+ deal in february is gunna give me $100 bucks worth of games, imo trading in a ps3 for a ps4 or x1 isnt worth the trade value...ps3 still dominates my living ps4 a close second.

darthv721628d ago

I wouldnt ditch the PS3 or the 360. Yet if I had a spare, then why not use that spare as a down payment towards a next gen console?

There are people with multiple PS3's just as there are with multiple 360's. Its not like you are really going to miss 1 of them when you trade it in. For some, they may not have the full price in $ but being able to trade in a system to assist in buying, yeah that can work for those who are interested.

SoapShoes1628d ago

You can sell it for more on Craigslist anyway...

joel_c171628d ago

Yep you would be pretty stupid to ditch your ps3 with psn+ being so awesome

Magicite1628d ago

I wont ditch my PS3 until I have played all PS3 exclusives, which I havent yet and that will take a while...

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JohnnyTower1629d ago

No way am I ditching my PS3. Its the only console I own that will actually play 3D Bluray other than my PC.

Negative771629d ago

Wow the junk keeps piling in....

corvusmd1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

How about everyone go back to making their own decisions based on what is fun for them instead of turning gaming into a dictatorship. My only suggestion is that you listen to no one but yourself, sit back and look at which system has the GAMES you like. Each system has their own advantages, but nothing that beats playing the games you like...the other differences are typically mild (unless you love playing online).

If you can ONLY get one, get the one with games you like...then later if the other racks up games you like, try to get that one too. Picking a side doesn't benefit keep a healthy competition.

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The story is too old to be commented.