Prices for PS4 Go Up in South Africa

The distributor of Sony Entertainment products in SA, Ster Kinekor Entertainment has declared that PlayStation 4 will be sold at higher prices.

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theRell1360d ago

Proud to be an American.

TomShoe1360d ago

Before people start posting:

This price increase is likely because of high taxes and the unstable Rand (South African currency).

Blame your government, not Sony.

ShaunCameron1360d ago

Yeah. Here in Canada, or least in Quebec people have to pay some Enviro-tax on top of the final retail price.

Alex_Boro1360d ago

PS4 goes up in price by $5; everyone goes ape shit. PS4's price goes up in Africa; dead silence.

rdgneoz31360d ago ShowReplies(2)
Lazybutt1360d ago

Yeah it's pretty messed up down here. -__-

Palitera1360d ago

609,85 USD for the stand alone version.

Not all that expensive if you consider importing taxes and shipment.