Does the DualShock 4 need a quality and design revision

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: Let’s face it, the PlayStation 4 console is a major powerhouse when it comes to gaming; however, the DualShock 4 seems to be getting a lot of criticism lately. The battery life is shocking, the analogue sticks can’t seem to handle vigorous gaming sessions, and the L1 & R1 buttons tend to feel like they have a piece of bubble gum slotted in behind them.

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ape0071605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

the ps4 is a huge improvement over DS3 but i have one problem.....the analogue position, the position make pressing R2 and L2 a bit awkward, xbox one and 360 stick position goes very well with the trigger position,other than that, the ps4 controller is awesome and sticks accuracy is spot on

again no fanboy attempt, i love my ps4 more than X1 at the moment

Dlacy13g1605d ago

I think this article is more about the build quality & materials along with the always on glow light bar vs the actual design / layout.

ape0071605d ago

yep i know but i don't have problem with that, i think the build quality is great

erathaol1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

From what I hear it would be nice if they made a v2 somewhere down the road. Mostly people wanting a meatier battery.

That way it lasts longer and it'll give the controller a little more weight, people say it could be a little heavier.


No FanS Land1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

honestly I don't have a problem with the battery life, Owned a PS4 since launch day and I laughed when I held the DS4 for the first time, way better than DS3.
I honestly don't understand why sony would bundle the PSVITA TV with the DS3.

the DS4 does not need a redesign, its build quality is much stiffer than the DS3. the Ps3's controller feels like it's going to snap in half when you hold it tightly, you can hear it squeeze.

truefan11605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

All I'm going to say is at the time of this post, there was not one XB1 fan on this article spewing nonsense about the ps4 controller or trollishly (a new word) comparing the XB1 controller to the ps4 controller. Would I be able to say the same i this was an xbox article? I only commented to point this out, proceed with your conversation.

frostypants1605d ago

Just buy these if the sticks start to come apart:

XtraTrstrL1605d ago

@frostypants, I'm using the Grip-Its for my pair of DS4s right now. They're pretty good, but it'd be nice to have some made specifically for DS4 so it fits the indented design a bit better, but not a big deal, they serve their purpose in general.

All they need to do if they make a V2 to the DS4s is install a larger battery(2000+ mAh) and a better material for the analog sticks.

Ontop of the Grip-Its, I also ordered from eBay 2x 2000 mAh 3.65v batteries made specifically for the DS4. I haven't received them yet, but before I found those I ordered a 1800mAh 3.7v (bastards sent a 1200mAh) from Amazon that was made for DS3 that I was gonna use in the DS4, and instead I put it in one of my DS3s, and it has been at 3 bars for a while. When the other batteries come, and I switch out the DS4 batteries, I'll use one of those DS4 1000mAhs in my other DS3. And as long as none are duds, that'll answer all my DS4 issues for the moment.

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AcceptedWalnut1605d ago

I'm still getting cramp like I did with the DS3 when having to use L2 or R2 a lot in games (mainly Warframe)which is quite annoying as I thought the new design would reduce it.

The DS4, quality wise for me though has been perfect.

Retard1605d ago

*Battery life
*LED Options
*Better vulcanized rubber knobs

BoriboyShoGUN1605d ago

The only thing I have noticed is that my left stick is getting a little slick. What do you guys think of (rhino lining) that sucker???? But I did just see some rubber grip thingys on Amazon with great reviews so i guess i'll go that route :)

Knushwood Butt1605d ago

@ No Fan

The DS3 is cheaper for them to manufacture, and therefore more profitable.

I just actually reserved a blue DS4 (in Japan) to use with my Vita TV in the hope that it gets a compatibility patch (which I'm almost certain it will). The DS3 that I'm currently using with my Vita TV is a little bit screwy.

ThunderPulse1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

I've had 4 Dual Shock 4's all have the left side hinge break inside the R2 button which causes the button to stick which requires manual pushing to the normal R2 position. I'm getting really irritated having to keep getting it replaced at Wal-Mart for defects.

liquidhalos1605d ago

You broke 4 DS4's already? im sorry but i find that hard to believe, unless you throw them around in tantrums. I call lie

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xJumpManx1605d ago

My only issue with the ps4 pad is the atrocious battery life.

Snookies121605d ago

Is it really that bad? I haven't had a chance to use one yet, but I know the DS3 lasts a good while on a full charge.

Septic1605d ago

Yeah trust me, buy more than one controller because if you only have one, it will be tethered to the console for most of the time like mine is. The longevity isnt good enough at all to be fair.

BattleTorn1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

The DS3 last much longer than the DS4, atm.

People report varying battery life of DS4s. Though I believe generally they last 4-6hours.

For me, that means 1 swap per night, sometimes not though.

I really like my licensed PowerA charging station.

TomShoe1605d ago

How does everybody get 4-6 hours at a time to game? I feel so inadequate T_T

Aceman181605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

actually for me I believe I got 8hrs out of mine. I just play until I get the message to recharge it.

I return having AC Black Flag for a good 8 straight hours, and it was still working even when it had no bars.

other than that I love the build and feel of it. the sticks material hasn't been an issue for me yet.

minimur121605d ago

What I've done, is sometimes when I play my PS3 I've been using my DS4 controller, so while I'm doing that the DS4 is obviously tethered to the console. charging it :)

but then again, I keep my console at my desk, this may be a bit problematic for those who have theirs at the front tv :p
DS4 works on Heavenly Sword and also FF 13-2 (I hope it works on LR: FF13!)

NeoTribe1605d ago

Its atleast half the life of the ds3. Not personally a prob for me because i have extras charging at all times, but if i only had one it would get annoying. Last one long gaming session if your lucky, while my ds3 could go two long sessions.

liquidhalos1605d ago

I get around 7 hours gaming on 1 charge. At first i found it incredibly annoying, but now im in the habbit of putting it on charge every night. But yeah battery could do with being beefed up some

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this is true. even though i have a few 6 foot USB's at home, thats definitely not what this is about.
the thumbsticks also need to be made of a new material, no 2 ways about it.

PS4 is a near perfect console in itself, but it has a few small issues here and there.

yezz1605d ago

Yeah, it's more of a mental thing for me than a actual problem. It has never been a real problem because I hardly ever play for 6h straight and I put the controller charging every time I have finished.

Still, just the thought of how many days I could play with the DS3 without charging reminds me that the battery life should be better..

BoriboyShoGUN1605d ago

I have yet to see my battery even get low. I guess I just haven't put hours and hours on end like I would of back in the day. I just play for a few and sit it back in the charging station. I haven't even used the second controller yet.

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jacksjus1605d ago

I personally think the DS4 is phenomenal. I'll accept being in the minority on this one.

sashimi1605d ago

i agree with you, sure it doesn't last as long as my DS3 but thats about it. I also haven't noticed any of the wear and tear people have mentioned tho.

zeee1605d ago

I'm with you but I think I also agree that the battery is not as good as ds3 and the light is annoying.

Riderz13371605d ago

You aren't in the minority. Many people have been saying it's the best controller they've ever used design wise, it's just the quality of things like the sticks that are hurting it.

Design wise? No, don't change it.

Quality Wise? Yes, change some things so they last longer.

Lord_Sloth1605d ago

I have to wait for Chrono Phantasma so I can put it through it's paces but so far I think it's great. XXXD

jcnba281605d ago


Improve the battery and remove the annoying and pointless move light.

MrSwankSinatra1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

rubber on the thubsticks, battery life and the triggers need to be re-engineered. the triggers feel like your're pressing marshmallows exactly like the ps3 controller, the rubber on the sticks is already coming off my controller and the battery life is a joke. on the PS3 the battery life lasted way longer.

Hicken1605d ago

The thumbstick issue seems to be... random, at best. Some people experience it with little usage, some don't experience it after heavy usage.

L2/R2 do not feel like the DS3. They're not as good as the DS2, but they ARE an improvement over the DS3.

And while the battery life may not be as phenomenal as the DS3(I could go 10+ hours on a single charge, easy), it's not atrocious.

Being a little melodramatic here.

MrSwankSinatra1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )

dude you obviously don't know the definition of melodramatic. the article asks does the DS4 need revisions and i'm putting my two cents. the battery life is a joke i don't care what you're experience with the battery life, the general consensus agrees with me hence why they're telling sony to make a function to turn the light bar off to save battery life. the L2/R2 do in FACT feel like the DS3 triggers. that's not an opinion it's a FACT. anyone with half a brain can see that. sure the triggers are more ergonomic but that's all i'll give it. An the sticks need to be engineered with different rubber just because based of you experience you haven't had the same problem "MANY" have had doesn't make it okay by any stretch. if you don't like what i have to say do yourself a favor and disagree or don't comment at all, because i don't have the time to read your bullcrap excuses.

yezz1605d ago


I agree with the battery life but the triggers are not similar with the DS3 ones..

BoriboyShoGUN1605d ago

The only thing swank is that LED doesn't draw that much power!! Dimming the LED is not going to give u anymore time. I myself have not had a battery issues, I just play for a few hours and sit the controller back in the charging station. As far as the sticks go, I have noticed my left stick is losing grip and getting a little slick, and I baby that mofo. I was thinking (rhino lining) the sticks but I just saw some grips an Amazon with great reviews for cheap so I guess i'll go that route ;)

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