Evolve Seems Like A Glorious, Terrifying Masterpiece

Justin from Pixel Gate writes:

I don’t usually allow myself to get too hyped up on a game. It generally leads to me being really bitter about the end product (Colonial Marines, Too Human, etc). However, there’s something about Evolve’s concept, and idea that makes me want to hype it up, but also in the back of mind I have a feeling it will be phenomenal.

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AnEwGuY1577d ago

I just hate that so many new games don't have a true SP experience, but instead are going some hybrid that is supposedly a "better experience" when played with others, or have the "story" built into a MP-only experience, like Titanfall. I'm still on the fence about Destiny, because I've got a feeling they're being dodgy about the SP portion of the game, because it's limited in scope/content somehow.

mewhy321577d ago

Well all I can say that when this game releases on console I hope that it will push BOTH PS4 and the bone to the limits and not dumb one down for the other.

AnEwGuY1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

You either didn't read, or failed to comprehend my comment. And the info in the link you provided is FAR less than what was disclosed in the new GameInformer. The SP in Evolve will be similar to what TR did with L4D, with A.I. handling the other hunters and even the monster. But the game has no SP story/campaign ; it's just a series of mini survival scenarios.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

See Borderlands. The PERFECT mix of online multiplayer driven experience.

@AnEwGuY you're right, but to me it does look fun, and the 4 (or is it) VS.1 dynamic could be super fun, either ganging up on the monster with friends or being the monster itself with well... monstrous power and evolving and becoming even more monstrous taking out the team one by one.

My question is, if you are on the team and are killed off early, how does that play out? are you relegated to a purely voyeuristic experience or will you have some sort of meaningful input from the sidelines?

AnEwGuY1577d ago

I agree...and this will be NOTHING like Borderlands.

Flipgeneral1577d ago

After reading into Evolve on gameinformer, im really excited for this release. I just need to get my friends to upgrade to PS4...

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Grave1577d ago

Evolve looks great. The Game Informer coverage was awesome.

Flipgeneral1577d ago

Definitely. I have my eye on this now. I hope it turns out to be a blast

Audiggity1577d ago

Innovation FTW... I love the idea of a few vs. many approach in a new environment/concept.

I still have an idea kicking around in my brain for a totally dynamic, small environment 1v1 or 2v2 FPS. Possibly even a 3rd person mode. Win I win the lottery or come into a massive influx of cash, I will make it happen. Until then, I'll enjoy Evolve.

Faztkiller1577d ago

I'm really excited about this game really like the concept. Now my friends need to hurry up and get a PS4

SoulSercher6201577d ago

I'm glad so many people are interested in this now. Huge turnaround from the day almost everyone completely shot this game down without knowing what the game was even about.