Prediction on Wii U outselling the PS4 and Xbox One Was So Wrong

GotGame: (J. Weinblatt) - So… you know how analysts like Michael Pachter will make a bold and very wrong prediction, and then just whistle and look to the side when they’re called on it? Well, I get that feeling. I’d be pretty happy to let the article I wrote earlier this year fade into oblivion. However, seeing as how I would have been a huge jack*** about it if I had actually been correct, it’s time to face the music. I was wrong. Really wrong.

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RyanRBates1662d ago

LOL, yeah you were a tad off of that prediction dude.

erathaol1662d ago

I'm a happy he's honest about it. Good to see a journalist come out and talk about his previous mistake(s).

Magicite1662d ago

I give PS4 1 month starting from today to outsell WiiU lifetime sales.

1662d ago
DanielGearSolid1662d ago

Atleast you address your wrongNess lol

In other news I want that shirt!

cyguration1662d ago

But the Wii U is still outselling the Xbox One according to the install base numbers.

Hicken1662d ago

It's not outselling it. It has just sold more, lifetime to date.

Outselling means to sell faster. Since launch, both the PS4 and XB1 have outsold the Wii U.

But the Wii U has still sold more, total, than its competition has. That probably won't last through the rest of the year, though... likely, that'll change before summer.

NYC_Gamer1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Where at?Wii U only has more lifetime sales due to being on the market longer..X1 at this current selling rate will eat up that amount of units sold in half the time.

LOL_WUT1662d ago

Tell that to 3rd party developers ;)

RPG_Lover1661d ago

Who cares, first party games for Nintendo are better than any third party game.

GraveLord1662d ago

Did you not see Wii U's huge sales drop from December to January? It was HUGE and a sign of things to come.

cyguration1662d ago

January's numbers aren't out yet.

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