Sony on 'Driveclub' delay: 'No point in it coming out and half doing that job'

Among the many, many titles that have been delayed over the last three months is Driveclub, and like the rest of the games that were pushed back, it simply wasn't ready for launch last November.

While delays are always tough to endure for fans, they ultimately end up benefiting them the most. Recently, Sony's Fergal Gara talked about the delay, why the company made the decision to push it back and their remaining hopes for Driveclub.

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xHeavYx1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Exactly, why release a game half finished just to have it in time for launch?
Can't wait to play a real next gen driving game

Ghost_of_Tsushima1411d ago

Why announce it as a launch title knowing it was half finished? C'mon Sony you should at least have a solid release date by now.

xHeavYx1411d ago

Uh... What? You know games get delayed, right?

-Foxtrot1411d ago

Not as bad as the WatchDogs delay....that game was announced way before DriveClub and that might not be released untill May or June.

ZodTheRipper1411d ago

No delay is bad, not even the Watch Dogs one. I'm glad when developers are getting the time they need to finish their creative vision and polish their game.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1411d ago


Sony obviously knew the state it was in when announcing it as a launch title in the first place. Just saying.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1411d ago

@above replies

I didn't say a delay is bad. I'm very happy they delayed it because it looks better every time we see it. What I am saying is I'm sure Sony knew this game needed more time from the beginning and they shouldn't have ever announced it as a launch title. It's just torture waiting on this amazing game! Lol

mewhy321411d ago

I commend them on holding back the release of this game to make sure it's the best it can be before release. Anyone remember BF4??????? Ummmmm yeah I think I'll wait.

Hicken1411d ago

... pretty certain they wouldn't have announced it as a launch title if they thought it was going to be delayed. Not sure what makes you think they KNEW it would have to be released late.

stuna11411d ago

The game would still be considered to be launching within the launch window, which is 6 to 9 months of the consoles release.

amiga-man1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I'm eagerly awaiting this game, as disappointed as I was hearing about it's delay I really am pleased to know the game will be the finished article when it is released,

a few more months could make all the difference from it being an ok game to it being a great game, I want the great version so am happy to wait.

izumo_lee1411d ago

The game was probably ready at 30 fps, however with all the talk going around lately and Evolution hoping for 60 fps both Sony & Evolution decided to delay it.

If they can achieve 60 fps and still looking the way it does it is win win for everyone.

DialgaMarine1411d ago

Delay sounds like a much better plan than releasing a title with content than it's predecessor, at full price no less, and then expecting people to spend boatloads more money on the rest of the content down the road via DLC.

Army_of_Darkness1411d ago

I am soooooo glad they delayed drive club because it's starting to look much more promising and especially better looking considering my disappointment when I first saw the first batch of gameplay...
And knowing Sony and evolution studios with the 1080p @60fps momentum, I'm expecting drive club to be exactly just that when it finally releases.

GameSpawn1411d ago

Delays of a few months are not bad. (Drive Club / Watch Dogs)

Delays of a few years ARE bad. (Final Fantasy VS XIII aka Whatever the hell Square is going to call it next)

When a game gets teased and its possible release pushed back and back and back more it risks becoming Vaporware, a la Duke Nukem Forever (which FINALLY got pulled from the Vaporware category only to end up in the Shovelware one).

Fact of the matter is a developer shouldn't set a damn date unless they are 100% on hitting that exact date or 95% that they can land within a month of it. If neither of these are the case, then don't even mention the damn game much less a date, because you'll overfill the hype balloon and it'll pop long before the game even hits.

thejigisup1411d ago

I wish that games would be announced with anticipation that the game will be delayed about a year, then when they get delayed 6 months we still win and i dont suffer an anxiety attack.

denero11411d ago

I get what your saying and your most likely right I'm sure they knew ahead of time it wasn't ready but they had to put on a show to compete sad but that's how business works

shoddy1411d ago

Sony care for fair business

guitarded771411d ago

Why is The_Infected getting so many disagrees for making a reasonable statement? DriveClub was to be a launch title... a PS+ launch title. It's been months since the delay was announced, there should be a release date by now. It makes me question the overall initial quality of the game... how are you gonna get months of time after having a firm release date, and still not have a real launch window? I think someone screwed the pooch at Evolution.

iceman061411d ago

Even the best "finished" games could always be made better with time and polish. I believe that a couple of things were happening. Firstly, they were rushing to meet a deadline and were probably ready to meet it...but at what cost? It's a brand new IP that needs to shine in order to flourish. Plus, they were probably still coming to grips with the tools that the PS4 has to offer. They have spoken many times about learning a new or better way to do things (during this delay). So, in the end, Sony anticipated it to be a launch title but when there was a hint that it could be improved by some more dev time, Sony was on board. Remember, Sony still has the "can't afford to screw up anything" mentality that came from the troubles with the PS3. This is all good simply because a better game means better reception and ultimately a better chance at success.

kayoss1410d ago

Have you heard the game the last guardian?

abstractel1410d ago

I partly agree with The_Infected on this one. If the rumors are true and the game isn't coming out until June, they should have known months before release that it wasn't on target with the quality they were aiming for. Driveclub's delay (and Watch Dogs) has really caused a drought and I'm annoyed that I have to wait until late march to get another true next-gen game.

I won't get an XB1 for Titanfall, I'll get it on PC, and for the fanboys out there I do feel that Sony has given MS a window here to sell a lot of consoles by having this drought of games.

I thought I'd be playing Driveclub in January, Infamous in February and the first third party next-gen games in March.

UltimateMaster1410d ago

Well, it was finished.
But then they decided to make it twice as big. ;)

On a serious note, they need to bring that game out soon. I'm guessing E3? I don't know.

combatcash1410d ago

I agree with The_Infected, why announce it if they know they're going to delay it. This isn't sony's first rodeo and I suppose we should expect this from them since they do this frequently but I'm not a fan of delays.

It would be nice if they at least gave us a demo to get a taste of the game.

Dee_911410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

I dont know.. I am kind of mixed on this one.A part of me wish that they would have announced less demanding games that would definitely stick to its release date, then announce those games that have been delayed when they where well into development. But then again I understand that this is a result of making such detailed games.Longer waits.I hope the wait will be worth it... I mean with all the delayed games not just DC.

FamilyGuy1410d ago

"what it wants to do with social features and really innovating in the driving genre"

This is one of the top reasons I'm so interested in DriveClub, the whole club aspect of it. It's basically having clans in a driving game and I haven't played any racing game like that before. It sounds great and I'm glad they didn't come out half delivering on that job because it would be a shame to try something new only to find that they half-assed the idea/concept.

Seems like they're waiting for something like a PS4 update or something to do with PSN or Sonys servers. They want to social integration to be perfect and the PS4 might not be ready yet.
The game is already visually stunning so it has to be something else.

CrillyEdd1410d ago

Haha all these disagrees. Can't say anything about a sony game or else you get attacked.

andibandit1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

My god, reading these comments youd think a delay was the best thing that could happen.......lets delay all games, the longer the better

BX811410d ago

@ the infected
I agree. It applies to all companies really. If you know a game is behind then don't say it's going to come out just so people will want your console more. I personally like the devs who give updates as to where the project is at it's current state and where it's future is heading.

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lifeisgamesok1411d ago

Forza is great you should buy it

xHeavYx1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

In my opinion, Forza 5 is only "pretty cars", you can buy any previous Forza and get more content, but thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll stick to Gran Turismo and Driveclub for now

Ghost_of_Tsushima1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I played Forza 5 and didn't like it. Like XHeavYx said it's just pretty cars. The environment are awful. The whole game was downgraded from E3 and honestly it's probably the biggest downgrade I've ever seen.

GarrusVakarian1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Im a long time Forza fan, but i'd rather wait for Driveclub. Im not a fan of paying for downgraded half-games filled with MT's. Forza 5 was a complete step backwards compared to Forza 4.

Every time Driveclub has been shown, it's looked better than before. Great to see the devs have this kind of attitude when it comes to games. I'd much rather give my support and money to devs who are willing/brave enough to delay their games to make them better and not give in to launch dates or external pressure to release.

Boody-Bandit1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


I'm a Forza fanatic and have an XBOX ONE in my home and I won't play Forza 5 until I can get a copy for $30 dollars or less. Since it's literally half the game Forza 4 was / is.

This article about delays is something I admire about Sony and I think is one of my biggest gripes with MS. I have had a blast on MS hardware over the past decade plus but MS is all about the calendar and Sony is about given us the best they can regardless of what it's released.

Forza, Ryse and Killer Instinct (all of which I have played except F5) are all perfect examples of this. KI isn't even close to being a full game. It doesn't even have as many characters as that the original did 20 YEARS AGO. It barely has enough content to call it as XBLA game. Ryse, although it's one beautiful game, has some serious performance issues (frame rates, camera, stuttering, simplistic combat engine that barely evolves other than more dramatic executions you purchase with XP) and Forza 5, like I already mentioned, is less than half the game (content wise) that Forza 4 was / is.

ALL of those titles would've been so much better given more time, but NO, MS is all about numbers. They don't seem to care as much about the quality of their products. Just look at our launch line up. Those not wearing blinders and look at it honestly see a bunch of games that needed more time in development.

On topic:
I can't wait for Drive Club. It's looks staggering. The best part is most likely my existing PS3 compatible wheel (Thrustmaster T500) will work with this title. This is one area I wish Sony would start talking about. What wheels, sticks and other perps will work on the PS4 with fighting and racing games.

I am also looking forward to Sony's 1.6 update so more headsets will be compatible with the PS4.

Bottom line.
Sony gets it.
MS doesn't

Gamer Tag (PSN, XBL, STEAM) - BoodyBandit

Codey471411d ago

Forza 4 destroys Gran Turismo 5!
This is coming from a Sony Pony and a GT5 signature edition purchaser.

Gran Turismo 5 was such a chore and no fun at all...apart from the Red Bull and F40.

Forza 4 it is fun to drive especially with clutch activated and no assists...which is the way I always drive my simulators.

Forza 5 is one reason why I want an xbone...but won't be getting one until they revise the sku to accept a HDD of my choosing.

I'm looking forward to driveclub but would of preferred a racing simulator...driveclub will do until ProjectCARS hits retail shelves.

truefan11411d ago

This is classic, people prefer a game they haven't played over another game they haven't played. Forza 5 was awesome, the reason Driveclub wasn't released was because it was getting owned in comparison to Forza. Better believe it was finished, but they knew they needed to go back to the drawing board to try to make it better than Forza. They are going to take about 6 extra months to try to make the game better, only to get slaughtered by Project Cars.

frostypants1411d ago

I have the definitive Forza: Forza 4.

Army_of_Darkness1411d ago


My.Gawd.... It looks like a comparison between the xbone and 360 version lol!

SKullDugger1411d ago

FORZA 5 is downgraded from what was shown at E3 which is sad.

thejigisup1411d ago

But forza wont play in my PS4 ._.

jetlian1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

How many cars in dc brutal? KI cost 20 dollars thats not full price. ryse has more to its combat than knack and frame rates have been improve.

So if dc has less than 200 cars are you gonna buy it at 30 dollars lol

It gets here when its done. Companies should show games when they their 12 to 9 month away

showtimefolks1410d ago


no doubt forza is a great series and forza 4 was the best. Forza 5 is a demo for now and with season pass adding more content we will get a complete game Via GOTY or complete edition

how can Turn-10 release a game with less tracks,less cars just about less everything and call it the next gen racer. I applaud sony for giving Drive Club more time because i think DC will be the true next gen racer

DigitalRaptor1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

@ truefan1

Revealing your weaknesses yet again.

Forza 5 was released because it served Microsoft better to release it on Nov 22nd. It didn't serve the game better in any conceivable respect. The same can be said for Ryse and it can be said for Killer Instinct, because if any of these games released by themselves this year outside of the launch day buzz, critics would have a clearer mind to analyse these games for what they truly offer as next-gen experiences.

Simply put, Sony cares a great deal more about Quality Control than Microsoft does. They care more about what they're giving the consumer for their $60. And when DriveClub comes out better for its delay and as an actual next-generation driving game, we'll all be happier for knowing Sony weren't pandering to their own selfish desires. Instead, they are allowing their own internal developers time to bring experiences worth the next-generation label.

What Microsoft did, was make third-party contracts for developers to launch on Nov 22nd regardless of the quality.

Do you even know why people are excited for DriveClub? I've explained logically to you before, but your refuse to acknowledge facts and common-sense logic.

First you were calling out DriveClub for its potential for success, saying it was going to bomb when 'Project Cars' comes out. Now it's about the quality of the game, which we all know isn't the part that's suffering.

Let me know when Forza 5 achieves next-generation status on next-gen hardware, because its performance from a value and a technical standpoint are ridiculous and disappointing to say the least.

I'm looking forward to Cars, but let me know when it manages to get the most out of next-generation hardware, when it's focussing on so many other significantly less powerful platforms?

jetlian1410d ago

Digital if sony cares about quality why did they release knack and kz even gt5? Gt5 had 800 last gen cars which lowered reviews which is why ms didnt put fz4 models in fz5.

Kz also lack stuff from kz3. Maybe it to should cost less than 60 dollars brutal.

Still wondering how many cars in dc lol

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KwietStorm1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Yea games get delayed. It's not often, however, that a game gets delayed out of nowhere just a month before release. That's what he meant. They should have known where it was heading before then. The same thing happened with GTA. Got delayed damn near a year out the blue, after a release date had already been set, and was coming up soon. We've seen time and time again where a game will be given a date by a publisher, just to give it a date. And a delay doesn't automatically mean a better game if the game just isn't good regardless. Then we waited for nothing lol. Hopefully Driveclub lives up to its looks.

chikane1411d ago

@xHeavYx (Qoute)why release a game half finished(Qoute)

??? sony didn't have a problem in forcing PD to release GT5 half finished

when did DC become bigger then GT?

Redempteur1410d ago

GT5 wasnt half finished ..GT is a game that is evolving every month .. Polyphony is making new things , you have to release a game at some point . there is a reason why GT5 was so much patched , it was improved with each patch and you can bet that while doing that , they were already working on GT6

Fluke_Skywalker1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

If only someone at EA shared your point of view.

kayoss1410d ago

Don't do what polyphony did wit gran turismo 5. I don't like incomplete games.

GamingNerd0131410d ago

Lol do u even know what incomplete means? Or r u just trolling? GT5 shits on forza 5 by a long shot hell forza 5 is only 10% of content compared to 100% of content of GT.

kayoss1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Did you even hear what the producer of gt5 said about the game itself? I'm not trolling and I'm a huge fan of the gt series. The producer himself said that gt5 was not a complete game. Why you think there were so many updates for it throughout it life span? Gt6 is what gt5 should have been in the beginning.
By the way, I'm not a big fan of forza, the only forza game I've played was forza 2.

Redempteur1408d ago

The producer is someone who is never satisfied and is always trying to do "better" way to interpret his words out of context.

showtimefolks1410d ago

watch Dogs delay was great for gaming. UBI took a huge hit when they delayed it but if the game ends up being that much better than it was all worth it

Drive Club's delay was great for racing fans, since this will be a true next gen racer. Evolution studios hired some of the developers who worked on PGR series. So we getting the very best of development experience and talent


that's to create hype man every console maker does it. Like halo 5 in 2014 when its actually gonna be 2015

Milruka1410d ago

GT could learn a lesson here.

aceitman1410d ago

red dead redemption was delayed and it was worth it.

LKHGFDSA1410d ago

they were already going to release an uncomplete version of the game, so there's no loss.
I still think they should have released the PS+ version so everyone could play it first thing when they got the console. (because the game comes free with it after you activate plus)

lesrima881410d ago

or they could just release it now and have the rest of the missing content be dlc just like that other racing game cough*forza5*cough

famoussasjohn1410d ago

foxtrot - I agree. Their ad campaign came back to bite them in the ass.


Automatic791410d ago

It seems like all the rumors were right Sony was not completely ready for launch with all the frame rate issue, online and now delays on games. Gamers can disagree truth is its going to be at least till 2015 when you see a good amount of games that is when I will pick up a ps4.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1410d ago

I've been playing a real next gen driving game since November 22nd. You should of jumped ahead. You'd be playing one already.

B-radical1410d ago

Real next gen driving game....ill take a next gen racing game over that...

ZombieKiller1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Why make an untested unfinished product?

Because Call of Duty does it and apparently it works. SMFH. I'm so glad they took this route and I hope more devs treat us like this. Release a completed game damnit!

ramiuk11410d ago

it be nice if it was polished enough but wasnt enough content,that way they could release few cars and maps then rest later on,but there releasing it full retail too if i remmeber right so prob not a good idea for them financially

ZombieKiller1410d ago

If that's the case I'd go buy Forza or Killer Instinct. No thanks. Let's just all do it the way we have been all along

$60 for 1 FULL game please.

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Majin-vegeta1411d ago

Good rather have a game that works unlike BF4