Games like The Last of Us are Slowly Ruining the Industry

Before all you fan boys and girls go crazy, understand the title, “games like” meaning more than one. The Last of Us is just a prime example of the meaning of this entire article. Also beware this article contains spoilers for The Last of Us. If you have yet to finish or play the game please proceed with caution. We don’t want to be the ones to ruin the game for you

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TheSuperior 1576d ago

I feel so sad its true.I loved Halo, loved Saints ROw too but they are controibuting factors too; both did the same thing with Halo 4 and Saints Row IV. Its not about weather your a fan of The Last of Us or not its about games that follow this trend and thats heart-breaking and eye-opening. :(

TomShoe1576d ago

So he's saying games like:

The Last of Us
Saints Row
Call of Duty
Gears of War
Ratchet and Clank
Jak & Daxter
God of War
Sly Cooper

Are all killing the industry? Yeah, Ok. In my opinion, there's no problem with having sequels and extending beyond trilogies as long as they're well done in the mold of the originals.

Yeah, there are some that were poorly done, like Gears: Judgement and GoW: Ascension, but many sequels are good, if not better than the original. Just look at Uncharted. I trust Naughty Dog to blow my socks off with the 4th installment in the series. As long as a sequel isn't a blatant cash-grab, it's fine by me.

gaffyh1576d ago

New IP = Lifeblood of the industry

This is absolutely one of the most stupid articles I've ever seen. The ending of The Last of Us was absolutely perfect imo, it is one of the greatest moments in the damn game, and this idiot is too stupid to understand it.

ZodTheRipper1576d ago

Author please, quit gaming.

mewhy321576d ago

I feel that games of this type are pushing the industry ahead and not the opposite. I mean, they tell a great story of survival, dependence, independence, struggle, love, life, death. There's nothing better than being about to participate in a great story.

minimur121576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Not sure if this has already been commented, on here, but I didn't see another user say it:

"Ellie was a vulgar little thing but a little spit fire never hurt anyone. She runs through an entire game the ticket to human survival with Joel, someone who never really liked her much."

Anyone who has played the game to the end knows this is a tad wrong. I'm positive the author only played about 2 hours of the game. After you've been with ellie for an hour.
Joel definitely doesn't hate ellie, unless I completely missread the story.

And to be honest, I don't think the ending to TLOU was left open (then again, I'm completely uncreative) but I can't think of a way to continue that story.

What I would like ND to do however, an episodic series of the stories that could fill in the gaps, like what happened between Joel and:
1)Bill (or maybe you play as bill and a few years before he went crazy, and you're with his partner)
4)His brother, and how he joined/left the fireflies
5)You play as henry and sam and their story. maybe meet up with Joel and Ellie among the way

Giul_Xainx1576d ago

I completely disagree. Every series garners more and more gamers to play the game. As you notice the more convoluted and complex the game is the shorter gamers attention lasts.

What truly ruins a game is when developers make a convoluted and extremely complex game. I know I am going to get a lot of hate for saying this but I would rather play battlefield over dust 514. But I enjoy fragging people more in call of duty over battlefield. Above all of the shooters out there I play Socom 2 at my local million man lan party here in the desert. Nothing tops Socom 2. No rpgs, no mines, strictly guns and nades. (Slant 6 ruined socom.)

Why o why1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Some people just dont deserve to play some games. They're too fussy or simple. Maybe another cult classic, shadow of the colossus's, ending flipped his mind to only love bitter sweet endings or maybe he watches too many Korean or Takeshi Kitano films where pretty much Everyone dies. Stay away from naughty dog games, in fact stfu and read a book. You say slowly ruining the industry so in kind I say your opinion is nothing but a self absorbed cry for attention which is quickly killing gaming journalism.

If you headed the article with call of duty or some other game with minamal yoy efforts I may of clicked your link but you didn't. You purposefully used the game of the year to garner more hits. Don't get me wrong, the game isnt perfect but c'mon, ruining the industry....come better

TheMadHatter1576d ago

I never bother reading when the author starts off by saying things like "before you fanboys and fan girls go crazy". This article has dumb written all over it. Ruining the industry? Pure comedy. I didn't find the game that great, but ruining the industry? Hilarious.

HammadTheBeast1576d ago

Author please uninstall your internet.

karl1576d ago

as soon as i understood his point about leaving an open ending to milk the franchise i stopped reading..

this guy needs to quit gaming.. i cant believe he didnt understood the importance of the last few decisions joel took..

he could not understand the characters at all..

probably just ran through the game..

MRMagoo1231576d ago

It should be "Games like COD are killing the industry" I would be very happy if not one more fps gets made this gen.

Agent_00_Revan1576d ago

I don't know, I kind of have to agree. Sometimes a game is just so Good, it ruins all others. Now I cant play a game without thinking 'this game is good, but it's not TLoU good.'

Gaming is ruined for me.


UltimateMaster1576d ago

@Tom Shoe

"Yeah, there are some that were poorly done, like Gears: Judgement and GoW: Ascension, but many sequels are good,"...

Gears Judgement and God of War Ascension are both Prequels, You Know there's sequel, you played it previously...

Boody-Bandit1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

"Before all you fan boys and girls go crazy"

Stopped reading there.
click superpowergaming+
click story quality - WTF
click like this website - NO

Rating one star.
What does it take before N4G bans sites like this? Does it need to go to half a star? Once upon a time N4G actually had standards. Now any fool with webspace can publish their trash. Yet this article is 700 degrees with a 128 replies and I see well written / informative articles with 200+ replies under 300 degrees.

Starting to wonder why I even come here anymore.

Withdreday1575d ago

Dumbest article ever.

Makes me wonder if he's even a real gamer.

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Aceman181576d ago

Its funny how I understood the ending perfectly and had a great experience playing this game.

BattleTorn1576d ago

I still love discussing the ending, and specifically joels decisions.

I'm on the side that think what he did was justified.

My theory has always been about the giraffes.

It's the moment when Joel asks Ellie about turning around, and she says she wants to keep going because this has to be for something.

In my mind, that was the moment when joel realized the two of them had something, already. And that Ellie was worth fighting for,

i love it!

Aceman181576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


I love the giraffe part it was like a time to reflect, and always believe that's where he made his decision or decided its him and her from that point on out.

The ending was like a gut punch to me, and at first I was pissed but then realized for me he was right because I probably would have ended up doing the same thing.

TronEOL1575d ago

I agree with this 100%. My brothers were both unsure of how they felt about the ending, since if you look at it at face value (as in ignoring the entire story and world Naughty Dog created), it seems pretty bad, or confusing.

As soon as I reminded them of what they played, IE not Uncharted and the world is literally the worst place to live, they understood the brilliance of that ending.

The people who had an issue with the ending didn't understand it because most games baby gamers, or treat them like children when it comes to story telling, or it just wasn't their cup of tea (which is fair).

king_george1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

NOPE. Sorry but totally disagree.

Just read the article and i feel like that was a huge waste of time. I feel stupid for giving them a hit. Im sorry but the author comes across as way too fanboyish for me personally

thejigisup1576d ago

dontcha just hate that? i wish i could take my click back.

spicelicka1576d ago

That's the dumbest thing ever. It's one thing to leave a cliff hanger ending to force a sequel and another thing to end off with the possibility of narrative enhancement.

This author assumes gamers automatically want sequels if the ending is left open ended, which is stupid assumption. Halo 3 ended perfectly, it closed the trilogy but left the story in tact, which is more realistic than the story just coming to a halt at the end of the game. The most annoying thing is forced endings, after spending all that time in last of us surviving and delivering Ellie, if they cured humanity just like that in a small montage, it would be slap to the time spent in the game.

Any point the author had went down the drain with baseless assumptions and bad examples.

joab7771576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Spoiler!!!!!!! I will say that I would have liked the ending better if Joel had gone through all that trouble to save her, she was captured again and sacrificed...and it didnt work! THAT would have been an insane ending that made u question everything!!!!!!

johndoe112111576d ago

Dude, you need professional help. That would have depressed me into giving up gaming completely.

hellzsupernova1576d ago

Tried to read the article, this guy is a fucking idiot yea I swore he deserves it. Wtf the last of us is what the industry needs, fantastic storytelling are you kidding me with this crap argh.

LeCreuset1576d ago

A game full of clickers and an article full of click bait.

QuickdrawMcgraw1576d ago

I'm ok with the author's column...Because he just doesn't get it...I wonder if the author is just stirring the pot...And I would like to know what games the author enjoy's.

Back-to-Back1576d ago

The only thing that is ruining the industry is..... these shitty blogs from wannabe journalists. As much as people give IGN shit, they would never make an article that is this stupid.

miyamoto1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

Are you freaking serious?!

If a game that is considered a storytelling masterpiece by gaming and non-gaming critics and award giving institutions is killing the gaming industry what kind of games are sustaining the industry's life and health?

Look at the reaction of this gamer to the game's ending please. Tell me if its fake or genuine emotional response.

GribbleGrunger1575d ago

I wonder -- because I've not seen it mentioned anywhere -- has anyone else spotted the irony in this game?

It was nature that gave Ellie hope, but it was nature that took hope away from humanity.

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staticdash221576d ago

Yea, another guy who didn't understand the ending. It was meant to be ambiguous. You're suppose to put yourself in the shoes of a man, that's bitter, tired, and made his resolve to not lose anyone else he cares about. He's made the same connection with ellie that Joel had with his daughter. Therefore you can see where the ending comes from, a bitter, and tired man.

I find it insulting that the writer accuses naughty dog of taking advantage of the gamers, what? Of course, there are still some development teams that care about the players experience and that is something we couldn’t be more grateful for.

Yea, this is a clickbait article. Nothing that's said here is reinforced with the themes of the story or explanation of the ending.

Emilio_Estevez1576d ago

Pretty much agree to exactly what you're saying.

The ending had me thinking if I would have done the same. Makes the characters seem more real when they make a decision with their heart and not their head. The obvious choice was obvious, but nearly an impossible decision to make. That was the point; not to leave the door open to make a sequel.

The ending is really what sealed it as a great game for me, not what I expected. The inner conflict both must have been going through would make for some clear tension if they make another.

Also, sequels are better than the original almost always. Could be hard for TLoU to top their first though.

Battlefront 2
I could keep going, but I won't.


ion6661576d ago

i'll do it for ya ,tekken 3,street fighter 2,

HammadTheBeast1576d ago

Exactly, ending was meant to affect the player, not the sequel. I didn't know how to feel at the end, on one hand, I hated Joel for potentially condemning the fate of humanity, on the other hand, I see where he's coming from.

fenome1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


Humanity already condemned itself by that point though, we glimpse what 'humanity' has become throughout the game. I totally agree with what he did, who knows what would have happened had they murdered her for the cure. Who's to say they would've been honest and good about it? The cure would've been ultimate power to the holder of it, who knows if they'd use it for good?

The world is a better place without what humanity became, selfish, ruthless and militaristic and the cure gotten in that way would've just promoted that mentality. Besides, what if the cure is genetic? What if her children are immune, and her childrens children? A natural cure cultivated in a true society like Tommys would be much more benificial to the human race as a whole than one extracted from a childs skull and injected into whomever was deemed 'worthy' or 'priveledged' enough, or maybe whoever would offer the most for it.

whitefang19881576d ago

@static and here I was gonna make a whole argument about why this guy didn't get it and you've already lined out everything I was thinking.
Bubble to you :-)

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Nyxus1576d ago

So the author didn't get the story at all... not the game's fault.

Why o why1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )


Simple people are simple....complex characters and their actions often baffle the simple mind people. ND made ending that most people could understand. Some people understood how selfishly people can be because ultimately that what joel was. Possibly save mankind and lose your surrogate child or keep her alive and strive on together.

Well done naughty dog......eff these simple minded people.

Doletskaya1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

!!!Spoiler alert!!!

The fact that Joel throughout the whole story doesn't give a sh!t about saving the world is quite obvious even if one pays minimal attention to the story. Hence, the ending is the most logical and realistic one as the story goes down. To do otherwise would actually make the whole experience extremely incoherent and inconsistent. I'm surprised that the author considers this watered down and not meaningful; maybe she is just, I don't know, stupid.

Lukejrl1576d ago

Yea he was willing to do it, he was risking their lives to get there. But as soon as it came to know for sure that Elly would be sacrificed, then it came down to EF YOU!. Then He shoots what's her ugly face in and just walks over her. awesome.

And someone pointed out that genetically she may be immune and her offspring will be able to be immune, so yea Elly could get some guy and be happy with her immune kids. eventually alot of the creatures would die with no food.

TransientDreamer1576d ago

"Before all you fan boys and girls go crazy"
Insult your readers in the opening sentence. That's nice.

Thatguy-3101576d ago

Not only that but he makes it clear how the game is "average" at best. Guess being the most awarded and praised game is average now a days.

"The Last of Us could have ended, Ellie could have been sacrificed and humanity could have been saved. It would have been bitter sweet but it would have pulled so much out of the story of the game. It would have left players thinking and that’s the goal to a single player experience; satisfaction. Instead of that, Naughty Dog watered it down to milk the game for more money."
I actually think the opposite of the ending. Like most, the ending did leave us thinking. It made us ponder whether it was the right or wrong choice. I believe this game is special simply because it isn't a cookie cutter story with a good ending. The characters feel so real simply because they make real human choices. Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, Journey etc. are great experiences where narrative takes charge and simply allow us to analyze what happens in front of us like we would on movies or books. I like games that are fun just as much as the next guy but I truly look for gems that thrive on narrative. This game came out on June and we're still talking about the story. Pretty good for an "average" game if you ask me.

T21576d ago

would have loved to hear all about the authors views on what a "great" game was and some examples in the industry... no wait, nevermind the time i took to type this is all the time I'm spending on this tripe.

Majin-vegeta1576d ago

Glad Static explained it.Some people just don't get it.