Why You Should Buy a PC in 2014

Are people even debating whether or not a PC is a worthwhile purchase if your aim is to play games? Buying a PC is typically a costlier endeavor than splurging on a single console, certainly, but gaming PCs have become a greater and greater bargain, and several of the Steam Machines on the horizon will be bringing PC gaming to your living room at console prices.

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ATi_Elite1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )


Because you wanna play PC Exclusives like StarCitizen, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, Arma III, or Eve Online Valkyrie on your 4K TV!

Project Cars and Hawken in 4K just KILLS!

if your not into PC Exclusives then just buy a console. No need to waste time with a PC if your only gonna play multiplats.

Dante811573d ago

You must be one of those elitist dudes, or a console gamer spreading BS. If you're the former, just know that you are a tiny minority, and no longer represent even a blip of the PC gaming community--you guys sure are loud,though.

Jovanian 1573d ago

'No need to waste time with a PC if your only gonna play multiplats.'

That is precisely one reason of many that I play PC. Multiplats are usually the best on the PC.

Maxor1573d ago

The PC is ultimate multiplats platform. For example Skyrim on the PC beats all.

1573d ago
Eonjay1573d ago

Because my PC is starting to run really slow and I have a bunch of apps I like to run like Adobe Flash Studio, a plethora of SDKs and Modeling Programs like Blender and Max. And yes for games :)

Dogswithguns1573d ago

I'm starting to go back on my PC gaming, not that I want the hi res or anything.. gonna play my old games. on my old gaming PC.

Nyromith1573d ago

Ironically a gaming console was the device that allowed me to finally get rid of the proprietary bloatware that Windows is and migrate to the truly free and open source GNU/Linux operating system.

JodyCones1573d ago

Yeah I'm building a PC here very soon, can't wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.