One Feature for 2014: Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

GoodGameBro writes, "Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 may have been a solid competitor on the pitch to EA SPORTS’ FIFA 14, thanks to Konami’s use of a new “Fox Engine” in the game, but overall the title lagged behind FIFA in popularity and didn’t benefit from the fact that the game did not see release for the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

While the “Fox Engine” may help Konami’s team get Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 in better shape for a “next”-gen release in 2014, there’s ground to be made up after the PS4 and XB1 versions of FIFA 14 got their time alone in the sun to end 2013."

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kornbeaner1512d ago

The Fox engine was all I needed to be hyped about this game, but no relese on PS4 made me skip it. Hopefully 2015 will be great.

PRock101511d ago

What they need is official licenses of all the leagues and clubs and put more into the presentation. I think the gameplay is fantastic and better than FIFA but FIFA has so much more going for it and a more complete package. If they addressed all that, put in a better manager mode with all the bells and whistles, I'd be all over it.

iceman061511d ago

I would LOVE for them to be able to do this....and not go broke. EA throws money left and right for these deals...some exclusive. It would be close to impossible to compete with them on that level. Which, I believe, is why they keep trying to nail the gameplay. For now, I am happy with the modding community and their ability to create just about EVERYTHING.

PRock101511d ago

That's a very good point and the modding community does do a good job. I'm just so tech-illiterate that I have a hard time finding the good mods to fix the the teams and getting them installed. Some of the exclusives are for more obscure leagues too but I just want them to get the PL and Bundesliga, which, I don't think those are exclusive are they? I'll get this for PS4 next year as it just so nails the ebb and flow of the sport. It's just a little disappointing that I think they could blow FIFA out of ht ewater if they just had those finer details bc the gameplay is fantastic.

iceman061510d ago

Usually, EA will grab the premiere teams in the leagues. However, recently they have been getting exclusive league access. (aside from the teams that license their own stuff like Man U and Chelsea). I am not illiterate tech-wise, but I am not the best either. It's fairly easy (but a bit tedious) to get the files onto the game. But, I truly understand what you are saying. I'll be getting it on PS4 because the Fox Engine was built for it to shine in next gen. It already showed some huge improvements on current I can only imagine what they can do with the extra horsepower.