Dontnod Entertainment CEO Dismisses Bankruptcy Rumors, In “Close Negotiations” For their Next Game

Dontnod Entertainment, developers of last year’s science-fiction action game, Remember Me, have dismissed recent rumors that the company had entered bankruptcy. The developer’s CEO spoke directly with reporters, assuring them of the company’s continued success following the sales of Remember Me.

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Codey471575d ago

It would be a shame if the rumours/rumors were true...It wouldn't be the first time someone has dismissed the rumour/rumors of bankruptcy or closure of a developer... only to find out at a later date that it were indeed the truth.

Dontnod did an excellent job of their first game tbh. Infact they did a better job than some of the trash.. that the so called veterans had the bare face cheek to release. (should have used balls...but balls and release in the same sentence...)

Mikefizzled1575d ago

Hopefully they don't as Remember Me showed moments of greatness.

Miss_Vixen1575d ago

Personally I enjoyed Remember Me very much. The style and music are particularly standouts. Sure it doesn't offer anything original or innovative, but I commend the developers for trying something different instead of the tried and trend usual of typical sexy female leads.

porkChop1575d ago

But they didn't try anything different. The game itself was generic, the combat was trash, the platforming sections were very poorly done, and the story was crap. The only "different" thing they did was the fact that the female lead wasn't white (even though she looked nearly white). Take the skin color away and she isn't too different from any other female lead in other games.

The developers spent most of their time trying to make people feel sorry for them and telling us about how no publisher wanted to support the game. If they would have just kept their mouth shut and focused on the game itself then maybe the game would have come closer to realizing any of its potential.

chrisarsenalsavart1575d ago

Remember me was way to repetitive to me, I lost interest after the first chapter and traded it the day after.