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Vegamyster1507d ago

A list dominated by Nintendo games, they must be doomed.

badz1491507d ago

based on your logic, Nintendo dominates the list, the Wii U must be a success!


SneakyDoo1506d ago

Um, No. Get your head out of your nostalgic ass. Nintendo has NOT been keeping up with games and hardware these days. The Wii-U is behind (hardware wise) the Xbox-One and PS4, just like the Wii was behind the PS3 and 360, and just like the GameCube was behind the xbox, and PS2. Now, they have been developing a FEW exceptional games per gen, such as WindWaker, Super Mario Sunshine, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Super Mario Galaxy, but those are all the same IP's. They're not innovating anymore, they're recycling.

DooodleyDude1506d ago

LOL i'm a sony fanboy, i said they were legend because they were like used to actually produce great games, not current, nintendo entered the gaming world before sony did