Game Good: Hey TT Games, give us LEGO Doctor Who

Dali Dimovski of Sidequesting writes:

"After several failed and mediocre attempts at a Doctor Who video game, there may be one option that could not only satisfy fans of the TV series but also create an enchanting, enjoyable game."

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_LarZen_1630d ago

Who? What? That is what people will say when they see the game in stores.

I don't think Doctor Who has a big enough market. Or is it me that have missed out on something?

AtomicGerbil1630d ago

Doctor Who has a massive following, more so in the UK obviously, but since the relaunch in 2005 the fanbase is now global.

Yes, I do believe you have missed something.

_LarZen_1629d ago

Guess I have to check it out then. I just remember the old Doctor Who :P

toxic-inferno1630d ago

Over here in the UK (where TT games are based), Doctor Who has a massive following - one of the most popular franchises out there.

TheTrooper1630d ago

Doctor Who is considered a part of British pop culture, it's got a big enough following.

CrillyEdd1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

People just want to be trendy. How about a lego football sports game that is legit

secretcode1630d ago

Never going to happen. LEGO doesn't even have the Doctor Who license for Doctor Who building toys, Character Options does.

Reeze1630d ago

I would love this to happen. It makes so much sense. LEGO just needs to get the rights and I'll be a day-1 buyer.

GentlemenRUs1630d ago

Nah, How about a PUGGSY 2 instead...