What the Announcement of Lucario Means for Super Smash Bros. 4

Nintendo has confirmed that the steel-fighting Pokemon Lucario will make a return for the upcoming Smash Bros. game, stunning almost everyone in the Smash Bros community. It’s not that Lucario isn’t appreciated by fans, it’s more that he was expected to be on the “cut list” by many fans.

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3-4-51660d ago

* Just a thought.

They could make a Smash Brothers like game for the entire cast of characters from Fire Emblem Awakening + a few from the other FE games.

* back on topic - I think we may get lucky and now have a chance to see a few more characters who would have otherwise been cut.

-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

What a waste of a character, I'd rather of seen Mewtwo with his X and Y forms or a newer Pokmeon.

OR if it has Mewtwo in it aswell this character replaced with a different Nintendo in general

"There’s another big reason that both Mewtwo and Lucario could share the spot light. Both were prominently featured in the most recent Pokemon title. For those who’ve played the game, or do not care about spoilers, Lucario is among the first Pokemon to display Mega-Evolution in context of the story."

Yeah but Mewtwo has an X AND Y form...making him a better choice

SpiralTear1660d ago

That still doesn't mean that Lucario and Mewtwo can't both be in the game. Their Mega Evolutions would be great Final Smashes (especially against Lucario's original one).

-Foxtrot1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Did you read my comment

"OR if it has Mewtwo in it aswell this character replaced with a different Nintendo in general"

Why would I want them both in the game, they'll probably end up being clones.

I'd rather take just one of them, that being Mewtwo because he was two forms and replace Lucario with another Nintendo character in general.

youndamie1660d ago

Wasn't both Lucario and Mew-Two in the last smash?

LennyLovespuds1660d ago

Often clone characters have a place in the game regardless of their move set. Ganondorf is heavy Falcon, but I wouldn't argue that Ganondorf has a right to be in the game, whether or not he is a clone of Falcon or not.

SpiralTear1660d ago

I did read your comment, man, and Mewtwo and Lucario's movesets were very different. Heck, their basic fighting styles were different. Just because they have a charging special attack doesn't make them "clones." I think people assigned Lucario the "clone" tag in Brawl just because Mewtwo got removed.

I don't see a problem with Lucario sticking around at all. If his Final Smash was Mega Evolution, then that especially would be a representation of Pokemon X/Y. Anyone can put a character in a game, but it takes skill to actually make the character's inclusion important.

And trust me, if I had to have only one, I'd pick Mewtwo. I just don't see why both can't be included if the roster allows it. Sure, I don't want Lucario in if another character, one that I like a lot more, was out, but the roster in Smash 4 is said to be much bigger than Brawl. So who knows? Lucario and Mewtwo might both make a showing.

king_george1660d ago

Sweet i loved him in brawl he was awesome!

user95970821660d ago

Man I can't wait for the fan made mod that'll fix all this game's inevitable balancing problems!

SpiralTear1660d ago

"Inevitable"? Please elaborate on that.

noxeven1660d ago

here's a link to the brawl + wiki it explains a lot that would just result in a crazy long post. http://supersmashbros.wikia...

there are other mods as well

user95970821660d ago

Let me start by stating that I am NOT into mlg gameplay (I actually despise what mlg does to video gaming) so my viewpoint is not that of someone who complains about action frames and what not.
I loved Smash 64 and I loved Melee and for a brief time I really enjoyed brawl. At least until i went to college and learned through playing with friends that were wannabe mlg bros, how broken brawl was. Basically, if you wanted to win, it all came down to which of the four top tier characters you picked. It was like type matching a pokemon battle.
Also, the game was slower, clunkier, and over just not as fun as previous installments.
Then Project M came along and fixed everything wrong with the game. Real balancing, adding in the good characters that got cut just made it so much better.
I highly recommend downloading it (does not require hacked wii). It's like a brand new game.
I'm just getting the feeling from what they're teasing us with the Smash four is gonna suffer similar problems. I really hope it doesn't but at least I know that if it does, some dedicated fans will come along and make into the game it should be.

SpiralTear1660d ago


I'm completely aware of how people have modded Brawl to play more like Melee and changing characters to be more accommodating to tournament play; I wasn't asking about that.

I'm curious about why @Shinymasonite said it's "inevitable" and why we should automatically assume that there will be mass balancing problems. Nintendo has made three Super Smash Bros. games. That's in no way enough of a reputation for us to instantly consider this. For all we know, the gameplay could be miles away from Brawl. Note that Sora isn't working on this one. Namco is and Sakurai is simply overseeing it.

SpiralTear1660d ago

If you're a fan of how Project M approached Smash Bros., that's fine, but this quote you used really bothered me:

"some dedicated fans will come along and make into the game it should be."

In my understanding, you're meaning that Melee was what Super Smash Bros. should be. That's not true. Sakurai's intention when designing the series in the first place was to make the game simple and less technical. It was designed to be the "anti-Street Fighter" because Sakurai was tired with overly complicated engines and obsession over tournament play. He hated that crowd. He didn't expect Melee to be embraced by the MLG audience. In fact, he didn't want it to be. That's why Brawl was so different from Melee; Sakurai didn't want Melee's complexity anymore.

Also, the Project M developers hate it when people say that they're trying to "fix Smash Bros." or make it "what it should be." They believe that that phrasing is disrespectful to Nintendo, the company who got them hooked on the series to begin with. They find Project M to simply be a competition-focused approach to Brawl, not "the way Smash Bros. should be."

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1660d ago

It means he playable nothing more or less