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PS4 Update 1.6 Delayed To Coincide With JP PS4 Launch

iGR: "Many have been wondering when the next PS4 update was scheduled to happen. Update 1.6, rumored to bring about the much-anticipated Pulse Headset support to PS4 has reportedly been pushed back to coincide with the Japanese launch of PlayStation 4" (PS4)

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TomShoe  +   424d ago
Wireless headset compatibility, nice.

Those Pulse headsets look amazing. But alas, I'm a notorious cheapskate :(
Mikey32230  +   424d ago
As long as they are putting more Features into the update im fine with that.

1)Headset support should be there.
2)Suspend/resume should be there.
EBTpickle  +   424d ago
It's not a highly sought after feature, but I want 3D Blu-Ray support if possible. Still weird it didn't launch with that to begin with.
JoGam  +   424d ago
@EBT Pickle..... It is a feature that should have been on PS4 day one. 3d should be added though. All my friends who got 3d tvs were pissed when their ps4 didnt play 3d movies. Also video chat needs to be added. I like the social features but I seem further from my friends on PS4 than ps3.
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OrangePowerz  +   424d ago
I would take folders and 3D blu ray support over headset and suspend mode.

Having all the games in lonh list is annoying.
Eonjay  +   424d ago
Likewise. I am literally praying that they add the PS/PS2 emulator.
ipach  +   424d ago
suspend/resume would be much more valuable than the headset feature. i have a pulse elite headset and using the headphone jack has been just fine for now and has made waiting for full support much easier. but every time i suspend/resume on my vita, i lick my chops at being able to do the same on my ps4. very excited about that feature.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   424d ago
A man is confused about suspend/resume

A man can suspend games and a man can put his system on Standbye Mode. What else could users be referring to?
minimur12  +   424d ago
I'd really like suspend/resume feature. seems pretty awesome tbh.

Also, why don't they release it now ?I mean if you release it now then we get it meanwhile just because JP close to the end of feb doesn't mean it needs to be launched then.

Then again, alot of hacks come from JP so they may be delaying it 0.so they can't get their hands on it and exploit it before the system is even out.... but that doesn't really matter.
gaffyh  +   424d ago
All I want is local media player support. I honestly don't care about anything else, because all the other features don't matter that much. They should be focusing on giving all the features the PS3 has to the PS4 first, and then foxus on the extras like suspend resume.
dantesparda  +   424d ago
Well this sucks, now we gotta wait 23 more days for who knows what?

And i agree with gaffyh, I want every feature the PS3 had and more
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FamilyGuy  +   424d ago
"suspend/resume mode" is like sleep, The PS4 goes in it's low power state but unlike with "Standby mode" it boots back up instantly with no wait time whatsoever.

I, like gaffyh and dantesparda, am a lot more interested in the PS4 getting local media support and all the other features that the PS3 has.
erathaol  +   424d ago
Crossing my fingers that PS4's sell like gangbusters in Japan, so we can finally get a next gen Monster Hunter game from CAPCOM.

Emphasis put on smoother controls and detailing photo realistic environments, by sending a crew to New Zealand or Ireland, to get some bearings on capturing the feeling of a real place.

I would like them to put their all into one incredible Monster Hunter game that has people talking for years.
BitbyDeath  +   424d ago
To add to what family guy said with suspend resume it will also let you leave your games open at all times putting them also in a low power state.
zeee  +   423d ago
this is baaaaaadddd news. I can't wait to use my headset and then I read this. This is messed up. Not cool Sony, not cool
kma2k  +   424d ago
i just want to be able to use my damn ps4. I keep getting the damn CE-3478-0 error every time i try to play Killzone. I deleted it, reformated the system (three times) & still i cant play the damn game!
GW212  +   424d ago
That sounds like an underlying issue with the hardware. I haven't received that error since the first few days after launch.

Call Sony and see if they'll replace it for you. It shouldn't be doing that.
WitWolfy  +   424d ago
The only error i get is problems syncing my trophies... I have to sync a trophy like 5 times before it actually syncs.
Eonjay  +   424d ago
Check for a network update. No one is getting that error anymore. And yes it may be your hardware. Call Sony and find out. They will ship you a new one for free of course.
kma2k  +   421d ago
so i went & got a new disc & sure enough fired right up the brand new disc i had was somehow bad!
sandman224  +   424d ago
I owned a pair of pulse headsets. Do yourself a favor and buy the px4's from turtle beach. They're more comfortable and better. I returned my pulse headset.
GW212  +   424d ago
Thoughts on the Astro A50s?
hellzsupernova  +   424d ago
I always thought the pulse was a bit too big and bulky for me.
dontbhatin  +   424d ago

Im actually saving up for the A40's only difference is the 50's are wireless. I am set on them mainly cause i can use full surround gaming on my pc ps3 and ps4 with just that one headset.
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Elwenil  +   424d ago
I'm hoping for support for true surround sound headsets like the Tritton Pro 5.1. Once you head true surround sound instead of what they pathetically pass off as "virtual" surround sound, you will never go back.
UnrealThreats  +   424d ago
I still have no idea why they havent removed HDCP yet...
iiwii  +   423d ago
You will NEVER regret buying a Pulse headset. One of the best peripheral purchases I ever made for my PS3. You will hear games in a way you never have before.
Mikefizzled  +   424d ago
I don't think its a wise idea to delay an update to release when an influx of users, I'm guessing 900k week one for Japan, are downloading the big launch update and the rest of it.
ipach  +   424d ago
for the rest of world users, i'm sure they'll be hitting different servers than the japan market. it might just be a convenience in terms of QA and whatnot. one big update is probably easier to clear up and certify than two little ones.
AgitatedOcelot  +   424d ago
This is Japan. Their network infrastructure will laugh at that number of users downloading an update.
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LeCreuset  +   424d ago
Thank you. I knew someone must have already said it.
Shad0wRunner  +   424d ago
Pfffft....figures. Shouldve known it would be delayed. And of course they'd wait til the end of January to tell us. -_-
Hicken  +   424d ago
ShwankyShpanky  +   424d ago
I believe they did actually say the headphone update would come in January.
305LoneWolf  +   424d ago
They should of added adobe shockwave player in the web browser
SaffronCurse  +   424d ago
WitWolfy  +   424d ago
oh sorry do u talk on behalf of all gamers now?? Douche
Heisenburger  +   424d ago
SaffronCurse  +   424d ago
flash has nothing to do with "Gamers". Idiot.
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jobboy  +   424d ago
media server update please
The Meerkat  +   424d ago
I second that.

It seems so strange to have to turn off my PS4 and turn on my 360 every time I want to watch a movie.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   424d ago
Nice so they could input more features
AnotherGamer117  +   424d ago
My question is why not release it now? I have several friends with Pulse headsets (they love them) but can't use them with the PS4.

I don't see any advantages in holding this up for the Japan release.
FullMetalTech  +   424d ago
Could be it didnt pass certification so they had to go back to it or maybe delaying it gives them more time to add some more stuff into the patch.
ipach  +   424d ago
yeah the pulse elites get along just fine with the dualshock. it's the other standard pulse headsets which are left in the dark

(though to be honest, you all should consider upgrading to the elites. they feel much nicer in my opinion, and not having a mic sticking out is very very nice, too. plus, the rumble feature is like adding a subwoofer to your headset. super intense and awesome for some games/movies)
GryestOfBluSkies  +   424d ago
they can use the pulse headset if they plug it into the controller. tho i havent tested to see if the mic works when plugged in like that, id imagine that it would.
SeanScythe  +   424d ago
the headsets are wireless, there's nothing to plug into the controller.
Darkniz  +   424d ago
I got the Pulse elite headset and they do plug right into the controller and the mic on the headset works also. I honestly don't mind having the headset connected to the controller. The sound is awesome !!!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   424d ago
plug into the headset jack on the DS4 with the wire that came with the headset and turn them on. All features are there and it's working on PS4. A man has been doing this though he agrees the USB option should get support soon.
n1kki6  +   424d ago
That works for the pulse owners, but for those of us that jumped aboard right when the wireless stero headset with virtual surround was released they only had the USB dongle.
AnotherGamer117  +   424d ago
I use a digital headset (wired) with a USB for the mic. Mine have worked day one. I required all sounds including chat sounds to come through the headset.

Does that work with the elite pulse being connected to the DS4?
SniperControl  +   424d ago
Yes, you have to go into the PS4's settings though, tell it to output all sound through headset.

My Pulse headphones(Elites in USA) are setup this way.
AnotherGamer117  +   421d ago
@snipercontrol - looks like the patch to fix the elites will be posted today for the US.
razrye  +   423d ago
Use the jack that comes with them.
SonyROXitoohya  +   424d ago
I like my ps4 but I'm so frustrated with it be it the error codes I keep getting, random crashes, my controller being poorly made, and the UI problems. I wish ps4 was like more exciting and streamlined, especially the online parts.

Right now I rarely use my ps4, instead using my PC, and that's a shame.

I have a feeling they delayed this patch for more reasons than what they are stating. Here's hoping the ps4 improves and fast, all this power it has, and doing nothing with it. Second son better rock.
amylee  +   424d ago
Sorry to hear man,I would be pissed if my ps4 had all those problems,I don't have a single issue,just makes me wonder why some consoles have so many issues and others are perfect.
ipach  +   424d ago
not sure if it makes a difference, but when i first installed my ps4, i replaced the whole system with the updated OS via USB and the maintenance menu instead of the standard 'patch' style update. I wonder if that is more stable; I have only had game-specific crashes in BF4 so far... no other regular errors have come to mind at all. if it gets bad, I'm sure sony might even send you a new one btw.
dantesparda  +   424d ago
guys read his comment history (SonyRox's) he's a complete and utter troll. Ignore him and bubble him down
amylee  +   424d ago
Yep,you're right,he took me for a ride(sonyrox).He really needs to get a life.All he did was prove I made the right choice (PS4).
GW212  +   424d ago
You should thank your lucky stars that you don't own an XB1... that would be a real shame.
memots  +   424d ago
error code ? Random crash ?

Had none of that since i got in on launch. Not sure what your talking about. oh ... wait your trolling.
SoulSercher620  +   424d ago
Please make this guy lose his bubbles. This guy's rambling is bordering on stupid. These problems are almost nonexistent and I highly doubt you had those problems.
Godmars290  +   424d ago
Hope more is done with it than leaving it on a shelf then. Would hate for it to cause an issue.
RedSoakedSponge  +   424d ago
Is there any news of when the 3D Bluray support is being added in? If anyone has any information on this i would be very grateful :)
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-EvoAnubis-  +   424d ago
I know it won't happen yet, but I'd love an update that puts DLNA into the mix so that I can access my media server.

Past that, we can start digging into some other issues. Like letting me organize my games!
Man_Son  +   424d ago
In other words, it's not ready!!
goldwyncq  +   424d ago
Would it let us change the background colour and themes as well?
WitWolfy  +   424d ago
Ma1nframe  +   424d ago
I'm hoping they fix the bugs with the "automatic recording of the last 15 minutes of gameplay" issues. So many times while playing Killzone I have done something cool and wanted to share it only to realize it did not record the right footage. I have resorted to double tapping the share button before the start of every game to make sure i capture all gameplay.

Also it won't be called 1.6 but probably 2.0 if they fix a lot of bugs and add some features. DLNA Media Server support plus 3D Blu-Ray and regular DVD Upscaling would be nice also.

I love me some firmware updates lol
thecowsaysmoo   424d ago | Trolling | show
FreakyFox  +   424d ago
I really hope the patch/future patches brings features that are really needed.

The coms codec needs sorting out, it seems really bad at the moment, i thought it was the stock headset/mic, but when i heard a friend on another brand headset it didnt sound good at all.

The media side of things seems bland and restricted compared to last gen, things like media server support, 3D etc. But something is telling me that we are not going to have that flexibility, because they want us to buy music and movies, not play our own, i hope that i am wrong and we get the same media support as last gen.

I would like to sort my content better aswell with alot of sorting options.

Bottom line ... powerful console with a basic layout OS with loads of room for improvment, its early days yet , so we will see what they give us.
Cable2kx  +   424d ago
I just want to be able to use my Astro's A50 finally
rockbottom3076  +   423d ago
Astro a50s had an update on day one of ps4 launch. I've been using mine with no problems. Works great
ahmedghoula  +   424d ago
What i want:

-Pulse support
-change the background
-dim the Dual Shock 4 lights (since they can't be turned off)
-add a dedicated YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter App
-the ability to put friends in categories
-some kind of a file browser for content on USB (Pictures, Videos, Music)
Miss_Vixen  +   424d ago
Honestly I don't really care for the headset update much. What I really want is the ability to play MP3 formats, customization themes & background pictures, external hard drive support, youtube app, DLNA Media Server support plus 3D Blu-Ray and regular DVD Upscaling.
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STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   424d ago
OMG PS4 have nuclear!? YEAH I see, I would throw my ps4 hit a wall happen... (POWER BOMB NUKE) GAME OVER by accident XD
BloatedCorpse  +   424d ago
Bluray Linear fixes for some receivers...Sony ones no less...would be appreciated.
Mikey Mike  +   424d ago
The Pulse Head Set hurts my head, I ended up plugging SOLs to my controller. One word, AWESOME! The PS4 Camera acts as my mic.
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ruefrak  +   424d ago
Unless it's not ready, delaying it until Feb 22 is a horrible idea. The servers are going to be getting bombarded because of the launch in Japan and to add to that, they want to distribute a firmware update to the other 4.2 million PS4s already sold? They should probably release the firmware incrementally to make sure everything goes smooth. Europe one week, the US next, and so on.
ErryK  +   423d ago
All users are connected to different servers. Japan won't be downloading from a server in the US.
Tru_Blu  +   423d ago
And they have a massive amount of fiber run. It's not the same 1950's wires the US is stuck on.
akaFullMetal  +   424d ago
I have sony's first 7.1 surround sound headset. Is that going to be compatible as well?
Mikey Mike  +   424d ago
I believe so...
WitWolfy  +   424d ago
Id also love if they could add section for our already downloaded/installed games.. my start menu is clutted to the rafters
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molsen81  +   424d ago
I just want more games.
Father__Merrin  +   424d ago
I hope for more features and fixes as the crashes can get annoying
psDrake  +   424d ago
Hoping they fix the corrupt-save file issues. It has plagued my 2k14 experience as I ended up selling the game today and won't touch another 2k game until they release a game whose online features not broken.
DarthBigE  +   424d ago
If they wait to release the update for everyone on that day dont you think the servers are going to be flooded by the new ps4 owners and the ones trying to update their system?!?!?
Tru_Blu  +   423d ago
Damnit, another month of cheap headphones.
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