PS4 Update 1.6 Delayed To Coincide With JP PS4 Launch

iGR: "Many have been wondering when the next PS4 update was scheduled to happen. Update 1.6, rumored to bring about the much-anticipated Pulse Headset support to PS4 has reportedly been pushed back to coincide with the Japanese launch of PlayStation 4"

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TomShoe1513d ago

Wireless headset compatibility, nice.

Those Pulse headsets look amazing. But alas, I'm a notorious cheapskate :(

Mikey322301513d ago

As long as they are putting more Features into the update im fine with that.

1)Headset support should be there.
2)Suspend/resume should be there.

EBTpickle1513d ago

It's not a highly sought after feature, but I want 3D Blu-Ray support if possible. Still weird it didn't launch with that to begin with.

JoGam1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

@EBT Pickle..... It is a feature that should have been on PS4 day one. 3d should be added though. All my friends who got 3d tvs were pissed when their ps4 didnt play 3d movies. Also video chat needs to be added. I like the social features but I seem further from my friends on PS4 than ps3.

OrangePowerz1513d ago

I would take folders and 3D blu ray support over headset and suspend mode.

Having all the games in lonh list is annoying.

Eonjay1513d ago

Likewise. I am literally praying that they add the PS/PS2 emulator.

ipach1513d ago

suspend/resume would be much more valuable than the headset feature. i have a pulse elite headset and using the headphone jack has been just fine for now and has made waiting for full support much easier. but every time i suspend/resume on my vita, i lick my chops at being able to do the same on my ps4. very excited about that feature.

Jaqen_Hghar1513d ago

A man is confused about suspend/resume

A man can suspend games and a man can put his system on Standbye Mode. What else could users be referring to?

minimur121513d ago

I'd really like suspend/resume feature. seems pretty awesome tbh.

Also, why don't they release it now ?I mean if you release it now then we get it meanwhile just because JP close to the end of feb doesn't mean it needs to be launched then.

Then again, alot of hacks come from JP so they may be delaying it they can't get their hands on it and exploit it before the system is even out.... but that doesn't really matter.

gaffyh1513d ago

All I want is local media player support. I honestly don't care about anything else, because all the other features don't matter that much. They should be focusing on giving all the features the PS3 has to the PS4 first, and then foxus on the extras like suspend resume.

dantesparda1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Well this sucks, now we gotta wait 23 more days for who knows what?

And i agree with gaffyh, I want every feature the PS3 had and more

FamilyGuy1513d ago

"suspend/resume mode" is like sleep, The PS4 goes in it's low power state but unlike with "Standby mode" it boots back up instantly with no wait time whatsoever.

I, like gaffyh and dantesparda, am a lot more interested in the PS4 getting local media support and all the other features that the PS3 has.

erathaol1513d ago

Crossing my fingers that PS4's sell like gangbusters in Japan, so we can finally get a next gen Monster Hunter game from CAPCOM.

Emphasis put on smoother controls and detailing photo realistic environments, by sending a crew to New Zealand or Ireland, to get some bearings on capturing the feeling of a real place.

I would like them to put their all into one incredible Monster Hunter game that has people talking for years.

BitbyDeath1513d ago

To add to what family guy said with suspend resume it will also let you leave your games open at all times putting them also in a low power state.

zeee1512d ago

this is baaaaaadddd news. I can't wait to use my headset and then I read this. This is messed up. Not cool Sony, not cool

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kma2k1513d ago

i just want to be able to use my damn ps4. I keep getting the damn CE-3478-0 error every time i try to play Killzone. I deleted it, reformated the system (three times) & still i cant play the damn game!

GW2121513d ago

That sounds like an underlying issue with the hardware. I haven't received that error since the first few days after launch.

Call Sony and see if they'll replace it for you. It shouldn't be doing that.

WitWolfy1513d ago

The only error i get is problems syncing my trophies... I have to sync a trophy like 5 times before it actually syncs.

Eonjay1513d ago

Check for a network update. No one is getting that error anymore. And yes it may be your hardware. Call Sony and find out. They will ship you a new one for free of course.

kma2k1510d ago

so i went & got a new disc & sure enough fired right up the brand new disc i had was somehow bad!

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sandman2241513d ago

I owned a pair of pulse headsets. Do yourself a favor and buy the px4's from turtle beach. They're more comfortable and better. I returned my pulse headset.

GW2121513d ago

Thoughts on the Astro A50s?

hellzsupernova1513d ago

I always thought the pulse was a bit too big and bulky for me.

dontbhatin1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


Im actually saving up for the A40's only difference is the 50's are wireless. I am set on them mainly cause i can use full surround gaming on my pc ps3 and ps4 with just that one headset.

Elwenil1513d ago

I'm hoping for support for true surround sound headsets like the Tritton Pro 5.1. Once you head true surround sound instead of what they pathetically pass off as "virtual" surround sound, you will never go back.

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UnrealThreats1513d ago

I still have no idea why they havent removed HDCP yet...

iiwii1512d ago

You will NEVER regret buying a Pulse headset. One of the best peripheral purchases I ever made for my PS3. You will hear games in a way you never have before.

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Mikefizzled1513d ago

I don't think its a wise idea to delay an update to release when an influx of users, I'm guessing 900k week one for Japan, are downloading the big launch update and the rest of it.

ipach1513d ago

for the rest of world users, i'm sure they'll be hitting different servers than the japan market. it might just be a convenience in terms of QA and whatnot. one big update is probably easier to clear up and certify than two little ones.

AgitatedOcelot1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

This is Japan. Their network infrastructure will laugh at that number of users downloading an update.

LeCreuset1513d ago

Thank you. I knew someone must have already said it.

Shad0wRunner1513d ago

Pfffft....figures. Shouldve known it would be delayed. And of course they'd wait til the end of January to tell us. -_-

ShwankyShpanky1513d ago

I believe they did actually say the headphone update would come in January.

305LoneWolf1513d ago

They should of added adobe shockwave player in the web browser

WitWolfy1513d ago

oh sorry do u talk on behalf of all gamers now?? Douche

SaffronCurse1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

flash has nothing to do with "Gamers". Idiot.

jobboy1513d ago

media server update please

The Meerkat1513d ago

I second that.

It seems so strange to have to turn off my PS4 and turn on my 360 every time I want to watch a movie.