Thuway: Titanfall 360 Close To X1, CBOAT Leak Was Genuine

Insider thuway confirmed that despite Respawn's denial, the leak about alpha textures being final is real. Also, Titanfall 360 looks good enough to be close to Xbox One's version.

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Gozer1544d ago

Oh Lord here we go again

TomShoe1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Come on everybody, let's go again.

But still, that's not surprising. Bluepoint is the best in the business at ports. I wonder how this will affect XBO sales, considering you don't need one to play the game. Will people ditch their 360s for a slightly improved version? Time will tell.

abzdine1544d ago Show
HaveAsandwich1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

respawn better watch it. if they have been lying, they are going to get ripped.

Gozer1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Most ports look similar because they use the same assets. Even your "mighty" ps4 looks similar to the 3rd party ports that it has right now. So you are trolling for no reason.

Titanfall for X1 will be the version to own, I have no doubt.

Festano1544d ago

I hope that things will change on xboxone.

Eonjay1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Why no 360 BETA.... oh.
So PC it is.
Colonel Marines is gonna be awesome!
In all seriousness though that good news for 360.

Alexious1544d ago

Personally I'll stick to my PC version in 4K, shouldn't even be heavy in terms of requirements as it is Source Engine after all.

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Kleptic1544d ago

Alexious: No joke...So far it looks like a business laptop could run it...Probably going to be one of the more popular games for 4k, as the requirements are going to be extremely low i'd least based on whats been shown...

Septic1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Time will tell :) Not long to go.

The question is, who do you trust; the devs who have stated quite CLEARLY that the alpha textures are not the same, or a leaker, who has been wrong on many accounts.

Also, it has to be said, the insecurities of certain fanboys BEGGING, HOPING and PRAYING for Titanfall to suffer, particularly on the X1 is so transparent lol.

All that will disappear with the sequel no doubt; when it graces all consoles :) See Bungie and Destiny for proof

BlackTar1871544d ago

@ septic

Did people actually say anythign bad about Bungie?

They have made great games in every single athing they've done. I can't imagine that many people hated on BUNGIE. I do see hate for Halo and i like Halo but i can see where people would think its kinda over the top and such. Anyways Bungie are great they've made great games everytime they've attempted games.

Codey471544d ago


I'm a PS4, PS3, PSVita launch owner and 360 owner(Since Nov 2013)

I have very little interest in Titanfall and have zero interest in seeing it on a Sony platform. I won't purchase Titanfall on 360.

I think you have the message now

I'm NOT interested.

silenius1544d ago

I don't see the problem with this.
actually I'm quite happy as a gamer for these news.
the reason is..

A) I don't own a strong computer to handle Titanfall at max settings.

B) I Don't want to spend money in XB1.(No titles that interest me) + it's too expensive for what it is.

C) Xbox 360 has more or less 78 million owners...
which means that even if the 10% of them get Titanfall on 360 that is a massive 7.8 million players!
MORE than the install base of the XB1.

i think my argument stands quite solid.
So if the rumor is ture... then I could not be any happier.

scott1821544d ago


Don't throw your X1 away because it can't have an open world game in next gen 1080p.. :'(

mewhy321544d ago

i have two 360's and a PS4. It's sad that the 360 has almost the ability as the bone. i'll be getting this on the 360. Well i'll have to get two copies so my kids can play against one another LOL.

AngelicIceDiamond1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


"game looking the same on x1 and 360 is an insult to you xbox fans."

Only a fanboy would say something like that good god. How is that insulting?

Its proof Titanfall is in a good hands of developers. Just because its last gen doesn't mean we should just gimp the version and tell last gen owners to screw off.

Destiny's coming to current gen as well your probably hoping they gimp the PS3 and 360 version so you can feel superior and better about your purchase.

Because god forbid the devs tiresomely trying to develop all the platforms at the same and make the current gen look presentably good despite pushing the very last inch of power devs are struggling to get out of these old machines...

Insiders VS devs

Yeah, I'll believe the guys who's actually, believe it or not, have been working on the game for 2 in a half years.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31544d ago

Infamous doesn't even look next gen. You folks are hyping because that's all you have to hype right now.

BlackTar1871544d ago


Now we know you smoking crack.

1544d ago
Silly Mammo1544d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3- And all you X1 owners have to get hyped about is Titanfall and it's not even an exclusive.

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MysticStrummer1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

@Angelic - I don't think the abdzine comment you're replying to has anything to do with gimping, and even if it did it would be the XB1 version being gimped to achieve parity, not the 360 version.

I think the point of that comment was that XB1's tech is such a small step above 360s that the game looks much the same on both. It's an insult to present such a small technical advance as "next gen". Just my interpretation. Discard at will.

As for believing the devs, Respawn originally claimed Titanfall was only possible because of the cloud. Do you really believe that?

lol @ Wraith. I imagine being a blind gamer is a tough thing to pull off.

ShinMaster1544d ago

With the Xbox One hogging all the hype surrounding Titanfall, I would be surprised if many people out there are not aware that the game is also available on their Xbox 360s.

If the word spreads to everyone out there who's considering buying XB1 and Titanfall that the game looks and is pretty much the same on 360.

What did you guys expect from COD devs.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31544d ago

Blacktar, lol, if I do it's not the type you could afford...ask your mom.

ITPython1544d ago

I had a feeling that despite them claiming otherwise, that the rumor was likely true. I mean Respawn said "Why would we lie, that doesn't benefit us", and I immediately thought, of course it benefits you, since people will be buying the full game anticipating higher textures, but won't get them. And since they already bought it and opened it up, they are screwed and Respawn gets a +1 on a sale. It's a classic bait and switch tactic.

And you know what Respawn will say to those who figure out the truth? "Oh don't worry, we will be patching in the higher res textures soon, we just wanted to make sure the release was smooth as possible". And 2-4 months down the line they will patch it in.

The really sad thing is, they will probably add more texture resolution months after release, but it's not going to be nearly as much as they originally claimed. Cause let's face it, the XB1 simply cannot handle it. And there is a high probability that when they do add that tiny bit of extra texture res, that it will impact the fps. Which makes me believe that they might sneak in a stealth resolution drop-down to make up for it.

I actually feel kinda bad for the XB1 players, they are getting shafted left and right and it doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon. Although we all saw the warning signs, yet they still chose to buy the console. So maybe I don't feel bad afterall.

u got owned1544d ago

I smell a lot of insecurity in this thread

UKRsoldier1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

ITPython -

So the Xbox One can't handle 720P/60FPS with textures that are anything other than low-rez? Hmm, thanks, you sure sound like you know what you're talking about.


BG115791543d ago

At this point, I'm wondering if the PC version is going to be truncated in some way to favor the Xbone's version.

ZombieKiller1543d ago

Well honestly, it was my initial idea to buy the X1 with Titanfall...but I have been struggling to justify a purchase with all this crap surrounding the X1. The policies, the forced kinect, etc etc.
Since my 360 red ringed 3 times, I didn't want to pump any more money into MS. I'm also a Playstation fanboy because I've been treated like crap by MS in my opinion and just like the PS brand better


I reflowed my 360 and it's been working VERY well since then. So I think that I am just going with the 360 version as this game is the only exclusive I see so far that fits my wants.

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christocolus1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


If the final game on xbx one is just as good looking as the versions which gamers and critics tried out at e3, gamescom and the xbx one pre-launch road show then theres no need to worry.

The game will soon be released, then we will know the truth but for now xbx fans need to treat this as the rumor that it is.


Xbx fans aint complaining so why are you bothered?

abzdine1544d ago

cause almost only xbox fanboys own x1. wise people anticipated these things since may 21st.

you decide to buy x1 you assume all this.

hakeem09961544d ago

I never thought that would see the day where people would believe an anonymous leaker over the people that actually is making the damn game .I've seen it all . I need to cancel my N4G account before i get infected with a huge dose of STUPIDITY

805Junior8051544d ago

The demo at E3 was running on PC

Stryfeno21544d ago

@hakeem0996 Oh dear God, take me with you.

BitbyDeath1543d ago

'Xbx fans aint complaining so why are you bothered?'

They're too busy being in denial to complain, read some of the comments above, sad, just enjoy your console even with its flaws. Surely you bought it for a reason other than cause it was made by Microsoft.

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The Developer already denied it, so end of story, what the hell is wrong with this site, consider another user gone after this, tired of this biased site now -_-

elninels1544d ago

Not the site, the users of said site.

MannGamer1544d ago

Ok let's admit that those rumors are true. As soon as the developer came out to deny it, they will sure add something to make it looks better than the alpha. They will definitely had something more so that it doesn't look like the alpha.
So even if those rumors are true as of today. They will surely be wrong by the time the game release cause MS can't afford that rumor to be true at all. And again because a developer came out to deny it that only confirms that they will add something more on the Xbox One version

FlunkinMonkey1544d ago

A second account running off spouting rubbish about the PS4 is moaning about what is wrong with this site, brilliant. The irony is strong.

You're tired of this site? I'll tell you what, how about you take you and your multiple personalities with you? Vamoosh.


ITPython1544d ago

"The Developer already denied it, so end of story"

Yeah, cause we all know it is impossible for a dev to lie. Just like it is impossible for the president of the United States to lie.

Boy, if only that was true.

Prime1571543d ago

You obviously don't get that this is user submitted news.

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silenius1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I don't see the problem with this.
actually I'm quite happy as a gamer for these news.
the reason is..

A) I don't own a strong computer to handle Titanfall at max settings.

B) I Don't want to spend money in XB1.(No titles that interest me) + it's too expensive for what it is.

C) Xbox 360 has more or less 78 million owners...
which means that even if the 10% of them get Titanfall on 360 that is a massive 7.8 million players!
MORE than the install base of the XB1.

i think my argument stands quite solid.
So if the rumor is ture... then I could not be any happier.

EDIT: sorry for the double post...

sergons1543d ago

Lol Titanflop will run at max settings on any ancient pc, same as cod.

frostypants1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Wait...I thought the One version used "teh cloud powah". Surely this game is not possible on the 360 if "teh cloud powah" is so important? Or, if all the versions use "teh cloud powah", then why again do I need a One?

esemce1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Only possible in the clouds sounds like MS BS to me. EA and MS make a great couple like a marriage made in hell.

ITPython1544d ago

Can you imagine a world where the AI in TF isn't controlled by the cloud?

Just imagine... instead of them standing around doing practically nothing, they can stand around and do literally nothing.


Prime1571543d ago


It's a form of dedicated servers. People who don't get dedicated servers have never gamed on pc pre-cod:mw1. Stop buying into the pr. MOST OF US GET WHAT PLAYER HOSTED VS DEDICATED MEANS.

The cloud that ms is pushing is an interesting form of dedicated servers, but not what they keep spinning it to be. I won't deny that it could be what they spin after a few years, and maybe that is their plan. HOWEVER, right now and at least 18 more months it will be a dream and until that dream is achieved it's just pr spin.

BG115791543d ago

Remember... Remember the latest Simcity that used dedicated servers because it was necessary for the increase performance (AKA cloud computing)...
Oh that went well...

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otherZinc1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

For those of us that played the TitanFall demo, know it was [email protected]! just the way it was. I'm positive, 99.9% of us would play TitanFall as is!

How's TitanFall running on the PS4 & PS3?

Hater articles make me laugh.

ThePope1544d ago

Respawn has been nothing but open about the game. Not only that why would they lie about their first game.

Yeah this article is going to get all sorts of up votes because the Sony fanboys are BEGGING for the rumor to be true.

DoubleM701544d ago


I'm laughing my ass off. The game is tight as hell. They like reading this propganda bull shit. I guess they forgot about all the Game of the year awards it has already. Even before the game has came out. I smell fear.

T21544d ago

titanfall would in fact run better on the ps4 but it just so happens it's not available, just like sony exclusives are not for xb1.... but I see great trolling attempt.

kickerz1544d ago

Hate to say it but no Titanfall would not run better on your PS4 because it's an online game running on microsofts dedicated servers. Respawn choose Microsoft because of this. Yes it might be 1080p on PS4 but the online experience would be pretty average with player hosted matches.

DevilishSix1544d ago


Hate to burst your bubble respawn didn't chose MS dedicated servers, hell they have came out and said they were the last to know of the exclusive deal with MS. Oh and do we know for sure that MS is operating the servers, this is an EA published title and they like to maintain control of their games. Not sure MS has anything to do with this title other than its only on their platforms.

kickerz1544d ago

Well if you read DoubleM70s link a few posts up, a guy who works for Respawn states they went to Sony and Microsoft at the start and Microsoft was the one who offered dedicated servers. Maybe he's lying, maybe it's more about money.. I don't know, I'm just saying what I've read ey .

Silly Mammo1544d ago

@otherZinc- If it turns out to be good, I'll pick it up for my PC. Can't think the specs will be too taxing on my mid-range PC.

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Arkardo1544d ago

Well there you go, if this is true i sincerely wish the best for titanfall taking down the protagonist paper to COD, maybe this is what all Xbone fanboys need to realize the inferiority of the Xbone

Then they could move on, accept the facts and praise their games for what they are and not keep denying what the world has been telling to them everyday

ThePope1544d ago

Wouldn't praising the games for what they are be the point for everyone? No matter how good a game looks if it sucks, it sucks. But look at it this way while Xbox One owners will be killing it in Titanfall on the best MP servers ever made. Sony fans can play Killzone online. Well I mean if you can find a game. I hear that's pretty much impossible.

Qrphe1544d ago

If Xbox fans deny that 1080p is better than 720p and that 60fps is superior to 720p, then it's clear they'll never accept anything.

Malacath1543d ago


Do you even know what you are talking about?

What do you mean by 60fps is better than 720p?

Frames per second and resolution are totally different things.

As usual another sad pathetic fanboy talking crap.

BallsEye1544d ago

Amazing how people still believe neogaf insiders, even when dev himself went on forum and denied it. Shows how blind **** hive is.

BG115791543d ago

Amazing how people deny all MS past history and believe what lie they say.
Until this day, some "insiders" from NEOGAF have told more truths than MS did. That's why people believe then. Specially with MS, because they feel it's a good policy to lie to costumers. Then gain the habit of doing it. When people found out, they as usual denied it with the power of all their money.
E3 :"Look at this games, all in 1080 and 60fps... Only possible in Xbox One". Somethings can't never be taken back.

BallsEye1543d ago


Amazing how you forget sonys past. first PS that you had to put upside down to read discs. ps2 that had more issues than any other system and was boasted by sony to have graphics on par with Pixar movies. ps3 that was supposed to have 4D graphics (yep another lie...4d and again showing fake gameplay of killzone, saying it's real time (hello first e3 killzone gameplay). Did same with ps4's Deep Down, putting hud on screen to make you believe it's gameplay.

Every company will do anything to sell product and sony is not sait, just like MS. And insiders on neogaf making riight predictions? If you would really follow you would know that they were right only 2/20 tries and only with the obvious stuff. Keep trying.

DigitalRaptor1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

It's amazing just how much stock you put into the words of Xbox officials about the power of the Xbone and "the cloud" that hasn't shown anything remotely tangible, and the ones like Penello and Hyrb that sign up for Neogaf to damage control lie about their product and get ousted for blatantly lying to their consumer base. No other corporation is even close to THAT desperate to manipulate their consumer base.

Talk about blind, when you are the one spreading crap about a game like inFamous: Second Son where we have already seen how outrageously amazing it looks running on PS4 hardware in native 1080p. I guess that GDDR5 definitely doesn't help with open-world games. Right?

And dude, if it wasn't for those Neogaf insiders like Pete Dodd, you'd still have your gracious DRM f**kbox, that believe me, would be getting MS a lot more heat than you see today.

"only with the obvious stuff"

You don't even know the scope of what these insiders have leaked now, do you? SMFH.

CertifiedGamer1544d ago

See if they would have said the xbone version looks close to the PC, it would have been a complement, but the insults is already said and done 360 looks close to the Xbone.

hellzsupernova1544d ago

Ah yes. Not long to go now. I'm sure the game will be a lot of fun and is that not the main thing?

alb18991544d ago

Will yo guys feel better if it was just for X1, so you don't have to compare and talk?
What is the problem?
I don't care if it look similar
From the first time I saw Titan Fall I new it won't be about graphics.
You guys are just jealous that every x1 owner will have more fun than you
You ps4 fan boys want this game so bad

mayberry1543d ago

With how cheap the 360 is, the majority of sony fans have one, myself included, this game will be played by the most die-hard sony fans! Without getting a xbone! Gamers that only have a ps4 are problably very rare!

Prime1571543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I'll enjoy it on my pc, thank you. You xbox fanboys label anyone who isn't a fan of what you are a fan of as a Sony fan. I admit, I'm actually a battlefield fan more than this new moba: cod style. Have fun killing bots.

The difference is that I have been gaming on dedicated servers longer than some of you to understand the pr you get fed.

ocelot071543d ago

I really really don't. Now if I did want it ill just get it on PC and if I really wanted to. Ill use my PS4 controller with it :0. Or if for some reason I don't want it on PC ill just buy it on Xbox 360. You do know this game is coming to 360 right?

avengers19781544d ago

How close is "close". TitanFall is a huge chance for MS to show current 360 gamers the reason why you should go next gen. If it fails to do that Halo 5 is there next shot and that is late 2014- early 2015. That could turn into an issue.
I mean they really don't want Sony to be at 10 million and them be at 5 by the end of next year.

IMO I think TitanFall will be loads better on XB1 than on 360...
And if MS has any say over it, it should even be better than the PC version(not saying it will, but it does make sense for XBOX/MS to make the XB1 version of the game the best version)