GoPro App Headed To Xbox 360 And Xbox One, In-App Purchases Confirmed

iGR: "GoPro cameras have become tremendously popular for amateur and professional filmmakers alike. The immersive experience the easily mounted camera perpetuates has become something of a phenomenon among viewers as well. It was announced today that GoPro would be partnering with Microsoft to launch a dedicated app on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One."

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Sayai jin1575d ago

Sounds like a good addition.

malokevi1575d ago

Nice. Hopefully it's not just a publisher/youtube style app, and actually has the capability to connect to the Camera itself and view content on the SD card. Would love to be able to browse my files and view them in HD on the big screen through my Xbox.

giovonni1575d ago

that's pretty dope. Hopefully it's nothing cheesy

Sayai jin1575d ago

Yeaaaah boyeee, Just kidding. There you go using the word dope. LOL.

Looking at some pics and info it should be pretty nice.

giovonni1575d ago

lol, I can't help it I think I might use fresh in my next one lol.

Sayai jin1575d ago

My children laugh at me when I use my old school lingo. LOL

Eonjay1575d ago

You know, being that Xbox One has Windows 8 built it, they should be able to port tons of Metro Style Win 8 apps to Xbox One. With the addition of smart glass, they really could open up a world of available apps for Xbox.