Nintendo is locked out of the next-gen market

GameZone's Austin Wood writes, "For every potential out, there’s a historical and topical reason undermining its odds. So in the end, if Nintendo does plan on continuing their pursuit of console gamers (instead of prioritizing the handheld market, which they dominate handily), it’s clear that an absolute head-turner is in order. Beyond just the market, however, Nintendo may have to turn its own design philosophies on end to come up with a win. Any ideas readers, or is the big N better off as ‘SEGA with a handheld line’?"

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lilbroRx1506d ago

More negative opinions about Nintendo. How original...

stragomccloud1506d ago

The more "gamers" try to shun or damage Nintendo, the more they are doing themselves a disfavor by not letting themselves play such a great library of games. The author calls Nintendo's use of Mario or Donkey Kong, among other franchises, "tired;" however, anyone who actually plays these games is familiar with just how different and unique each new Nintendo title is. Even though the pallets and visual style may remain similar, the games are always fresh and different!

stragomccloud1506d ago

While Wii U is looking a bit grim at the moment, it seems foolish to say Wii U is totally out when there are currently more Wii Us in customer hands than PS4s, and almost twice as many Wii Us out there as Xbones. If third parties want their games to sell on the Wii U, they need to stop half assing their games and put their money where their mouths are. No more half assed ports. No more incomplete games with missing features. ..and no more games where the idea of incoming DLC isn't a guarantee. Consumer confidence is very low in third party efforts on the Wii U because most third party developers have not given consumers any reasons to be confident in the products said company produces.

FanOfRootBeer1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

The reasons for low third party support on the Wii U are the system's abysmal sales record and Nintendo's inability to secure third party partnerships.

iplay1up21506d ago

There are some great ports for Wii U to go along with the half%^& ports. Rayman, Deus Ex, Need for Speed, Trine 2, BOPS2. COD Ghost, Assassins Creed 4, Lego Marvel Super Hero's Disney Infinity, Splinter Cell Black List Resident Evil Revelations, Monster Hunter 3. These are all great and every bit as good on Wii U if not better, because of the gamepad.

Those games all play great.

Then there are these Zombi U, Lego City, SM3Dworld, Sonic LW, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, NSMB Mario/Luigi, Earthbound, and a slew of other games too.

There is no reason with all these games on Wii U not to own one if you are a gamer (unless Money is the issue). Now its being sold on E-bay for $269 with WWHD, Wonderful 101, Ninja Gaiden 3 (which is much better on Wii U than PS3).

Wow the sale ended on E-bay but they sold almost 2000 Wii U bundles in one is the link....

That is cheap.

stragomccloud1506d ago

True, but at the same time, I felt that Ghosts should have been based on the other next gen versions, rather than being a port of the 360 version. Personally I'm just glad that I can play Call of Duty with graphics better than Wii, while still being able to use a Wii remote and Nunchuk, which is my preferred control scheme.

The Wii U is capable of producing graphics pretty darn close to at least Xbox one, but developers have to put in the extra time to proggram the CPU properly, and to make use of the GPGPU. That and The Wii U, while not haveing nearly as much RAM as the Xbox One and PS4, still has more RAM than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined, so they should really be using higher quality textures.

I know I'm complaining, but these complaints are I believe valid. That said, I would much rather have a better control scheme like the gamepad or Wii remote/nunchuk over better graphics any day. That's why even though I have a beast of a gaming PC, I still prefer getting Wii U versions of games. ..and with that said though, I want developers to put more effort into the hardware side of their games!

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Saying they're "Locked out" is saying too much, especially when generations aren't defined by things like specs or popularity or opinions.
It's still in the next-gen market because, by definition of the term generation[sequence], it's a next-gen system.

Nintendo's biggest problems are its marketing efforts and its lack of big-hit titles thus far.

Mario 3D world was a grand game, but far from being enough on its own.[especially when a lot of people are looking for the next entry in the non-linear Mario line, akin to Galaxy, Sunshine, and 64.]

The 2014 line-up is looking promising, however, with games like Bayonetta 2 and X and Mario Kart 8 leading the charge, and on top of that, we've also got to consider any projects that Nintendo is keeping a secret until time to reveal them.[a rumor about a game called Mario Air is floating around...what else could they be hiding?]

There's also the indie side of things to consider.
While the Wii wasn't such a huge success with third parties and indies, the Wii U, and Nintendo's change towards being far more open, has seen a veritable flood of support from the indie side of the market.[I think certain third parties are beyond convincing until the install base becomes big enough to catch their money-sniffers' attention]
There has even been a report or two of Nintendo being the ones that gave an indie a chance that they couldn't find anywhere else.[one such report is right here on N4G, in fact]

Then there's the news that not only are they in the process of making GBA titles available for the 3DS and DS titles available for the Wii U, but there was also the recent news that they'll be licensing out their characters to third parties in order to get some spin-offs going.
Hyrule Warriors is only the first of these...what other kinds of "games we didn't even know we wanted" will third parties come up with now that they've got more open access to these characters?
It's an interesting thought, if not an exciting one.[although there's a risk of a bad game or two, I don't think we'll be seeing another case of CD-I, since that was developed for an entirely different console, with no Quality Control from Nintendo's side of things looking over their shoulder.XD]

Continued in Part 2...

wonderfulmonkeyman1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Part 2

Nintendo has also come out with a lot of very humbling statements in recent days from their heads.
They're recognizing many of their flaws and making strides to fix them, and are putting their foots down on some of the more inane suggestions about what they should do to fix things[IE, saying no to going mobile or making games for other consoles or dropping out of the market entirely], while also looking forwards towards the future with optimism instead of a defeated attitude, which will be crucial amidst this storm of negative press.
They've also said they'll be going with universal accounts in the future, which is something people have been asking for for ages.
Region locking going bye-bye can't be far behind at this point.
They're slowly opening up to how things have changed outside of their bubble, in other words.

What Nintendo needs most now, as I've said, is a bigger focus on advertisement of core-gamer-centric games.
But if they REALLY want to rock the boat...
They'll offer Indies a way of getting TV advertisement for their games on the Wii U.

Think about it; what other company offers that to them right now?
And since Nintendo seems to want to earn back some of those casuals they've lost, what better way than to offer some advertisement for some of the smaller casual-like Indie titles alongside the bigger ones?

If they offer indies a way to make their advertisement go more main-stream and increase their profit potential, I think that would go a LONG way towards getting them to flock to the system even more than they already are.

Nintendo has a long way to go, and these aren't the only suggestions they should be taking, but I feel that a focus on advertisement, on showing that their system can do something for all sides of the community, is an absolute MUST, above everything except getting more titles out from THEIR side of the field.

We need announcements of more core titles from Nintendo's IP base; Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, even the first serious console-based Pokemon game if they'd be willing to try it, would do a whole lot to move the system into new homes.

It helps that they've also started selling refurbished units for an almost insane $225, but that's a different headline that has already been discussed elsewhere...

RPG_Lover1506d ago

They are locked out what????? no they arent, Nintendo is just fine.