Killer Instinct begins Xbox One's war on quitters

Dealspwn: "Picture the scene. You've played an absolute blinder in a multiplayer match, bringing your A-game and dominating all comers. But just before your moment of triumph, your opponent decides to quit or turn off their console, leaving you cussing madly with nothing to show for your efforts, and rendering the victory meaningless. We've all been there.

Xbox One's reputation system promised to punish these cowardly wretches with more than a slap on the ratio, and we're starting to see this in action courtesy of Killer Instinct, which now throws serial quitters into virtual jail. In effect, it makes them sit on virtual naughty step. If Microsoft's game plan remains unchanged from statements made last year, this is just the opening salvo of a concerted camapaign against griefers, quitters and the worst of the gaming community."

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SavageKuma1628d ago

Raises questions about what they will do against people with bad connections?

Blues Cowboy1628d ago

Very true, thank goodness BF4 doesn't have the same system!

Lame digs aside (sorry!), the percentage ratio and 10 match limit means that anyone with a dodgy connection shouldn't be affected - only those who repeatedly quit time and time again will get stung.

Which is awesome. They deserve it.

JokesOnYou1628d ago

Great idea I love it. I've handed out my fair share of azz whippings and been on the receiving end of plenty but I always stand my ground and take it like a man.....I hate quitters.

Neonridr1628d ago

Happens once here and there, I am sure there is no penalty. If you consistently have a bad connection that causes you to quit out every match, then you may want to consider changing providers.

Other games have similar things set in place where if you quit one match you can't play for like 30 minutes. If you quit a second time you cannot play for a full 24 hours, and if you quit again you are banned for a while week.

Obviously they will have to look into things like dropped connections, but I think it's a great start. So many times in Halo 3 teams would quit out if they were getting badly beaten because they didn't want it to affect their ranks.

SavageKuma1628d ago

I mean honestly they must have a system to check when someone is having a bad connection vs. just rage quitting.

theRell1628d ago

Agreed. Personal responsibility had to come into play. If you keep getting disconnected from online games, you need to fix your problem.

truefan11628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

True, that must be considered, but I am all for the move. If they can make it regional that would be great, so those without the greatest internet infrastructure will not be punished. Xbox live is supposed to be a place for competitive gaming and that reputation system didn't work out very well, so bring it on. Win, lose, or draw finish the game.

mos61421628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

its like you guys didn't read the article.

"The first time your disconnect percentage goes above 15 percent you go to JAIL"

if you are disconnecting over 15% of the time, you should not be playing at all

NeoTribe1628d ago

Its not the problem of the game designers to cater to peoples bad internet connections. To be blunt and factual, its not there problem, its the consumers. If your trying to play online games competetivly, get a decent internet connection. Since when are game makers reliable for our internet speeds?

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DinoNYC1628d ago

This sounds a bit extreme, is rage quitting even a big issue for fighting games?

likeaboss3021628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

Yes it's a big problem in KI as there is no penalty prior to this update and the other person doesn't even get a win unless you lock in an Ultra.

I average about 25% rage quits a night. It sucks because I take all my losses and it hurts my record because I should have a lot more wins.

Blues Cowboy1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago )

@likeaboss302: totally agreed. It's actually a bigger problem in fighting games than almost any other genre, because they're 1v1 - so if an opponent quits, the whole match has been for nothing. It's annoying in an FPS, but at least a few people on the losing team will do the sportsmanlike thing and see a losing battle out to the end.

DinoNYC1628d ago

Since standard fighting games end fairly short I felt like it wouldn't be a big issue. In team battles in things like Dota, a rage quit really hurts the whole team. Also in regards of 1v1, I figured sport games would be a bigger issue since it ends the game prematurely.

Blues Cowboy1628d ago

@DinoNYC: Ah, I see your point, but matches can last a surprisingly long time when you factor in matchmaking/KI's combo system.

mcstorm1628d ago

@likeaboss302 I agree it really p's me off when people quit. I have not had this much on the xbox one yet but had it a lot on the 360 esp in sports games. Ide often get beat by some one on fifa and have a rematch and be winning with not long to go and they would quit the same in forza too.

I like how fifa 14 on the xbox one give you the win now if they quit and its about time the developers punish quitters imo as it spoils the game.

SilentNegotiator1628d ago

They didn't even think to give people victories when the other person rage quits? WTF were they thinking?

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UnHoly_One1628d ago

Yes. I'd say about 2 out of every 3 matches I win end up with the other guy quitting at the end, leaving me without a victory.

christocolus1628d ago (Edited 1628d ago ) more quitters. we all get to finish our fights even if your on the loosing

Im guilty of this though cos i suck at ki. Played with my brothers friend once,the guy was so good i couldnt even win a round,i got frustrated mid game and gave up. They both had a good laugh..Lol.

SynestheticRoar1628d ago

I would quit all the time just to see what the jail looks like. LOL

SavageKuma1628d ago

Nothing to see, you just get put in an area where people like you play.

theRell1628d ago

This is a Great Leap Forward for online fighting games. Reminds me of what Rockstar did to the Max Payne 3 cheaters, just put them all together.

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