Largest EVE Online Battle in History Causes $330k in Real World Damage

Always remember to pay your rent. If you don’t, you could very well incur further wrath from your landlord and get a late fee, or you might just cause an epic war for the ages and cause $500,000 in damage to your EVE Online fleet.

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ATi_Elite1602d ago

Imagine loosing a Titan, $5000, plus 4 months of man hours building the thing because some MORON didn't pay his bill thus allowing his account to get suspended and him NOT protecting his part of the Galaxy.

Stuff like this is why Eve Online has been going STRONG for 10 years and still there is no game like it.

You don't play Eve Online you LIVE IT!

If the Valkyrie Combat System is implemented into Eve Online I may jump back in because the real-time combat action of Valkyrie will allow my gaming skills to make up for my low ISK bankroll.

Shakengandulf1601d ago

Its insane.. Maybe if i was an elf i would try this game but i dont have the time for this type of gameplay...
Certainly interesting reading up on it.