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Matt of RGN writes, "Unepic is a melding pot of platforming, RPG, and dungeon crawling games. It has a distinctive classic NES/SNES style to it but with a new age feel mixed in. Unepic stars Daniel, the “unepic” hero from the modern world fighting through Harnakon, the large castle that Daniel has been transported into while using the washroom at a friend’s house during a D&D session. The game is available for Windows as well as Wii U. The title can be played with both the GamePad and Pro Controller, with the GamePad either functioning as a second screen for inventory, map, etc., or off-screen play."

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MNGamer-N1546d ago

This game is getting good reviews, the more I hear about it, the more I want to pick it up. But I must wait. These games almost always go on sale. I will wait until then because I ain't made outta money you know? The only game on the WiiU eshop that has never had a sale is "Cave". But this looks interesting. Has anyone played it?

for we are many1546d ago

Hey MNGamer-N, I played it few days ago and I can recommend it without hesitation, it's a mixture of metroid-Castlevania perspective platforming with good old school RPG questing, slashing, looting and crafting. Really excellent and challenging, it's also a time sponge! It also has funny writing and good voice acting!

I actually have both versions, PC and Wii U, The definite version by far is the Wii U. 1st, the touch screen inventory and quick equip/weapon change make wonders to ease navigating the cluttered inventory and change equipments on the fly. The game also fits perfectly for off-tv play due to it's perspective, like you can hold the gamepad like a book while reclining on the couch! very neat!
It's also 10$, but if you feel like waiting for discounts it's up to you ;)