Grand Theft Auto V Won't Be Announced For The PC Today

DSOGaming writes: "GameReactor claimed yesterday that pre-orders for GTA V PC would be starting today. Their source was Nordic retailer Elgiganten Sverige. However, this retailer has just confirmed – via its FB page – that its planned presale for GTA V has been postponed, meaning that there won’t be any announcement today."

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KrisButtar1446d ago

"partially because it is coming, yet Rockstar is not confirming it yet). "

An official statement whether its coming or not before E3 would be nice anyways. I personally think it should go to PC seeing as they missed RDR.

john21446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I'm pretty sure that R* will unveil the PC version alongside the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Something tells me though that this will happen only when GTA Online hits its peak

wannabe gamer1446d ago

hits its peak? when why and how exactly will we know when this peak has come?

john21445d ago

@wannabe gamer: We as gamers won't know. R* will however as it has access to its stats.

JohnnyTower1446d ago

Come on Rockstar, just hand over the goods. Pc gamers have waited long enough. Don't you want our money?

JustPlay41446d ago

I wish they would just come out and say if its coming out for PC or not this is getting annoying

wtopez1446d ago

GTAV is cool but not as cool as Rockstar would like us to believe. I did play it on my 360 and was mostly wishing it was on my PC instead, but I'm kinda giving less of a shit each passing day...

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The story is too old to be commented.