An Open Letter To Those Who Say “You’re Too Old For Video Games”

Ever been told that you’re “too old to be playing video games?” Send them this article and get back to your gaming.

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darkvenom1485d ago

41 years old, and still gaming. : )

Thatguy-3101485d ago

Games like The Last of Us, Journey, Heavy Rain, Bioshock Infinite, etc. Are basically for adults. Not just for their rating but the story and the depth it goes to. Games have developed so much throughout time that one simply can't see it for kids anymore. Ignorant individuals that have no idea would eventually bring up how video games is a kid thing.


38 here...don't plan on stoping anytime soon!

KwietStorm1485d ago

I was hoping this article would take a more mature or in-depth approach. But he basically said "I don't understand the critics. I've played games a lot. I like games. Games."

iceman061485d ago

I have an "open" 7 [email protected] YOU!!! LOL
Seriously, as if many of the more "adult" things to do are truly any more adult. Watching grown men play games??? (sports) Watching grown men argue and toil and nothing really getting done? (politics) Let's not even start on the games being played in relationships! Facetious? Yes! Any more adult than playing video's a matter of perspective...or lack thereof.

Dasteru1485d ago

Well considering 90% of modern video games are made for adults and that the average gamer age (statistically) is 36. Too many ignorant people, still living in the 80s.

I'm only 26 now, but you can bet i'll still be gaming when i'm 60.

oldassgamer1485d ago

My name says everything. I'll game until I can't. Pushing 50, btw.

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The story is too old to be commented.