Battlefield 4: Second Assault PS4 trophies appear, suggesting incoming release

VG247 - "Battlefield 4: Second Assault hasn’t been dated for release on PS4 yet, but the expansion’s trophy set has just appeared online, suggesting that it’s not far off."

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rbluetank1626d ago

I still can not access the china rising free dlc maps. I am near died out with the same ashstray maps.... I not buying any new maps until I get my free maps first....

Majin-vegeta1626d ago

What system are you on and have you tried contacting EA support?

Gozer1626d ago

Wow ps4 still doesn't have Second Assault? Ive been playing Second Assault on the X1 for a couple monthes now.

You guys are going to love Second Assault. Its just 4 maps, but the quality of those maps is double that of the vanilla maps. Same goes for China Rising. Guilin Peaks and Dragons Pass are awesome maps that visually look fantastic. The only thing about China Rising that is disappointing is that there is no leveloution Op Metro 2014 is a grindfest in conquest. Its worse than Op Locker, its still great though. Gulf of Oman 2014 has the flags rather close together in conquest. So there are some sweet infantry battles on that map.

rbluetank1626d ago

I have Bf4 for the ps3 first. I upgrade the ps3 version of bf4 to the ps4. I entered the code first and only on my ps4. I always get an error code stating not able to down load it yet.... I have not try to contact EA; because I thought that they were still fixing the game. my ps4 version of Bf4 always verifies my disc version every 15 minutes on my ps4. a big font runs across my 42 inch Every 15 minutes. it is very bothersome to try to gather states on your game and get this verify check font. when Ea can not verify my disc it kicks me out in 5 minutes. I can not believe gamer want a DRM consoles with all these check in.

aceitman1626d ago

U have to look in search games. And make sure u downloaded from ingame premium section.

MWong1626d ago

That latest patch had a brief adverse reaction to my PS4. It seemed like it was about to brick and it caused my console to crash.

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Hazmat131626d ago

ive seen the levelution thing for gulf of oman its a huge sandstorm! kinds boring but oh well. anybody know what levelution for the rest of the maps?

lovethenoob1626d ago

i thought the devs halted all DLC until they fixed all the issues in BF4...why is this coming to light?

whitefang19881626d ago

Because they have released 2 updates for the game since that statement. I'm not having issues anymore

DinoNYC1626d ago

Is the game itself even fixed yet? Why work on DLC when the original game is still broken.

angelsx1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

After the last patch yesterday on ps4 my singleplayer progres has been deleted again maybe for 10 times and the rubber banding and zero health is still there.I don't know what to say.I give up . .

leogets1626d ago

really? im on ps4 and last nights game session on bf4 was buttery smooth. i only play conquest large aswell. all my squad were loving the smoothness. had a jult pritty bad when the hlf of buildin came down on heinen resort but thats different

whitefang19881626d ago

Yep mine was working perfectly too. Also I like the new chat box for commands. And the symbol on the kill screen if they head shot you. Nice touches :-)

TrueJerseyDevil1626d ago

They should give everyone premiem for free for dealing with the problems this game has.

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