Breath of Fire 6 gets new, spicy character details

"It’s been a slow trickle of new details regarding Capcom’s smartphone and PC RPG Breath of Fire 6, but Japanese website 4Gamer has uncovered even more story-related information that’s spicy enough to get even the most jaded Breath of Fire fan’s ears to perk up.

Two new characters have been revealed for the game, including Gilliam, a blue, anthropomorphic wolf-like warrior who protects the leafy Forest of the Dawn that sits adjacent to Dragnier, the player’s starting village, and Amyria, a friendly, yet stubborn female intellectual who is described as having a mild and laid-back personality. Gilliam also happens to be the name of a bow and arrow-wielding wolf-like character from the original Breath of Fire on SNES, who was renamed “Bo” in the North American version of the game.

What’s even more curious is Amyria. The name of the main villain in both Breath of Fire I and III was named “Myria,” a powerful goddess with questionable intentions. While one fan has surmised that the Japanese ‘アミリア’ can be translated as”Amelia” as well, the name in Japanese sounds exactly like “Myria” with just an ‘A’ in the front. Couple that with her red eyes, long purple hair and horns, and I would say that this may turn out to be an interesting reveal in the main game." - Patrick Kulikowski

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crosstrigger1576d ago

Soooo much potential ruined by IOS.... Sad Ryu :( Anybody else wish this was a PS4 exclusive?

DanielGearSolid1576d ago

I wish it was atleast on Vita and 3DS... Idk about exclusive

GrizzliS19871576d ago

BOF3 still my favorite rpg of all time. never forgetting turning into super saiyan kaiser lololol

Snookies121576d ago

Agreed, not about wanting it as exclusive, but about it being ruined by iOS. This series deserved better than a freaking phone game.

Magicite1576d ago

I loved BoF4 and waited for a fill-fledged sequel, but now...meh

jc485731576d ago

Ryu is a wolfman confirmed.

Chrono1576d ago

I wonder how the gameplay is like because it doesn't seem turn-based.

Xer0_SiN1576d ago

breath of fire...pc...smarphone. i dont even...

cocadaking1576d ago

Oh my, just look at how generic the art style is...

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