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What other last-gen titles deserve the “Super HD” treatment on PS4/Xbox One?

The big release this week is Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. It’s a trend which I hope doesn’t become the norm, as most of us purchased a shiny new console for new games specifically and not ports.

However it got me thinking, what other games would be pretty sweet to have a “super HD” port running on these new consoles. I feel if the price was right (unlike the price for Tomb Raider) I could certainly see myself picking one of these up. So here are a few titles I feel would be pretty awesome running on a PS4/Xbox One. (Dev, Industry, Mass Effect 2, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3, PS4, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Are_The_MaDNess  +   363d ago
"Super HD" eh? LMAO
i really hope this does not become a thing.
atleast not at the Tomb Raider Price Point.
Yi-Long  +   363d ago
Skyrim, Fallout 3, GTA5, etc etc.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   363d ago
Skyrim and Fallout is already out on PC, and i played it at 1600p and had a blast.
and more and more leaks about GTA5 coming to PC is showing up every month..... so yeah.
LocutusEstBorg  +   363d ago
The PS4 and Xbox One cannot even run those last gen versions at 1080p 60fps.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   363d ago
other thing about Skyrim and Fallout, the Creation Engine (Skyrim) dont support more than 3.1GB of Ram usage, the engine breaks on itself if its overloaded.
they really have to rework alot of the engine to make it run in "Super HD" (worst term ever....)

i Think Ratchet & Clank and Zelda Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess need a HD remake aswell :D

then again.... i have already played both Zelda games in 1600p with supersampling on the Dolphin Emulator.
would be nice with official support tho.
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joab777  +   363d ago
Hopefully these games end up on PlayStation Now as Bethesda owes Sony a little something lol!
vickers500  +   363d ago
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition
dale_denton  +   363d ago
i want the uncharted trilogy remastered to next gen if thats even possible
Septic  +   363d ago
GTA V for sure. It's begging for a next-gen port. I would deffo buy it again and I know a lot of others who would too.
Dark11  +   363d ago
DarkSiders 1 and 2.
JasonKCK  +   363d ago
On the same disc with all DLC. Nice pick :)
KentBlake  +   363d ago
Gta 5, Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim. And Tokyo Jungle, because I like it...
Megaton   363d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
LeonhartX  +   363d ago
The Last of Us
Bathyj  +   363d ago
Last of Us and Uncharted obviously. But I wouldn't like Naughty Dog to waste their time on it, someone else would have to port it.

Farcry 3
God of war 3
And just out of left field, Brothers in arms: hells highway.
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Omar91  +   363d ago
I think with PS now that won't be necessary. All the games you stated already look amazing especially the last of us. I would prefer them to just be available on PS Now. This might be more with Third party games like some you mentioned above.

Actually maybe GTAV would make sense to bring over to ps4, which I'm sure they are doing so as we speak.
Aces17  +   363d ago
Yes God of War 3. Not that it could look much better but yes.
theXtReMe1  +   363d ago
I would like to see the same games ported over, with the Tomb Raider treatment. I didn't have a PS3 last gen, so I didn't get a chance to play the first party titles. I also didn't play Far Cry 3 or GTA 5.
Bathyj  +   363d ago
What were you doing for the last 7 years?
theXtReMe1  +   363d ago
I had an Xbox 360, but stopped playing games about two or three years ago. From the beginning of last generation until about 4 or 5 years in, I had beaten 130+ games in a row. I burnt myself out for the first time in the history of video games, I've been playing since the pong era.

It was actually scary for me, burning out the way I did. I think I got to a point where games started playing exactly the same, but just had a new coat of paint. I had never burn out before, in the history of me playing, since the Atari 2600 era of consoles.

I think I was ready for the next generation three years ago. I was ready for games to take on more physics properties, to let players play them the way they wanted. Instead of shooting enemies directly in the face, shooting statues 30 feet above them and having them fall on top of them. Something that was promised at the beginning of last generation, but only happened in a handful of games.

So the introduction of new hardware, in the form of the PS4, brought me back to the excitement and energy I had when I played my very first video game. Knowing that developers limitations have been lifted, so they can see their visions through. Of course, the beginning of any generation doesn't showcase a whole lot of anything but visuals, but it's a step in the right direction to new and exciting things.

It also doesn't help that I'm very busy with my businesses. But the winter is my time of year to relax and have time away, to spend with those I love and the hobbies I love to do. Which is why I enjoy my time here chatting with other like-minded gamers. To get perspective and join in on the excitement that others share.

Great times, my friend.
sashimi  +   363d ago
O hope not and SuperHD? what like 1440p rez+? lol
I rather devs focus on new games rather than old.
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Qwagy UK  +   363d ago
How about some new IP's instead!
Master-H  +   363d ago
None. Focus on making new games instead of rehashing stuff we played and payed for a couple of years ago.
Lord_Sloth  +   363d ago
jackwei22  +   363d ago
I think COD 4 Modern Warfare may end up getting the HD treatment for this new next-gen to its popularity still as the defining game of the series.
Septic  +   363d ago
Still waiting on COD: Ghosts to get the HD treatment.

*insert troll face*

No but seriously...it looks terrible. I would buy MW2 HD remaster though.
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Ravenheartzero  +   363d ago
Dragon quest 8 and Final fantasy 12
gprime  +   363d ago
DQ8 desperately needs this. Awesome game, and it looks amazing emulated at 1080, except for the low res cut-scenes and some backgrounds and terrain.
Blackcanary  +   363d ago
I would play Ni No Kuni all over again on the ps4.
Tzuno  +   363d ago
Diablo 2.
barb_wire  +   363d ago
In no particular order..

Alan Wake
Resistance: FoM
Viva Pinata
Assassin's Creed I-III
Borderlands I-II (one disc with ALL the DLC)
Yakuza 3-4
Halo Wars
Just Cause 2 (with mods)
Metro 2033/Last Light
monkey602  +   363d ago
I really hope this doesnt become a trend. I want fresh experiences. I could understand some hd remakes for the ps3 generation because it introduced new players to a franchise and it made a graphical leap. But we dont need remakes of games in some cases less than a year old
Biohazard8860  +   363d ago
Mortal Kombat shaolin monks HD :3
Pancit_Canton  +   363d ago
Final Fantasy VII and Legend of Dragoons
muddygamesite  +   363d ago
Onimusha series.
jjonez18  +   363d ago
Meh, I'll takes equals instead.
Uc4, ni no kuni 2, and a new skyrim.
ShaunCameron  +   362d ago
Not necessarily "super HD," but Xenoblade Chronicles. That was a game that could have used some HD.
jhpadilla  +   355d ago
Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption, inFamous 1 and 2, GTAV, Last of Us, Nino Kuni, Arkham City, all Uncharted, and the Mass Effect Trilogy, with HD+60fps and all DLC included for all!!!! :'D

and a pony.

aaand.... Need for Speed: Most Wanted (but the original xbox 360 version :"D)
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