12 PS2 games we'd love on the PS4

Earlier this week we had a look at 12 fantastic PS1 games that we wanted to play on the PlayStation 4. So we thought it was only fair to make a list of PS2 games as well! The games on this list are mostly sequels and they show just why the PlayStation 2 was the most popular games console of all time.

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ZainabSaccal1576d ago

What about 007: Night Fire!! I'd love to have another James bond game.

kazuma9991576d ago

I remember 007 on the GameCube... those were the days.

rodiabloalmeida1576d ago

What a lame list. Most of this games has been released as HD remasters/remakes for PS3. Why do it again for the PS4? We need new games, that is it.

kazuma9991576d ago

.hack series needs to come back. Same with Zone of the Enders.