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SmielmaN1545d ago

I've loved the downloadable games that have come out the last few years. At first, I thought "I'll never pay $15 for a game i can't have the disc for" but if it looks good enough I'll give it a go. I still won't pay over $30 for anything though. It's easy for me to justify $5-$10-$15 on a purchase as it's almost the same as rentals I used to get. Hope this game is good. Maybe it will have me reminiscing about old Skool arcade games like "off-road" (I think that was the name?)

sinncross1545d ago

A new ps4 title. Title. Hope to see vids soon

minimur121545d ago

Anyone remember micro-machines? :)

I'd love a re-make for that.

punkandlizard1545d ago

the trailer will be up here in a bit mate

minimur121545d ago

this sounds like fun :)

cyhm31121545d ago Show
GamerWire1544d ago

I linked the embed code for the trailer. Doesn't show much. Looking forward to seeing what Beatshapers does with this one. They're an interesting indie studio.