PS4: Here’s What 13 Japanese Developers Think, as They Also Tease Unannounced Games and More

Sony’s PS4 is about to be released in Japan and local gamers aren’t the only ones excited about it. Developers are quite fired up as well, and 13 of them shared their impressions on the console, it’s features and its games.

Even more interestingly some of them explicitly teased unannounced games in development.

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My_precious1632d ago

i want moar JRPG, please....!!!

abzdine1632d ago

i'm fixated about JRPGs since Sony said that PS4 will be like PSone was.
PSone was the gold mine of JRPGs and a key innovation in the video game world.

RiPPn1632d ago

Yep, I believe JRPGs define a console generation and it's probably why the last generation felt a little empty compared to all the generations before it unless you had a hand held.

Arkardo1632d ago

Definitively we need more JRPGs, i have high hopes that Ps4 will provide, if that's the case we will see the rebirth of the origins of Playstation brand, amazing times for us.

fight4love1632d ago

Might think about picking up a handheld then.

My_precious1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

i have handhelds but i still want more :3

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Meltic1632d ago

actually i Think Watch dogs will have a release date when ps4 is released in japan. I Think ubisoft and techland are waiting for that.

pupa1632d ago

PS4Fan_tastic! The only real one!

Tatsuya 1632d ago

Give me my Lily Bergamo! I bought my PS4 for the JRPGs. Bring it on SONY!

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The story is too old to be commented.